9 Texts to get Him Chasing You

9 Texts to get Him Chasing You

9 Texts to get Him Chasing You | Texts to Make Him Fall in Love With You

This article will discuss the nine texts to get him chasing you. We will also discuss all in detail.

Texts to get him chasing you

In today’s world, texting always plays a significant role in relationships. Relationships are made in this world, and broken through this medium is quite a lot. Dating starts through just texting. This also has become the mode of primary communication for almost every other human.

A text can also make a guy want you in just a few seconds, and also, a wrong text can make him go away. So women who have their eyes on a guy and want that guy needs to be very careful in just texting. Just a single text can also make him think about you for the whole day.

You also want your authentic self to come out of the texts and not some phony girl who is different in texting and very different in the real world. You do not want that. The problem with all this kind of texting is that a lot is lost in this translation. You may appear to someone very different even though you had no intention of doing so.

Types of texts to avoid sending a guy 

We will now discuss the type of texts you should avoid sending to a guy altogether. This will turn him off from you.

Anything related to hey what’s up 

This is one of the most boring messages in the history of boring messages. This also does not stir anything, and the guy might say, Nothing, not that much you? A guy would always like a purpose to talk; he also does not want idle chats. So it’s also quite dull.

You do not need to tell him about the details of your life

Many women complain that men do not reply to their texts. This is because men get easily bored listening to mundane problems. If he asks you about what you are doing, then if you reply that Nothing just sat down to watch the movie, he will back off. But if you reply within the mood for a good movie, these texts would always keep the conversation going.

Do not text him to complain.

It is outstanding to vent your anger sometimes, and your worries need to be heard by someone close to you. However, it also does not mean that you should text him or call him to complain all of the time. On the contrary, it would be best to avoid these texts. Men only like a narrow range of emotions and do not want to go beyond content and happiness.

Too many emojis is a big no. 

After the texts kill the conversation, you always send the Lol or a laughing emoji. The gay also might start thinking that you are not just taking him very seriously. He also would not know about your mood if you text LOL after every text.

Too many emojis and these kinds of lols and stuff might make him think that you are crazy or something. Also, you have to be very sure to check the auto-correct because that can change an innocent into something that you do not want to send in the first place.

Texts to get him chasing you 

Here are the nine types of texts to get him chasing you. You should apply this in your daily life to get what you want in life.

1. A funny texts 

Humor is always the most excellent way to bond with the guy, and men love the humorous, lighthearted, and women. You could also send a funny text, sharp and also lighthearted.

2. A seductive text 

Many women are afraid of showing their interest to the men they are interested in. You have to learn that showing interest to men is not such a bad thing. A seductive text will always make a man feel very interested in you. If you pose an uninteresting question to the guy, that might also turn him off. Asking him what you are doing is a very boring question.

3. An upbeat text

Men love confident and happy women. Men are always like to move towards something positive and something that feels good. If you are just around making him feel perfect, he will want to be just around you.

If texting you makes him feel perfect. He will continue to text you. It is also good to send him some positive messages and be upbeat. If he asks you what you are doing, then do not tell him about the list of the things that just went wrong in your whole day.

4.The Visual 

Men also like to visualize everything that they see and still hear. If you tell him something about yourself, he will visualize it, which can go a long way. Some line slike um drenched in the sweat, I also need to shower than talk to you later. He will also imagine something very erotic, definitely no doubt just about it. He will also go to lengths to think about your shower too.

5. Flirty text 

This is always to be done at all times. Flirty texts always make a man very chase you, and we always recommend you to text flirty because it will make him go crazy just for you. This should be done.

6. Appreciate him 

Men always like women. You stand beside him at all cost. Who be with him at any time. Even if he is not just your guy. You need to appreciate him.

7. Give Compliment 

Men always like a woman who gives him compliments when he dresses well. Giving compliments to your guy will make him feel excellent. Compliment your guy as much as you can. If he changes his profile picture, then you should compliment him.

Final words

In this article, we have discussed the nine texts to get him chasing you. We have also discussed all of them in detail. We will recommend you do some research of your own to get the best knowledge.