Electro Funk tracks: Interview of SLIKWEED/ BEDHUNTER Music

Electro Funk tracks: Interview of SLIKWEED/ BEDHUNTER Music

Introduction to SLIKWEED/BEDHUNTER music

Slikweed/Bedhunter is unprofessional in the bed instrumental Electro Funk tracks. We interviewed the team, and that’s what Rodolphe said. Bedhunter/Slikweed is not a band. Slikweed/Bedhunter are a one-person project with inspiration from 70s sound. Now music production and creation are much easier than before. Anybody can create something using even a phone.

What did Rodolphe say?

In a spirit of concern to preserve the spontaneity of ideas, we at Parkinson-recording ® had decided to limit the creation to tools. It is as simple as possible and accessible everywhere. That’s why most of our creations were made using the iPad. And on the bed, and because of the lack of space, you get only for yourself when you become a family man.

Indeed, living in Indonesia and keen to preserve the environment, we only use the air conditioner in the bedroom. We only invest in hardware material that time will not render it obsolete, like guitars, bass, simple electronics, pedals/FX…

We adore roots funk from the late sixties to mid-seventies. We like psychedelic music, and we have discovered more recently that there are also some interesting sounds from samples keyboards. Those could be helpful to achieve our ends create something funky, groovy, and psychedelic.

We are ultra curious about new bands/artists in funk music. Every two years, we look for news in that music area everywhere on the web.

Of course, we found some awesome new things to hear. Still, never as we hope to see, something that could sound roots and “modern” with a layer of psychedelic inside. This music simultaneously makes you want to dance, move your ass, and leave room for relaxation, even mediation. Something, not psytrance, not the house, not nudisco, but it could be those 3 in one and mainly funk-electro.

That’s why we have decided to make it.

I don’t understand wrong. We don’t create a unique “genre” and “style”. That’s just the chance of things and the tools at our hand that make the style we play.

We are also recycling Funk and groove music, nothing special than other DAW users.

So why Bedhunter/Slikweed is number 1 in “made on the bed” funk music recordings, and what are the benefits you get to listen to Slikweed/Bedhunter music

1. The benefits are countless.

2. You have difficulties with your teenagers..? Threaten to lock them up with their boy/girlfriends for 2 minutes in your house and play Bedhunter/Slikweed. For sure, they will not take the risk of such humiliation.

3. It gives you protection against sexual impotence. Women can’t stand dancing to drunk people. Still, it is chemically proven that sweat hormones mixed with alcohol increases ovulation. So even if you are intoxicated, be sure to be desired with something always ready and starving in your pants.

4. If your neighbours are talking loud too early in the afternoon, play Slikweed/Bedhunter. They will not speak anymore because that is difficult to speak with a mouthful.

5. You feel poop coming but are still shy? Bedhunter/Slikweed helps call poop, like Tarzan calling the wild and in bonus, you will be surprised with the mini disco balls you have made. You will feel like a reel artist..!

6. The more you listen, the more your attractive power will wreak havoc on all feminine near Slikweed/Bedhunter vibes. You will have to wear lady pants to avoid visible leaks. A part of you would feel like Aqua Man.

7. Bedhunter/Slkweed is also a type of music that could help you to improve your yoga skills. By magic, you will be surprised to know all the kama sutra positions without consulting the book.

8. Slikweed/Bedhunter helps to reduce cellulite.

9. Bedhunter/Slikweed Increase Libido and helps to turn a dance floor into an orgy.

10. Slikweed/Bedhunter helps you survive in an environment with nothing Funky.

Bedhunter/Slikweed is a type of music that understands all your needs at night. Slikweed/Bedhunter is an all in one night services music.

Bedhunter/Slikweed can be used for mediation, getting high, dancing, as love media, or as a wake-up alarm to ensure a great day.

Why two bands?

Last year, we sent the demo to labels, and one reputated brand in electro-funk music answered. The team agreed to take it, but some tracks need to be changed. We have worked six months on it and try as much as possible to submit new ways as close as his taste. (no psychedelic, no dark, no overdrive.) And at the same time, change existing tracks as per his convenience to give him even more choices. The guy enthusiast sent his label contract form. We signed it and returned the document. Then he suddenly keeps quiet and doesn’t answer our email. NO news.

Finally, after one month of trying to catch him, he answered that he was not interested, and he was sorry.

Badluck with the project, BUT the positive thing now, is we have enough to make two albums instead of one. That’s why we have created Slikweed, funkier, and Bedhunter more “electronic” and sample-based.

We used to play Funk live with reel bands in the late 90s early 2000s in France, but in a small/medium town in Indonesia, NO WAY you find musicians with the same taste to play live. They play here for the wedding and play their wonderful traditional music. Still, they don’t have the “soul music” culture, only and perhaps Bob Marley (because he is not 100% black), they like white, but not Barry…

Why Slikweed/Bedhunter

  1. So, we make it here, in Indonesia, also to demonstrate that Funk could be hotter and sexiest than traditional Indonesian Dangdut music.
  2. Amid a midlife crisis, it helps us to give ourselves the illusion of staying nice.
  3. To ensure a flourishing libido.
  4. Bedhunter/Slikweed is an aphrodisiac that you can listen to.
  5. Slikweed/Bedhunter is a research centre for the perfect groove.

So don’t wait any longer and listen to Slikweed and Bedhunter NOW.