3 Harsh Facts Long Distance Relationships

    3 Harsh Facts Long Distance Relationships

    3 Harsh Facts Long Distance Relationships

    A long distance relationship, or LDR, can be quite challenging. Here are three harsh facts about being in a long distance relationship that you need to know about if you are considering going into one. The first and most important thing to consider if you want to go into an LDR is the fact that you won’t be spending time together on a daily basis like couples who live in the same city or town do. This means that instead of talking on the phone or Skyping each other every night, your conversations will happen once every couple of days at most.

    1) What happens when you’re apart too much

    We don’t mean being in different cities or states. We mean literally being on different continents. As a result, you might not communicate as often, spend time together, have as much sex and can generally feel more disconnected from each other. There are three harsh facts about being in a long-distance relationship that most people aren’t ready for: you will see each other less often; it’s harder to talk because of geography; and it could be difficult to maintain your passion for each other because physical intimacy takes extra effort.

    But if you make an effort to work around these issues, they won’t hold back your relationship from growing even stronger than it is now. You just need to put some thought into how you want to handle things—and do what works best for both of you. That means deciding where you will live (together or apart), when you will visit each other, whether you’ll try to find a new partner closer to home and what kind of phone plan is right for your situation.

    It’s normal to miss them when they’re gone: This one sounds obvious but sometimes we forget that our partners still matter when we’re not physically present with them.

    You might still enjoy their company and look forward to spending time with them every day, but there’s something about living apart that gives us space from our significant others. If you’ve been in a relationship for a while, it can be difficult to get used to being away from each other all of the time. We become accustomed to having someone around all of the time—even if it’s just your partner sitting on their computer in another room or sleeping in another bed.

    There are times when you’ll have moments where you feel sad because you miss your partner so much or feel like you don’t know what else to do without them around. But remember: these feelings will pass eventually if you remind yourself why it’s worth sticking together through tough times like these.

    2) Is it worth it?

    People get into long-distance relationships for all sorts of reasons. They might be in a relationship with someone who is moving across country or overseas, but they want to continue dating them. They might be in an unhappy current relationship and want to give it a second shot with someone who lives far away. Or, they might just find themselves falling hard for someone living elsewhere, even though they don’t see that person very often.

    Regardless of your reason for being in a long-distance relationship, if you aren’t doing things right, it will almost always come to an end sooner rather than later—with lots of heartbreak along the way.  harsh truths about long-distance relationships: We can’t change where we live: If you’re in a long-distance relationship, there are going to be times when you feel like giving up on it.

    It may seem like there isn’t much point in continuing when so much time goes by without seeing each other. But no matter how bad those times are, you need to remember that there is absolutely nothing either of you can do about where either of you live.

    If one of you moves closer together, great! But if not? You have two choices: Either break up or accept your situation and make it work despite its challenges. The choice is yours alone; no one else can decide what’s best for both of you as individuals.

    3) Long distance relationships are hard to maintain

    Your friends and family might not think it’s true, but it is. Long-distance relationships require a lot of work to keep strong and they can be downright difficult. A significant other who lives in another city isn’t always available when you need them to be, which can cause strains on your relationship. But don’t fret just yet; there are ways that long-distance lovers have been keeping their love alive over time.

    If you want to ensure your relationship lasts until your sweetheart returns home, here are three tough things you can do;

    1. Make sure you talk every day: Communication is key for any kind of relationship to last, let alone one where one partner doesn’t live nearby. Don’t wait for him or her to call or text first—take initiative and reach out often. It doesn’t matter if it’s only for five minutes—make sure you speak with each other at least once a day so that neither of you feels like you are drifting apart from each other.
    2.  Be supportive of your partner’s career goals: You may be upset that he or she moved away, but try to see it from his or her perspective. He or she may have taken a job in another city because he or she was given an opportunity for advancement. Understand why he or she left and make sure you both support each other’s careers moving forward!
    3.  Remember why you started dating: While long-distance relationships can feel more frustrating than others, remember why you started dating in the first place!


    Make sure you’re both in a position to handle what’s going to be an uphill battle. Long-distance relationships are hard, and if you are considering it (especially for a lengthy period of time), then really consider your motives for doing so. Ultimately, it’s important to know yourself and realize how you handle situations like these before deciding whether or not it’s something that would be good for you. If you still want to give it a shot, though? Then go ahead!  Just make sure you have realistic expectations about what life will be like when you aren’t together.