20 Romantic And Juicy Questions To Ask Your Girlfriend Over Text

20 Romantic And Juicy Questions To Ask Your Girlfriend Over Text

20 Romantic And Juicy Questions To Ask Your Girlfriend Over Text

So you have feelings for someone. You’ve discovered a special girl in whom you’re interested in. Maybe you’d get to know her better, and she’d like to know you. Around the same time, you may be holding back from approaching her because you are afraid of coming out as desperate.

You want to first impress and have interesting conversations with her. This can put you under strain, making those initial few messages even more axonal.

When messaging a female you like, getting the conversation started is frequently the most difficult challenge. The following are some texting questions and topics that should get you started. The secret to initiating a long-lasting conversation is to ask open-ended questions. Make her answer more often than yes or no.

Just about all the time, it appears that deciding how to begin a text message conversation is the most difficult element. Conversation topics for couples might focus on what you always know about the other if you’ve been in a relationship – but what if you’ve just met the lady you’re thinking of texting? These texts will catch her curiosity and set the stage for an interesting conversation.

With these text questions for a female, you’ll be able to resume some excellent discussions with her – and keep them going! She’ll be drawn to you more, and you’ll be able to develop a bond that can always bloom into something else later on!

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10 Romantic Questions to ask your girlfriend over text 

Whether you want to break the ice, start a discussion, get to know her better, improve your bond, or spend more time texting with her, these engaging text questions will fascinate her and get the job done!

Describe the best thing that has happened to you today.

Maintain an optimistic attitude! Instead of inquiring, “How’s your day?” steer the conversation in a more positive direction from the outset. This is a wonderful question to ask when you want to improve on a good day. This is also a fantastic topic to ask after a date since it ends positively by informing her of the pleasant things that transpired that day.

What is your favorite place on Earth?

It is one of the cutest ways to tease her into asking her out. Use this discussion starter to begin thinking about which you might be available to meet later. If she mentions her favorite destination in Italy, it’s time to prepare a romantic gesture to surprise her. It may be the most insane thing, but if you really can pull it off, congratulations!

What is your favorite movie of all time?

Start a conversation with this question to bring back those old recollections. When someone talks about a favorite object or a favorite memory, it always makes for an engaging conversation. It enables you to obtain.

What is your common life goal right now?

This opens the door to discussing commonalities in what you’re working on in your life. This is a good question to ask if you want to determine whether she is suitable for your future. A love relationship frequently fails because the pair do not discuss their aspirations. When what they desire does not match, difficulties arise. By asking this question early on, you can avoid this.

What’s your Saturday look like?

I know that some people despise small chats, but it might help you arrange a pleasant date for her. Weekend planning includes planning for the things she appreciates. It also builds anticipation for the occasion, ensuring it lives up to expectations.

What Kinds of Music Do You Enjoy?

In the future, look for shared musical interests or possibilities to exchange new tunes. It’s a fascinating question since recognizing someone’s musical interests gives you insight into their ideas. What kinds of performers does she like, and what kinds of songs are they writing? Knowing these details helps you get to her on a more intimate level.

Which people’s negative behaviors irritate you the most?

Time to get to know a lady entails asking her what she loves and dislikes. You may also inquire as to why certain particular habits irritate her. It will offer you an advantage since you will know what to do and what to avoid.

Have you ever been in love with two people at once?

It has a strong subtext: How has her love life been? Find out what she did to deal with her emotions. Inquire how she did it if it meant letting someone go. You’ll see how she appreciates others and how she makes decisions.

Do you enjoy singing in the shower or in your car when no one is there?

What do you sing after that? Find out what tune she likes to sing while she’s alone. Plus points once you can persuade her to record it herself! Play a wonderful dancing song and crank up the volume the next chance you get in the car with her. Don’t forget to join in on the singing!

Who was the most recent person you hugged?

Don’t let an uninvited embrace be your worst regret. Some females want to embrace, while others don’t – either way, it’s crucial to know for next time you meet her. Make sure she’s constantly at ease with you. That was the only way she’ll keep you entertained.

10 Juicy Questions ask your girlfriend over text 

These are our favourite questions if you’re ever at a loss for what to text a girl, use one of these to breathe fresh life into the discussion.

What kind of mischief are you up to today?

This text is playful and cheeky, leaving it up to her to figure out what you meant by “trouble.” A flirtatious text like this might spark a fun conversation between the two. Continue with more flirtatious inquiries, and who knows? Maybe she’ll get into problems with you the next time.

When Would You Want to Go If You Had Unlimited Money?

This may appear to be a random inquiry, but whatever her response is, you can quickly build on it by asking what she finds interesting about that location. Share your travel aspirations and discover if you have any in common. You may even make preparations to go there together.

When’s The Last Moment You Fought?

This text’s subtext asks if she’s prepared to take chances (even if she gets caught!). You’ll also learn how much of a renegade she is. You’ll know whether she’s impulsive and brave enough to get herself into danger.

What would you want if a Genie appeared and granted you one wish?

What is the most interesting right now, and how does it connect to you? If she says she wants to be your girlfriend, it is the most unexpected turn of events in history. If it’s not meaningful enough, she could merely wish for her famous crush to ask her out on such a date. In either case, it’s a wonderful discussion starter.

What sport would you never want to participate in?

Even if your ideal lady excels in many areas, she has always had defects. Knowing a girl’s limitations might help you decide what subjects to bring up. You might also question why the lady does not want to engage in that particular sport.

What would your power be, then why would anyone want to get it?

Her decision will indicate something about what she wishes she could alter about herself right now. Ask her what she plans to accomplish first with the superpower she picked. Ask her where she’d go if she could fly. 

Ask her what she’d try to lift first if she had super strength. When she tells you what superpower you want, tell her you to want super speed so you can be there for her anytime she needs you. I’m not sure what will make her smile if that doesn’t.

What is anything popular right now that irritates you?

You can bond via common annoyances with this text. Get grandma talking about all the pricey and overhyped fads that today’s youngsters participate in. Share any pet peeves on her and see if she has any of the same. If she understands you appreciate listening to her rant about trivial matters, she’ll feel at ease sharing her thoughts with you.

If you could stay invisible for the whole day?

The underlying question is, “What would you do if you could get away with it?” It tells a lot about her when she does something unlawful or downright unsettling. But knowing what she would do if she could get away with it wouldn’t be bad.

Have You Ever Being Caught Doing Anything Illegal?

If she says “yes,” she might not want to tell you anything, making for an entertaining guessing game. A flirtatious inquiry begs the follow-up question, “Would u do the same again?” Try it out and see what type of reaction she gets.

When was the last time you did anything that took you out of your comfort zone?

It enables you to assess where you compete in her comfort levels. Getting out of your safety zone may help you change your greatest fear. Encourage her to share her modest accomplishments with you and congratulate herself on them.

Questions you should ask to know more about her

Have You Ever Hurt Someone’s Feelings?

With this intimate inquiry, you’ll determine whether the lady has a little “bad girl.” You may also ask her whether she felt about it and still thoughts about it. You can even question why she felt compelled to shatter that person’s heart. You can avoid doing the same thing this way.

Can you move your nose or ears?

This is a lovely question to ask, so she will naturally giggle. Strictly because it’s charming, and she’ll almost certainly have to try it (for you). Combine that with a remark like, “I understand it’s intended to be hilarious, but you simply look so cute.”

What Are Your Thoughts On Tattoos? Do you happen to have?

This is a clever way of enquiring about her physical appearance without being overly sexual. Only when you’re frightening can dirty inquiries get ugly. As a result, ask her respectfully and don’t press her to react if she doesn’t have to. If she does respond, make very sure she is comfortable discussing it. If she seems nervous, change the subject and pick a topic that she is pleased with.

What would you do if you had the power to change the world for a day?

With this inquiry, you may find out what she is enthusiastic about. Is she looking to amend any laws? Is she aiming to alter the way countries are divided? Whatever the case may be, have a curious mind and thoroughly examine it with her. It might be the start of a meaningful talk, especially if she starts talking about her interests.

Tell me, however many selfies have you had on your phone?

Being humorous and entertaining with texts like these keeps the spark alive in your relationship. At first, she felt ashamed. But sometimes, you just have to divulge something humiliating about yourself for her to feel comfortable talking to you.

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Final Verdict 

You’re now equipped with the greatest text questions to ask a girl how to text a female you like. With all of these wonderful things to ask, it’s time to purchase your phone to send the girl you haven’t been able to communicate with!

These are fun and interesting questions a girl can get you halfway there. The other half is up to you both and your personality, so don’t be scared to change and improve on these questions!