How to Make a Music Video Go Viral?

How to Make a Music Video Go Viral?

How to Make a Music Video Go Viral?

The secret to making your music video viral lies in the snowball effect. While making a video popular takes time and effort, its snowball effect will eventually push the video down the mountain. To get your video noticed, follow these tips. Create an original story, reach out to bloggers, and be unique. These are all key to ensuring that as many people view your music video.


Many YouTubers use story arcs and absurd stories to engage their audiences. But how do you create a compelling story in your music video? The key is creativity. It’s proven that viewers are more likely to engage with stories with a human element. And storytelling works in many forms, not just music videos. Read on to learn more about some of the best ways to tell a story in a music video.

Great stories can motivate your fans and get them to share them with their friends. Telling a story is a powerful viral strategy because it makes it easy to share and gets people to feel a connection with the artist. And a good story also makes you look cool and popular! One example of a successful story is when Van Morrison surprised his fans by performing at their wedding, making him incredibly popular.

A music video that includes story development can go viral. Story development models include an exposition, rising action, falling action, and outcome. When a video follows this structure, it is more likely to be shared online. While the exact formula for storytelling is not entirely known, certain principles are to follow to ensure the best possible results. This article will look at some of the best ways to use story development in a music video and its importance.

The power of storytelling is not limited to music videos but is also applicable to video ads. Using exaggerated facial expressions and slow motion, filmmakers can evoke an emotional response in their viewers. And the best storytelling videos incorporate music to add an emotional component. The dynamic association between the music and the story creates a powerful impact. So if you’re interested in making your music video go viral, start with storytelling!

Research at Shippensburg University and Messiah College in Pennsylvania examined factors related to storytelling. The researchers measured elements of a story using Freytag’s Pyramid. The most compelling stories can inspire people to share their content with their friends and family. You can create an exciting music video that will attract attention and get shared widely by using this information. The power of storytelling is unparalleled.


One way to ensure that your music video goes viral is to be original. Many people are addicted to watching cat videos, so you want to make your music video as authentic as possible. A great example of this is the Ok-Go music video. That was only one solid take, but its virality was immense. The music itself was not that good, but they focused on the videos instead. The result was record sales and a massive success for the band. It also touched on a current event, a good sign for your video’s chances of going viral.

Another way to make a music video go viral is by playing on a common frustration. Most viral videos feature famous pop culture stars, which plays on people’s shared knowledge. A good comedian will tap into common frustrations and play with them. For example, the “Goat Scream” video played with the audience’s expectations by replacing the chorus with a goat scream. The result? Uncontrollable laughter.

If you want your music video to go viral, you must create a fantastic video. People won’t like music that is not memorable. It must be your best work, and it must make people smile. The more people can relate to the music, the faster the video will go viral. Once it goes viral, it’s likely to become a cult classic. The same holds for other artists.

The second way to make a music video viral is to be original. Avoid making a lyric video or using the name of a famous person. While this strategy can work well, it can end up distracting viewers. It’s best to avoid attempting to copy someone else’s video – in this case, the artist who is working on it. The fact that he’s a significant artist doesn’t mean that you should copy them, but it can help you get noticed.

Reaching out to blogs.

Besides the traditional methods of sharing the video, one must also reach out to non-traditional blogs and online groups. Facebook fan pages are an excellent option to reach out to if you want to make a music video go viral. By offering to pay for the posting of your music, you can get the attention of the fan page’s community. That will allow your music video to spread like wildfire, as people who like it will share it with their friends, which is the power of the network effect.

One of the most efficient ways to gain exposure is by reaching out to several music blogs and websites. Thousands of people look at various music blogs to stay updated on the latest releases. By contacting multiple music blogs and websites, you can directly access the target audience and get featured on the blog. The key is to create a sound outreach strategy and dedicate sufficient time to identifying significant music bloggers and websites.

In addition to reaching out to blogs, you can also post links to potential sponsors in the video description. By including links to the products or services featured in your video, you can promote them to the people viewing your video. You can also elevate your song to the top of social media sites by adding links to these sponsors. That is the fastest way to make your music video go viral. Once your video has become viral, you can now start reaching out to other brands and get your song viewed by millions of people worldwide.

When it comes to reaching out to blogs and other websites, it is vital to remember that there are more ways to get your music video noticed. Blogs and websites with larger audiences will pick up your music video faster than sites with smaller audiences. You can get exposure more quickly by marketing your music video around a theme. For example, if your video is about cooking, you can reach out to food blogs and promote it on the pages of these websites.

Having a niche

When making a music video, having a niche is essential. You can have the most popular video on the internet, but not everyone will like it. People will relate to your subject more, so finding a niche is good. Choosing a topic that you have a passion for will also help you have an easier time making the video. Also, it will make the entire process more enjoyable. Social media trends can come and go quickly, so it’s best to stick to something you know you can stand behind.

One of the ways to make a video viral is to respond to a teen’s sentiments. For example, the recent music video ‘Royals’ by Lorde was a response to this teen sentiment. Although the teen community is not huge for artists who want to share vital messages, this is the best way to make a video go viral. Having a niche can also allow you to speak about important issues, such as mental health or social injustice.