10 Best Karaoke App With Background Vocals And Lyrics In 2022-2023

10 Best Karaoke App With Background Vocals And Lyrics In 2022-2023

10 Best Karaoke App With Background Vocals And Lyrics In 2022-2023

Who does not ever have a night out with their friends, a very few cold ones in hand, and even sing your heart out at a Karaoke bar? It is tough to find that, but Karaoke fans may not need to despair. This article will discuss the ten best Karaoke apps with background vocals. 

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Best Karaoke App With Background Vocals 

For so many people, life is very stressful. However, it is the key to having at least one more stress-relieving activity that will always take away that kind of tiredness and give you the best entertainment you will ever crave. Music is vital to our social activities, and we all will find it very difficult to hate it. 

You can step up your singing game with the Karaoke machine too. However, it is also not that much possible to have access to a Karaoke machine everywhere you go, so we will highlight the most accessible options that you can quickly try in our list of Karaoke Apps for Android. 

1. The Voice 

Perhaps an homage to all the popular NBC shows of the same name, The Voice is such a nifty app that will provide a platform for all the party boppers to sing the karaoke tunes and initiate famous artists’ voices, and bring to life the hidden vocalist in them. The Voice boasts such a rich collection of the songs with the lyrics where the motto is straightforward: the more the songs you will sing, the more the songs you will be able to unlock. 

New songs are added almost daily to the Voice’s extensive database, so you can quickly expect all-around karaoke nights. Of course, you can also add tons of audio effects and share your Karaoke shenanigans with your family and friends. 


It is available on both the iPhone and Android and has an enviable and rich library of the songs from the diverse genres of StarMaker at par with some of the best free Karaoke apps out there. Not only is that app so updated with the latest chartbusters from such a broad genre spectrum, but you can also easily revel in the vast collection of classic songs.

Fans of Bollywood can also easily sing along to all the Hindi songs for free on StarMaker. However, the app is also totally free for karaoke fans; it will offer premium subscriptions. 

3.WeSing (Free) 

WeSing is one of the highly-rated apps which are on Google Play. It will always get you included in the research results for karaoke apps 9 out of 10 times. They will remain so competitive in the karaoke app race because of the app’s interactive nature. 

WeSing will let you discover some new friends through their features. Their “DUET” feature will allow you to create the videos with your friends, but you can also do the singing performances with all the other users in the community. Your co-performers can leave a good comment or like your videos which enhances the interaction with all the other members. 

More than around 50 million songs are available on WeSing. As with all the other karaoke singing apps, it will give you the freedom to edit your songs with voice effects and pitch correction in real-time. You can try the app by clicking on the link below and joining the millions of karaoke singers in the community. 

4. Smule- The Social Singing App 

This kind of app has been featured in Forbes, Entertainment Tonight, and Google play, one of the best apps. With more than 100 million downloads, the app will work on Android 4.4 and many above devices. It is also available for free download with in-app purchases. Its key features do include. 

The free songbook collection is for all the users to quickly choose the songs and sing solo for free, guided by the rolling lyrics and the karaoke. Aside from the free songbook area, millions of the latest songs are updated daily, which are also available to sing effortlessly. Users will need to pay to sing solo or sing a duet with all other users to sing just for free. 

The user has the best option to sing the LIVE easily or to sing efficiently and record their good performance, which they can easily choose to share on the app and all other social media platforms. 


After being in the same game for a while, KaraFun does not disappoint a bit with its new karaoke app. Touted as the most ultimate pocket karaoke app, the karafun will let you start the singing quickly and record the songs on your Android and iOS devices, including the iPad. 

You can also easily immerse yourself with around 25,000 karaoke songs online and save them for offline playback for uninterrupted gala times. Along the lines of its desktop variant, the Karafun app will allow you to easily create the nifty playlists of one of your favorite tracks instantly. All in all, it’s one of the best free Karaoke apps that you can quickly get your hands on. 

6. Magic Sing Karaoke 

Entermedia Co. Ltd. has to develop its karaoke app: Magic Sing Karaoke. The app is compatible with the other karaoke machines the same company releases. With this singing app, you can easily choose from over 300,000 tracks. These songs span various genres and languages, too. 

If you are about to use this app, search for the songs you want to sing. You can also use its many filtering options to narrow down your research. The app will also allow you to change the keys, tones, and tempos according to your liking. It also lets you control the volume of the backing tracks, allowing your Voice to shine much more. 

Magicsing Karaoke is very free to download from the Google Play Store and the App Store. Some in-app purchases, though, so you will lookout for that. 


When it comes to karaoke, MyVoice will have something that it will offer. This Karaoke app has some of the familiar elements and features you want. But, it also has some of the added benefits of allowing you to sing the original songs. So, if you have songs in your media gallery that you would always like to sing, you can also load them through MyVoice and sing your own heart out. 

Some of the good features that you can expect from the MyVoice are the only able to sing the karaoke version of some popular songs and the ability to record your singing in-app. Once you are done singing and recording, you can also upload your performance to social media. You can easily share the experience with your good friends and the family or even your fans. 

Perhaps the only demerit of the MyVoice is that it is only available on iOS. That means that Android users will always have to find something else. 

8. Karaoke By Yokee

Without spending a dime, you can have a rip-roaring fun time thanks to Karaoke by Yokee app. You can sing your favorite songs and showcase your newfound vocal prowess to all of your friends and your family via sharing videos. 

Karaoke by the Yokee will allow you to skin through the thousands of songs by artists/bands from many different genres and the record tracking when you deem fit. If you want to spruce up your vocal tracks, there is a provision to add the reverb, enhanced echo, and other striking effects. 


On the other hand, if you have some friends who are always down to sing and want to play other games together, Houseparty has everything you will need. This app will always let you connect with your friends or family members like you would on Zoom or FaceTime. 

What is more different about the Houseparty is that you can also play some games and sing along with all the people you are chatting to. You can play the Uno, and you guessed it, sing karaoke.

Another cool feature is that the Houseparty also lets you connect your Fortnite account to just stream and showcase your skills without leaving the apps. So it is one of the perfect apps to connect and have fun with your loved ones, no matter how far away they are. 


With thousands of songs traversing a melange of the genre, Singa will ensure that hosting a Karaoke night will become fun on Android and iOS devices. So now, you do not need to even splurge on expensive equipment or the Karaoke software to host a vibrant karaoke night at your place. 

Sing’s rich library of around 25,000 songs online with accurate lyrics is good enough to regale your guests. The app will make it ridiculously much easier to find your favorite songs and start the karaoke night on the spot. 


If you want to enhance your live singing experience and feel like a legendary vocalist, SingPlay is just one of the best free Karaoke apps on the market for android users. Now you can just record and efficiently share one of your favorite Karaoke tracks with anyone instantly.

The best part about this app is that you do not need to download any of the karaoke tracks and expand your device’s storage space since SingPlay lets you choose your songs from its dedicated server collection. So, you can be so sure to record and sing the tunes without worrying about the storage space constraints. 

12.SongPop 2- Guess The Song 

Bringing you the world’s one of the largest trivia communities, this is such a good karaoke app in terms of listening to all of the actual songs and guessing them as fast as possible. If your friends also think that he is the absolute master of the music, throw out some of the challenges in front of them. From Taylor Swift and Justin Bieber to Ed Sheeran, you will always find everyone in the trend. 

One of the notable features is that it is complete in the singing competition and you can compete with all of your competitors. Thankfully, new tournaments are also happening at every possible time. In addition, new playlists are also being added every day to this kind of Karaoke app for the iPhone, so that kind of fun will never stop. 


Another very intelligent and one of the best karaoke apps is Voloco because of its capability of real-time voice processing, automatic tuning, harmony, and vocoding. Another of the best features that you can easily admire is the rapping or singing, which is over a song in the list, and the Voloco can easily be guessed the key of this kind of track while tuning your Voice according to the same key. 

One of the most notable features is that this iPhone karaoke app always lets you export your recorded mix to all other locations where you can easily make further changes separately. In addition, dozens of the presets are like the auto-vocal tne, extreme pitch correction, and extended hormones are always waiting to be explored. 

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Final Words 

In this article, we will discuss the best karaoke app with the background vocals and Lyrics. We have talked about the pros and cons. We recommend you do some research to get the best results.