12 Signs A Libra Man Trying To Hide His Feelings

12 Signs A Libra Man Trying To Hide His Feelings

12 Signs A Libra Man Trying To Hide His Feelings

It’s not that easy to tell if a Libra man is interested in you or just trying to keep his good distance. Figuring that out could take a lot of time and a lot of patience, and quite frankly, it could become frustrating too! So, in this article, we will discuss the 12 signs that a Libra man is trying to hide his feelings.

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Signs That A Libra Man Is Trying To Hide His Feelings

If you are in a relationship with a Libra man just for any length of the time, you know that he is known for the being that difficult to read. They are also very emotional and sensitive people who will prefer you not to show their feelings or talk about what they are feeling. 

Suppose your Libra man has suddenly become uncharacteristically distant. In that case, it’s also essential to pay serious attention because there may be Something that is going on that he does not want you to know about. 

1. He Stares Off Into Space When Talking With All Other People

If he stares off into the space when talking to all the other people or looks very distracted, this is another sign that he may be trying to hide Something from you. For example, suppose your Libra guy has been falling distant lately and will start staring off into space a lot during the conversations with all the others. In that case, it could also mean that he is having difficulty processing his own emotions. 

This behavior often happens when all the people try to avoid and suppress their feelings. If you notice that, try asking him what’s wrong in a lighthearted way so that he will have the opportunity to open up if he needs it. He may not even know why he is doing this kind of thing. 

2. He Remembers Every Single Detail About You

Suppose he remembers every detail about you, from what you wore when he saw you last to which restaurant you went to. In that case, this could signify that a Libra guy is just trying very hard not to process his feelings or show them. 

People struggling with all the feelings will often try to avoid feeling them at all costs. But unfortunately, this will lead them to pay attention obsessively, often to the detriment of their own lives. If you notice these things, try asking him if everything is really okay and letting him know that it’s okay to open up if he will needs it. 

3. He Suddenly Becomes More Interested In His Appearance

Libra men tend to be very low-key and laid back, so if your a Libra guy has been acting very distant lately, it could mean that he is just desperately trying not to show any of his emotions. 

One of the first signs of this is a sudden change in their sense of the style or the presentation. For example, suppose he will start showering more than often, getting a haircut, buying some new clothes, or putting on collagen when he has never done that before. In that case, it could be a good sign that your Libra guy is trying to suppress his feelings. 

4. He Becomes Overly Protective Of You

One Of the other big signs that your Libra guy may be trying to hide his feelings is if he’s suddenly become that protective and overprotective of you. If this kind of behavior has just come out of nowhere, it could mean that he is just trying to distract the emotions by focusing on you. 

If he starts calling you very constantly during the day, asks if your friends are also treating you right, or offers to drive you to the home after the work just so that he can be with you more often, it could also mean that only his feelings for you have grown much stronger than they were before. 

5. You Sense That He’s Hiding Something

If you feel that there is more to his behavior than what meets the eye, it may be the time for you to take a step back and try to figure out why. One of the very first signs that your Libra man could be trying to hide his feelings is if he starts acting suspicious or secretive just around you. 

If he starts asking you about who you are talking to and where you went after work, it could signify that his feelings for you are getting much deeper and more robust. 

6. He Starts Getting More Serious About Your Relationship 

Libra men are also extremely laid back and do not like to make a huge deal. However, suppose he has been acting much distant lately but has started making extra efforts with the way you look at him or talk about being in such a long-term committed relationship. In that case, it could mean that his feelings have grown much more potent than before.

He may be just trying to hide them, but he is probably trying not to scare you away by sounding too intense. Libra men can also sometimes struggle with processing their good emotions and showing affection in general, so if one of these signs has happened, it could mean that they are taking some of the time to think things through. 

7. He Tells You What Is Going On Under The Surface 

One of the last signs that your Libra man could be just trying to hide his feelings is if he tells you what’s going on underneath the surface. If your Libra guy has gotten so comfortable around you that they will feel like they can just let it all go, then there may not be much else for them to do but open up completely. 

8.He Tries To Avoid Topics That Might Make Him Emotional

Another of the most significant signs that your Libra guy may be trying not to show his feelings is if he starts avoiding specific topics or changes some of the subjects whenever you bring up Something compassionate. 

For example, suppose you watch a movie, and the main character has an illness. In that case, he will suddenly get quiet even though this was the topic that was being discussed before he braces that quiet. 

When people try to avoid their feelings, they will often avoid specific topics or emotions altogether because it will make them uncomfortable. 

If you are not that sure if your Libra guy is doing this, try talking about some of the more lighthearted things with him so that you can easily see if he opens up about all other topics that will bother him. 

9. He Opens To You 

Suppose Your Libra guy has stopped trying to hide his feelings for you and will start to open up. In that case, it could also mean that he is finally feeling much comfortable enough with the relationship that he does not feel like hiding that anymore.

10. He Asks Many Personal Questions 

Libra men are not always that curious. However, their curiosity and intuition can be powerful when they like someone. So, suppose he is asking you many questions about your personal life, your family, and your friends. In that case, it could be a sign that he is interested in getting to know you much better. 

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Final Words 

This article discusses the 12 signs that a libra man is hiding his feelings from you. We recommend you do some research on your own to get the best results.