10 Best Music promotion Services In UK In 2022- 2023

10 Best Music promotion Services In UK In 2022- 2023

10 Best Music promotion Services In UK In 2022- 2023

Once you have completed making your first music, you have to figure out how it will be listened to by thousands of people globally, increase your fan following, and get you recognized. This is done through proper music promotion and marketing. To promote your music and to have strong contacts, you should have contact with media labels, publishers, and music industry professionals. This takes time and focus; this is where music promotion service comes in. 

Music promotion services do all of the hard work and set everything straight for you to create great music!. To prevent getting stuck, creating an intelligent strategy and calculating how much money you can spend to promote your music is essential.

  • FMX

Working with independent artists and labels, FMX is a creative international digital marketing agency with offices in London and Toronto. Their customized music marketing and promotion services to their customers can help generate more attention, streams, exposure, and fan growth across multiple major platforms.

Through fmx promotion and marketing campaigns, your music receives 100 percent natural organic traffic on platforms like Spotify and youtube. By optimizing rates at the lowest possible cost, they are assisting in the growth of listeners, streams, and followers, which can help trigger algorithmic and organic streaming, giving your music the best chance of continuing to be successful and being more widely known.

FMX agency’s organic digital branding and promotion campaigns are created to enhance popularity and growth across TikTok, Instagram, and YouTube, whether it’s to increase visibility & awareness for your music or whether you need to gain more daily engagement fan emails, followers, or fans.

  • Music Gateway

About music marketing, they promise to provide honest and Genuine outcomes using creative marketing strategies. Their crew has experience because they have worked for leading corporations, radio stations, and television and radio stations worldwide. Allow them to speed up your marketing and promote growth and actual fan involvement.

To achieve stability and a more potent strategy, they like to work with labels and artists over the long term. They are committed to assisting independent artists in their development and offering advice whenever possible. They can also help in artists’ development.

Planning your budget for your subsequent releases will be possible, and their team will be available to walk you through each stage and offer you the best marketing and promoting advice.

They provide thousands of weekly playlist streams, which can assure you that faithful followers will hear your music. Building strong bonds with the gatekeepers is also essential. They have become a reliable partner for artists, curators, digital platforms, and radio stations worldwide, providing them with high-quality music marketing and streaming campaigns.

  • Groove Hub

With over 1,527 positive ratings, Groove Hub is the most popular promotional service, and for a good reason. Groove Hub provides a wide range of services to meet the needs of new curators and musicians who wish to increase their Spotify audience.

Groove Hub offers packages ranging from $25 for the promotion of one song to $80 for the promotion of three tracks. Each package is available as a subscription service for up to three to six months, enabling artists to use Groove Hub as a foundation of their Spotify promotion.

Groove Hub promotes organic streams to its customers’ track listings using its playlist and curator network. Thanks to Groove Hub, songs are included on a variety of special playlists with a large audience of monthly listeners. An email campaign and backlinking are used mainly to drive additional promotion. The vast network of other curators that Groove Hub markets help ensure that no streams are produced by bots, which is against the terms of service for Spotify.

Based on the quality of their service, client reviews, the range of service options they offer, and the affordable price of each package, Groove Hub offers an exceptional deal for the best overall promotional service for your music.

  • Use viral

This company tops the list of the best services for music promotion since it is a leading social media marketing platform. Spotify, SoundCloud, and YouTube are just a few of the many platforms where UseViral provides promotion services.

Additionally, you may use their services to promote your music on TikTok, Instagram, Facebook, and other platforms. You’ll receive much more exposure from genuine people thanks to their extensive network of valid internal users, which helps generate organic, authentic traffic.

Music advertising is simple, secure, and quick with UseViral. If you want to advertise your music on multiple social media platforms, don’t miss out on UseViral.

Different promotional packages are available for each social network at reasonable pricing, and your promotion will be sent out quickly.

  • EDM promotion

For anyone looking to increase their organic SoundCloud streams, EDM promotion offers the best SoundCloud promotion services. This reliable listener network ensures organic interaction, as countless previous customers can confirm. By bringing in additional DJs and music producers to their extensive network, this company ensures that the music they promote receives the attention the consumer paid.

  • Sound Campaign

When it comes to trusting a business that can help you with music promotion, SoundCampaign certainly has a lot going for it. These people will make it incredibly simple for you, whether you’re a curator or someone who wants assistance getting included on a Spotify playlist.

They claim to connect artists with playlist curators, showing that they have a good network among the Spotify community.

You can select between two options: you can try to get assistance if you release music, or you can get assistance if you own playlists and are trying to promote them to new audiences.

Their advice for employing these people is to start talking to them about how you would like your campaign to look. From there, they can help you build the ideal campaign to promote your music on Spotify. If you visit their website, you will notice many excellent client reviews.

  • Raquel Mind

Customers using Raquel mind can expect their music to be included on well-known Apple Music playlists for one month. The raquelmind team actively manages these playlists to guarantee that all streams are produced by organic users, not the result of streaming bots.

As part of the partnership of artists with Raquel Mind, curators and artists will also have the opportunity to work on extra promotional services to create a tried-and-true marketing plan for their music. These methods are specifically created and priced based on each musician’s song and target audiences.

Customers frequently comment on Raquel mind’s attention and support in selecting the most incredible playlists to give each music the most exposure it deserves.

  • Music Growth

Music Growth provides the most effective promotion services for promoting music to artists looking to expand their fan base through engaging YouTube videos.

Music Growth is a great source to expand a marketing campaign on YouTube through, with over 450 million lifetime views on their channel and generating an average of 600,000 views per day to their videos. Each track is released on their YouTube page along with social and album links, with bundles ranging in price from $60 to $120. Additionally, this company provides the user with a free visualizer that can be used as the video’s thumbnail.

Customers appreciate working with music growth for their increased visibility and simple process. Music Growth, known for its many repeat customers, makes YouTube advertising simple by requiring just your songs and letting them manage the rest.

Your promotional music video won’t be removed from their YouTube channel once the promotion has concluded when you use music growth. This makes it possible for your songs to keep bringing views and clicks to your other repertoire.

  • Radio pluggers

They create entirely interactive custom musician profiles for their musicians, which they then submit right away to more than 30,000 verified radio station contacts worldwide. On a global scale, they offer radio promotion at an unmatched level. Their radio station contacts can quickly download new albums for airing, go directly to YouTube to watch music videos, read complete bios, check out the artists’ social media pages, and get in touch for interview requests.

All of their musicians get through biweekly reports that include information on who has seen their musician profiles, heard their music, and most importantly, which stations have downloaded it for broadcast. Their About page has a profile of a live musician.

It provides coordinated 6-week radio, press, YouTube, and Spotify promotions. Watch as your targeted YouTube views soar locally, nationally, or internationally in your chosen location. With the help of their fantastic network of Spotify playlists, expand your fan base and connect with active playlist followers.

  • Drop Night

One of the best spots to receive music promotion services is Drop Night, and we like that they can assist you with any genre. Pick one of their bundles, send them a song, and they’ll handle it.

Best platforms for music promotion

As you can see from the information above, there are three primary networks where you can advertise your music: SoundCloud, Spotify, and YouTube.

They are the most frequent when looking for the top music promotion services, so expect to see them there. If you have the means and the know-how, it’s beneficial to establish some exposure across all three platforms, even though it can be a little overwhelming to attempt and maintain a presence on all three.

Choose YouTube if you know that many of the users you want to reach the page for music. The same is true for SoundCloud and Spotify.

It would be best to consider utilizing your other social media platforms to attract visitors to your Spotify, SoundCloud, or YouTube channels. You can advertise your content on Facebook, Instagram, and other social media platforms to get people to discover you and become interested in your music.

Free Music Promotion

Without spending money on services, finding the most effective music promotion services is impossible. There are many various “free” promotion firms available that claim to be able to assist you in getting music marketing without cost. As you can probably guess, it’s improbable that this will lead to outcomes that will support your efforts in any way.

Since the number of followers and engagement on social media is given various weights, accounts with this much influence won’t just throw away their reach randomly.

Any service that promises free social media, marketing, or promotional exposure should raise serious red flags. Most of these services are spam and provide for-pay services they wish to sign you up for by spamming you for your information, including malware, or damaging your device.

Make Your Song Go Viral

Utilizing other social media platforms like TikTok and Instagram, where influencer marketing and content production are crucial, is something you might want to think about. If you can get your song to connect with influencers, which many producers do, you might find it goes viral.

You can get a lot of popularity, get a chance to grow your fan base, and even spark greater interest in you as an artist if your song becomes one of the challenging songs or songs used in viral content creation.

To broaden your audience and spread your material, you must keep networking and work with others.


If you want to grow your music career and start making some real money from your efforts, you need to use the best music promotion services. Keep an eye out for businesses that might take advantage of you, and try to stick with those who are trustworthy and honest with their services.

Utilizing a variety of social media networks as well as these services in combination is a brilliant idea. The leading platforms for marketing music are Spotify, SoundCloud, and YouTube, but you shouldn’t ignore platforms like Instagram and TikTok. These may be very entertaining platforms that, with the appropriate content, can help your music become viral and start to attract attention.

Also, complete your research before finalizing the company to promote your music. see what fits your budget and is up to your requirements.