10 Best Music promotion Services In London In 2022- 2023

10 Best Music promotion Services In London In 2022- 2023

10 Best Music promotion Services In London In 2022- 2023

Music promotion is also known as music marketing. Music promotion is letting people worldwide know about the great music you are making and getting you the recognition you deserve!. If you are a newbie in producing music and have just finished writing your first song, you need a platform or service through which you can market your music. Here is when different music promotion companies come in. 

A music marketing company provides services to emerging artists to help them kick start their careers in the music industry and help them get everything to make their music right. Your music gets published and promoted through different means of advertising such as digital marketing, social media marketing, radio channels or magazines, etc. You can choose tools and services based on your needs and your budget. Some companies also provide options to customize their pricing plan according to your needs.

  • Quite Great

All the services required for album release are provided by Quite Great music marketing. The premier music PR & marketing firm, Quite Great, was established in 1996. As a PR & marketing firm for music, the music team works hard to professionally represent their clients’ interests and put their communication at the center of all they do. Their business model is straightforward: after talking with you about your needs, they will come up with a budget and, occasionally, a partnership that will allow you to continue your release schedule and band development without worrying that everything will fall apart.

One of their strengths is working with different genres, so feel free to get in touch with them to market your music, whether you’re a legend, signed or unsigned, recently discovered, or a label entrepreneur.

How does it work?

They can assist with all elements of your media profile before considering promoting your music and designing a custom campaign around your requirements and budget limit.

They often run commercials in ten-week cycles designed to coincide with single, EP, or album releases. They would collaborate with you to develop media coverage, discuss how this affected social media with views, likes, etc., and develop a campaign that enables us to start from scratch. Alternatively, if you are an established artist, they would work with you to create momentum for your crucial breakthrough release so that significant labels will get in touch with you.

  • Sound campaign

A well-known service for music promotion, SoundCampaign has hundreds of users globally. If you’re a rising musician, including your music on well-known Spotify playlists can expand your audience and highlight your work.

However, getting a space on a sought-after playlist can be challenging, particularly if you’re starting. SoundCampaign can help with that. SoundCampaign is a platform for Spotify promotion that collaborates with hundreds of playlist curators to help you promote your music to the right audiences and grow your career.

SoundCampaign provides customer service to ensure that all of its customers’ needs are met. With SoundCampaign, you can focus fully on what you do best: producing great music while the service handles the rest.

At Sound Campaign, services typically cost $150 and provide a refund policy. Campaign pricing is adjustable based on the genres you are targeting and the available playlists. You can see a sample of how many playlists and curators can be contacted after entering the amount of money you are ready to spend. Up to 6 curators can be reached with a minimum campaign size.

  • Daimoon Media

One of the top Spotify and SoundCloud music promotion firms, Daimoon Media, claims to be able to help you in creating campaigns that are successful on both platforms. Additionally, they claim to have a system that will assist you in finding new streams for your music, which is always good.

Daimoon Media has a mission to provide its skilled clients with the chance to have their music discovered naturally. We think everything they do is legitimate based on what we can tell from their website.

They have 12 million followers, so they are well-positioned to assist you in finding a large audience for your music and raising your brand awareness. Additionally, they claim to be able to offer more than just the common subgenres of music, or “multi-genre support,” for their clients. This implies that these people can assist you in the rock, hip-hop, or dance sector. They have many favorable reviews of their services on their website, and you can access their dashboard to manage a significant portion of your campaign there.

  • Indie Music Academy

Promoting your songs online can be difficult often, especially if you lack the necessary skill set. A company like Indie Music Academy can help in this situation.

Nobody likes spending their time on the marketing and engagement side if all they’re interested in is making music and you want to connect with an audience right away who will value their skills.

As one of the best music marketing and promotion services, they will send you modules based on learning the ropes of the industry so that you can develop life skills that will position you for success regarding your music’s engagement and promotion. They won’t just send you an engagement and forget about you in two seconds.

How does it work?

The difference between crickets on your Spotify profile and a new normal of thousands listening to your music is getting on playlists. For you to have affordable access to Spotify Playlist Influencers, Indie Music Academy has worked with the same promotion firms that Record Labels utilize.

The popularity of TikTok has skyrocketed as a top social media channel for influencer marketing. Up to 32 million people can be reached by a single influencer worldwide. Their influencer marketing programs are made to assist you in introducing your music or other creative work to entirely new audiences.

They provide free access to a customized training platform where you may study basic marketing principles.

  • You grow

They are a fantastic choice if you want to increase the exposure of your music and be considered seriously. Their outcomes are self-evident. 

YouGrow claims that they can assist you with Spotify, YouTube, and other well-known music streaming services after helping their consumers with their music promotion services. They are a group of experts who thoroughly understand all of Spotify’s algorithms and how they operate so they can assist you in the growth of your music on the platform.

They have worked with over 3,000 artists, so you can trust that they can also aid in your development. They will help your music get into the hottest playlist so that you will be heard by hundreds of active users daily. You need to focus on producing great music; they will handle the rest. You receive a refund if they cannot produce results for your work.

  • Omari MC

Omari MC is one of the trusted music promotion companies that can assist you with organic promotion. Further on, they may even assist you in managing your press releases. Omari’s promotional tools essentially cover the whole music industry. Their website offers promotions for all platforms, including social media, radio, TikTok, Spotify, Apple Music, and YouTube.

For years, they have consistently been the top-ranked “greatest music promo” on Google. They have almost 250,000,000 playlist/channel followers on social media, so you know you will be recognized globally. They have years of experience in each genre and have promoted thousands of artists in nearly every genre you can imagine.

  • Media Mister

Companies like Media Mister that promote music may help properly advertise your music online and assist you in finding the right contacts to do your networking. These people have a keen understanding of what their consumers want, and the fact that they serve many aspiring artists and business owners eager to enter the online publishing world speaks volumes about their abilities.

They know that promoting your music is your top concern, but you also want to set aside your schedule so you can continue to make the music you enjoy without having to worry too much about the engagement.

These folks are all about it, and since they have a tiered price structure, you may take advantage of their services without having to pay for ones you won’t use. Generally speaking, we believe that this music advertising service is well worthy of your time considering they offer so many positive attributes.

  • Get A Follower

Another one of the top services for music promotion is GetAFollower, which claims to have exceptional pricing and can assist you with various social media marketing tactics.

The best thing is that they claim to be able to assist you with all of the leading social networks out there. They claim to give their clients a wide selection of services and promotional products.

They desire excellence, which has helped them build a respectable reputation in the field of music promotion. If you want to expand the visibility of your business, they can also assist you with your needs.

The best part is that these guys guarantee that everything they do for their clients is 100 percent safe and 100 percent authentic. They also promise to find targeted listeners for each of their clients’ music, which means that they won’t just find random listeners who won’t listen for a while, but listeners who are genuinely interested in the genre of music that you post. 

  • Music gateway

Music Gateway promises to produce authentic, beneficial results in the music marketing field by using innovative strategies. Their crew has experience because they have worked for top-tier corporations, radio stations, and television and radio stations worldwide. Allow them to speed up your marketing and promote growth and actual fan involvement.

Campaigns include social media marketing, online streaming, radio, and the press, beginning at just $400. Planning your budget for your subsequent releases will be possible through music gateway, and their team will be available to walk you through each stage and offer you the most excellent marketing advice.

How does it work?

They are a dependable source because they are an official Spotify partner who works with Spotify editors and independent curators to get your music played.

Working directly globally with independent Spotify music curators means that they can help you get your music noticed and expand your audience. They carefully prepare each campaign to ensure success and maximize your results, customizing their strategy to each artist. 

They pitch your music to Spotify curated playlists, resulting in the flow of authentic growth, subscribers, and followers each month. 

  • Buy Real Media

While you may assume that Buy Real Media can only assist you with an essential list of features, they become very particular based on their clients’ needs. Buy Real Media is another excellent option in the field of music promotion.

This indicates that they will discuss with you the genre your music belongs to, the networks you want to advertise it on, and the length of time you want to be able to do so.

Additionally, they have a chat feature so that you may talk to them directly. They can assist you with not only SoundCloud and YouTube but also other important music promotion platforms.

We believe that in the end, these people will be able to provide you with the kind of experience that you need to succeed in the future because of how much their team values their current clients.


Music promotion and marketing are as crucial for an artist as it is for creating great music. To get your work and name recognized in the music industry, you need to understand ways through which you can promote your music and a team of people who can assist you achieve your goal.

There are many different music promoting companies that offer their services and expertise to young emerging artists to give their careers a kick start. The music industry is competitive, with thousands of artists trying to catch the limelight by advertising their work. 

Additionally, keep in mind that promoting your music can be a little more expensive than you may be able to afford. Still, we believe that sometimes spending a little more than you would be comfortable with is necessary to advance.