10 Best Music Promotion Services In Canada In 2022- 2023

10 Best Music Promotion Services In Canada In 2022- 2023

10 Best Music Promotion Services In Canada In 2022- 2023

Music promotion is a way to let the world know about the art which you are making. Nowadays, when the phrase ‘music promotion’ is used by several professionals and companies, they usually refer to different social media campaigns and paid advertising that helps them promote their work. Luckily, many music promotion and music advertising companies provide their services to new emerging artists to get the recognition they deserve and help them achieve their careers in music.

Nowadays, the term “music promotion” is vague and subjective. Everything counts, from a well-planned social media campaign to handing out flyers on the block.

When selecting a music promotion service, there are many things that you should look for and consider before hiring a service. It would be best if you were looking for a team of experts who would spend their time working and ensure that you are creating your music right. Additionally, you want someone who would suggest ideas or solutions that you wouldn’t have thought of on your own.

  • Groover

To assist artists in getting through the first-listening barrier, Groover was developed. The service links musicians who wish to promote their work with the top curators, radio stations, and record labels looking for up-and-coming artists using a cutting-edge digital platform. You don’t need to spend hours finding contacts and writing emails to get your music heard and promoted because Groover does all the hard work for you.

You are ensured that the music curators and professionals you choose from the more than 1,600 currently active members will listen to your track, give you feedback, and consider featuring your music if they are interested. Your music can also feature opportunities like articles, radio broadcasts, playlist inclusion, or more. 

If you want actual coverage of your songs and honest feedback, then Groover is must use web service for you. You also gain credits to contact more people if they don’t respond after seven days.

  • You Grow

You grow is an honest and authentic promotion and development tool for your music on Spotify, youtube, or TikTok. Get your Spotify tracks added to the most popular playlists to help them become viral. To successfully promote your music through playlist placements, they collaborate with an experienced team of curators.

They have swiftly become a prominent player in the business through their quick and effective communication. Independent artists and labels can use them because they provide their services and solutions that are very economical. Numerous musicians have already used their services and have had great success.

How does it work?

Playlist pitching is one strategy up-and-coming musicians use to gain exposure on Spotify through natural organic growth. It can take a lot of time to do this yourself, contact curators, and try to include your music in a playlist that fits your genre. YouGrow can take over this process for you because they have a great team of curators for almost all genres and have done so over time. They target curators with lists that are appropriate for your genre and have been confirmed for authenticity.

It can be challenging to promote yourself on applications like TikTok, but your growth offers you several choices. To generate a lot of organic traffic from interested viewers who are likely to connect with your content and stick around to listen to your music, they develop a highly targeted marketing campaign for your video or channel.

  • Omari

The Omari Music Company provides services to help you advertise your music on websites like Spotify, AllMusic, YouTube, Facebook, and Instagram. They assist musicians in getting their music playlisted on well-known streaming services like Spotify. Thanks to this, thousands of users can hear the music, increasing their fan base and following.

The beginning price for Soundcloud promos is $47, and the services are reasonably priced. Songs on Soundcloud are reposted to a variety of channels and followers. For Spotify, songs are randomly added to the users’ playlists, and on Youtube, prioritize geographic targeting based on your need and budget.

  • Sound campaign

SoundCampaign connects musicians with authentic Spotify playlist curators, some of whom record labels across the globe. Additionally, it helps to extend your exposure. SoundCampaign makes it simple to upload your tracks quickly and conveniently find the appropriate playlist for your music.

How does it work?

With the help of SoundCampaign, you can quickly have your songs playlisted on Spotify, which is a terrific method to gain more exposure for your music. The service will assist you in promoting your music to skilled Spotify curators; you only need to submit your artist name and track. Additionally, you can view statistics and insights on how well your music is performing and how many people have added your music to their playlists. 

SoundCampaign can be helpful whether you’re trying to market a recent release or want to get extra exposure for your music.

It doesn’t guarantee that your music will be included in playlists or that it will get a specific quantity of streams or followers. It works by allowing you to submit your music to real playlist curators, who will then provide you with their opinion on it. They will only add your music to their playlist if they enjoy it, which could increase your fan base and help you promote your music.

  • Playlist push

Playlist push is a renowned company that provides services for promoting music. Another well-known brand in this field of promotion services is the playlist push. They are a very effective and practical choice for musicians who are solely concerned about Spotify streams. They can also handle promotion for Youtube, but Spotify is their primary focus, given their success. Numerous artists have benefited from their services to succeed and gain exposure.

They aim to collaborate with independent curators and provide them the freedom to promote music to users. This makes the song more widely known and may help it gain notoriety, which is every musician’s ambition. They employ more than 800 such curators who actively work to spread music to a population of more than 25 million people.

Their price is also reasonably fair, with their primary campaigns beginning at $250 and typically rising to $450.

  • Planetary group

The planetary group is another significant music marketing business that provides its services for publicity, social media advertising, and promotional services for indie music. They have done a fantastic job of developing future stars, some of whom have even performed at the Super Bowl. Despite this, they have created plenty of opportunities for aspiring young artists to take advantage. They are a wise choice because they will almost surely place you on the verge of the spotlight; the rest will depend on your talent.

They make packages for artists that fall into their budget and are cost-efficient. The great thing about this company is that you can customize their services to your liking and need. The company does not only offer its services to professionals but also to young emerging artists who have just finished recording their first song and now need support to get their work recognized. Their services include

Radio Promo

create a campaign that concentrates on the best media outlets for your release. In addition to arranging radio interviews in your touring markets wherever possible, we approach these stations for airing and commentary on your getaway.

Network Promo

Even though radio is still active, we live in an entirely online world. We have assisted our clients in reaching their audiences more easily and quickly by performing focused and efficient internet campaigns.

Festivals/ Events

Music festivals and events are not only fun to attend, but they are also a terrific method to promote your music and profession to a large audience. We strive to connect you with musical events and festivals worldwide.

Exposure on a global scale

Almost many artists have the desire to perform on stages all over the globe. It’s terrific to do that, and they have been there! So let’s collaborate to spread your career over the world.

  • Show.co

It would help if you looked into Show.co if you’re doing your advertising (rather than hiring a team). The business may assist in getting your advertisement on more established channels like Billboard, Rolling Stone, and even Pitchfork, in addition to Spotify.

When it comes to Show, co, advertisements are just the beginning. If you have the necessary time, creativity, and funds, you can do much more promoting your most recent single or album on the platform. When it comes to promoting whatever you have coming up next, it can quickly become your go-to place.

  • Independent Music Promotion

One well-known advertising campaign that provides its services to young musicians is IMP. They want to concentrate on “music with depth,” which refers to music with a deeper meaning than ordinary rap or lyrics with no real significance. They want to spread the word about high-quality, naturally creative things.

They look for creative individuals who are also bold enough to experiment and adjust immediately. They are a little specific when choosing the artists they want to work with. Their founder places a lot of value on creatively sound musicians who are open to experimenting with different genres.

Since most musicians try to make generic music and fall short, this can also be a massive boost for many artists. He succeeds in producing musical masterpieces, nevertheless, if he tries and concentrates on his style while pouring his heart and soul into it. This is what this business is trying to find. This deal may cost a little more than those offered by other companies in terms of pricing. 

Their standard packages, which start at $795, come with placement guarantees, making up for the price. Additionally, they recently tried to develop low-cost promotions that independent artists could afford, costing between $100 and $200. Depending on the requirements of the two parties in touch, this may change.

  •  HUDL Music

HUDL is the game-changer in the free music marketing space. A locally based service that efficiently delivers its purpose. If you’re a solo musician looking to spread the word about yourself, HUDL music is the place to go. Here, both music lovers and musicians can interact with one another. It is simple and intuitive to use this app.

Here, creatives can display their talents to the world. This brings the creators to the forefront and aids in their recognition. By transforming you into a complete artist, HUDL gives you the chance to advance your profession. With this service, both talent and fans receive the love they deserve.

For many people, this service offers the “dream come true” experience by connecting artists with followers. Therefore, independent musicians seeking success might try this and see the miracles it leaves in its wake.

  • Behind the Curtains Media

Another well-known campaign that has achieved great success in the market with its work is Behind the Curtains Media. They have supported several significant artists and are constantly looking for up-and-coming visionaries. Their services range from promotion on websites like Spotify, blogs, and radio to more specialized services.

They allow artists to showcase the products they wish to be advertising properly, and their campaigns are ideally in sync with the artist’s requirements.

They don’t have any limitations or requirements that the prospective artist might be unable to meet. Remember that their work could be a little pricey for beginning artists, so they should stay away from them and concentrate on another business with better introductory packages. They want to make medium-sized artists stars among stars by allowing them to thrive to a great extent.


These are some of the best music promotion services that may jump-start your career or give it a big boost. These promotions depend on your success to get paid, so you can count on them to do everything it takes to help you succeed in this industry. Suppose you want to establish a career in the market. In that case, you have a wide range of possibilities to choose from as these businesses provide different pricing, services, and levels of flexibility.