What Is My Mom Doing in Heaven?

What Is My Mom Doing in Heaven?

What Is My Mom Doing in Heaven?

If you have ever just wondered, “What is my mom doing in heaven?” you are not alone. This question may be bothering you for years, but rest assured she’s there, with Jesus, a loving God, and a beautiful family. In the words of the Apostle Paul, “In heaven, God will wipe away every tear from our eyes,” and this is exactly what she’ll be doing. In heaven, there will be have no pain, sorrow, or grief.

You’re her kid

If you’ve ever been told that you’re her kid in heaven, you’ve likely been lied to. There’s no such thing as heaven. But you’re not alone. Many parents who have lost a child have been told the same thing. As a result, they’re often heartbroken and hopeless. Thankfully, God has made it possible to see their children again. After all, it’s the only way they’ll know they do not forget them forever.

She’s happy

Mary Hale has found a better place in heaven. She is reunited with her beloved husband, Charles Lee Hale, who passed away on Dec. 15, 2003. She is now in infinite bliss and divine light, free of physical pain and affliction. Her spirit is at peace and content. She wishes she could share her joy with others. In infinite bliss, everything has a divine purpose. The beauty of the heavens is truly indescribable.

She’s at peace

Upon hearing the news that your mom has passed on, you probably feel the pain and grief of missing her. Despite the ache, it’s important to remember that your mom is at peace in heaven, and she understands the pain and ache of life without you. 

Infinite bliss and divine light surround her now. She no longer has the physical pain and ailments she experienced while on earth, and she’s free and happy. She knows that life has a purpose and wishes everyone could experience such bliss and peace.

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She’s waiting for you.

“She’s waiting for you in heaven” is one of the most heart-wrenching songs. The song is about a dying loved one and the grief accompanying it. 

As the narrator is begging his loved one to go home, he tries to justify death by saying that heaven could not wait for him. The song ends with a familiar Lord’s Prayer, which shows that this song has a special meaning to many.

She’s preparing a place for you.

Knowing that your mom is in heaven is a comforting thought. Knowing that she is with Jesus brings joy and peace to our lives. Jesus spoke highly of heaven for believers when He said, “My Father’s house is in heaven.” In the Bible, death is simply a day of moving. For those who are born again, death is simply a moving day. Whether or not we decide to follow Him will determine our eternal destination.

She’s talking to you.

When your loved one passes away, they are not forgotten. God records every activity on the earth and talks about each person. Despite seven billion people on earth, He spends a lot of time talking about you.

This is because of the relationship you shared with them. However, we can never be sure of what God says to us. But the song itself may be a message from your beloved. Regardless, it’s a great reminder that you’re not alone.

She’s watching over you.

Mom is watching over you in heaven, and she understands your pain, longing, and desire for her guidance. Though you no longer see her physically, she understands the ache in your soul and wants to let you know that she is still with you in spirit. 

In addition, she knows that all of life is connected divinely and that everything is for a reason. She wishes that all people could experience this infinite bliss as well.

When you remember your loved one, try to listen to their favorite music. This will bring up memories and feelings of being together with them. You may also experience a ringing in the ears. 

That ringing can be your mom’s guardian angel passing a message to you. Another possible sign is a high-pitched noise in your right ear. The voice maybe your mother or father, or it could be your guardian angel.