SONG PREMIERE: ‘Harder on Myself’ by Love You Later


Photo Credit to Jasmine Archie

By: Emily Usallan

Love You Later, a solo one-woman production by Lexi Aviles; a local to both Nashville and Los Angeles. Her music is definitely the perfect fit for a crying dance party or a night in with friends, though her music is meant to be played in venues with crowds dancing and screaming along to the lyrics.

Within in seconds, you can tell that the new single, “Harder on Myself” by Love You Later, is a dreamy indie pop song, which dives into the hard-to-let-go-of affair of being stuck in your head and overthinking oftentimes found within a relationship. The catchy guitar riffs accompany the sweet, yet impactful vocals — both are guaranteed to transcend you into a paradise; these saccharine sounds do an exceptionally well job at painting over the rather lugubrious lyrics.

It appears that emotions of delving deep into relationships and being all up in her head is nothing new to Love You Later. As the song progresses, the lyrics seem to shift into less self-blaming ones such as, “maybe it’s not my fault this time.” These words linger in the background over the extremely relatable and catchy line “I’m only making it harder on myself.” It almost feels as if you’re listening to a story and hearing how the main character grows throughout the song; from overthinking it all to coming to the realization that self-blame is not always the case.  

Although the lyrics are quite simple, they are well written, in the sense that Lexi still portrays emotional vulnerability.

A dreamy idyll is where you will be taken when listening to Love You Later. If the eclectic “Harder on Myself” is the first song you hear by Love You Later, do yourself a favor and check out the rest of her discography!