What does the Bible say about Heaven and Family

What does the Bible say about Heaven and Family

What does the Bible say about Heaven and Family

This article will discuss what the Bible will say about Heaven and the family.

What does the Bible say about the friends and family members in Heaven?

One of the best and the blessed parts of Heaven, for the believers, will be the presence of just their believing for the loved ones–friends and the family who have to be gone on to be with the help of the Lord before us.

We will also be able to see, know and spend some time with them just for the internet. However, our very primary joy will be just in doing those kinds of things with our blessed Lord and the savior.

But our worship and also the wonders of Heaven will always be all the sweeter in that we can actually praise and worship in the company of all the other Christians, especially those we loved and enjoyed on the earth.

Although the Bible has not many references to just seeing and recognizing others in the afterlife, there are only a few. For example, when David’s infant son died, David declared, “I shall just go to him, but he will not return to me.”

David also assumed that he would recognize the baby in Heaven as his son, not a generic soul indistinguishable from all other souls. So in Luke 16:19-31–the story was of the rich man and the Lazarus—Abraham, Lazarus at Abraham’s side. However, there was always a great chasm which is fixed between both of them.

This also does not necessarily mean that we will see all the others in Heaven, which would be able to increase their misery, while all of those in Heaven would be just prevented from seeing those on the hell as that just would be distress and also disturb our bliss and the usefulness of their joy.

After his Resurrection, Jesus was also recognized by many of the people, including his disciples((John 20:16, 20; 21:12)), and since we will e inherit the glorified bodies like his (1 John 3:2; 1 Corinthians 15:49, 53), we can also just assume that we will know and also recognized one another as they recognized Him.

Many people say that they can not just imagine Heaven without their loved ones who have just died without Christ. But Heaven will not just be the one’s iota less joyful if those we loved on earth are not all present.

One of Heaven’s greatest joys will be to be in the presence of the God whom we love and adore without the sin that hinders the relationship now. So worshiping the Lord and the Saviour will be much sufficient bliss to last at eternity, and it will be a great joy to know him well and to be known by him and those with whom we will worship.

What does Bible say about Heaven? 

For the majority of the people, the word “Heaven” conjures up the image of the white-clad angels sitting around on the clouds playing the harps: an old-style Philadelphia cheese advert on the asteroids. But this is that really what the Bible tells us to await us just beyond the grave? So what does the Bible actually say about life after death?

Let’s start with the clouds and the angels, an idea that owes much less to Christianity than it does to the 2nd-century religious movement called Gnosticism.

The Gnostics hated the body with all of its longings and urges. But, for all of them, death was a stunning release: freed from its body, the soul cloud may soar heavenward and float very uncorrupted just forever among the clouds with just the angels, ad the presumably the Philadelphia…

So what does the Bible tell us about that what happens when we die? Well, perhaps the most important thing which it says, is that Heaven is just not the final destination for the Christians after the death, And here’s something else that might also surprise you: the Bible does not talk just about very much about “going to the heaven when we will die” at all.

Instead of just how to get the Heaven when we die and the Gnostic’ cloudy floaty’ idea of the disembodied souls, Jesus and the early Christians also taught that after when we die, we could also look forward to the complete bodily resurrection.

That’s why they called Jesus “The firstfruits” of the resurrection and as well as the “firstborn of the dead.” They also just saw Jesus rising from the grave. Just not that immediately. That would also happen until Jesus returns in all of his glory at the second coming.

So what actually will happen to us until Jesus returns in all of his glory at the second coming. So the question arising here is what will happen to us when we die in the meantime? Where we will go if we die between Jesus’ return and death in all of his glory at the second coming.

The best answer that Jesus gave us is in John 14:2, where he tells all of his disciples just not to worry about because he was always going to be prepared one of the many rooms in just his Father’s house just for all of them.

And what’s striking here is the statement that the Greek word he used for the room is the word that you use in a Travelodge, a temporary stopping-off point on the journey to the final destination.

So what’s meant by the ‘final destination’ for all the Christian? The final three chapters of the Bible tell us about the three things that will happen.

Final words 

This article has discussed what the Bible says about the family members and friends in Heaven. We have also discussed what the Bible says about Heaven. We will recommend you do some research of your own to get the best knowledge.