How does Heaven Look Like according to Bible?

How does Heaven Look Like according to Bible?

How does Heaven Look Like according to Bible?

Many people may often misunderstand the teachings of Jesus concerning Heaven. As we also do not see Heaven with our naked eyes, many of us deny the existence of Heaven, which will always be revealed after the second advent of Jesus. Jesus has also told his disciples to work for his ministry to inherit the everlasting land of just Heaven.

Heaven is not only a mystery, but it is also a real place where the righteous will dwell with the Lord Jesus just forever.2 Peter 3:13 did state that we, the followers of Jesus Christ, are also waiting for Heaven. It is a promise from Jesus for just his faithful followers. Therefore, we can also enter into Heaven by obeying all the commandments of Jesus.

Once we understand the importance of Heaven and it is a promise from Jesus for just his faithful followers. We can also enter into Heaven by obeying all of the commandments of Jesus. Once we understand the Heaven and how it looks like, we will always stick to the Lord Jesus till our last breath. We are always living on this earth, which is temporal, and we are also seeking the Heaven which is still to come.

At the time of Jesus’ crucifixion, all his disciples were just scattered. They also wanted to get back to their works, but when they saw the resurrected Jesus and spent forty with him, they realized that a heaven is a real place. In those forty days, Jesus taught them a lot of things about Heaven.

What did Jesus say about Heaven?

Most of the teachings for Jesus are for Heaven. He also teaches us to follow his words by which we will be worthy even to meet the Lord in Heaven. When Nicodemus came to meet him at night, Jesus told without the new birth, and none can enter God’s kingdom.

Jesus also claimed that he just came above and knew every detail about Heaven. His disciples believed him and obeyed him till their death as they knew they would be in Heaven after their death.

After the resurrection, Jesus stayed forty days on the earth, and then he just went back to Heaven. He also proved that there would be a resurrection. The most righteous will inherit the everlasting place that is Heaven.

How does the Bible describe Heaven?

We will not know anything about Heaven without the guidance of scripture. We also often imagine Heaven but still can not clearly understand it until we read the Bible. Many several scriptures will describe Heaven. Let’s see how the Bible narrated Heaven.


Jesus has also told his followers to believe in him. He also told them to wait for his second coming and keep patient. He will also prepare mansions for the faithful saints who faithfully obey him. He did describe Heaven as a house for the believers who will completely live according to the will of God.


Jesus has also narrated Heaven as the kingdom where God’s obedient children will entre only. Wicked people will never get any chance to enter the kingdom.

Holy city 

John also saw a vision where he mentioned Heaven as a holy city that comes down from Heaven.

Abraham’s Bosom 

Jesus also says that a parable concerning Heaven described it as Abrahams’s bosom. In the parable, when be the beggar died, he went to Abraham’s bosom, and he enjoyed it a lot in his life. But, on the other hand, the rich man just suffered in hades.

Better country 

God has also prepared a much better country for all the believers where the righteous will always live with God. This better country is also the hope only for the believers.


After the resurrection, Jesus was caught up to Heaven, which is actually mentioned as paradise. God dwells, and the believers will also spend their eternity.

Positive characteristics of Heaven

Despite some limitations, there are also plenty of good things available in Heaven. God has also created Heaven for a purpose where his children will live with him forever. Jesus also asked his disciples to look forward to Heaven. It is a place where many treats will be just given for God’s obedient children. Let us look at those facilities provided to you in Heaven.


There is a lot of joy in Heaven, and a sinner will turn from his sin. So likewise, believers will also experience joy while dwelling with the Lord in Heaven.


Heaven will be a resting place for the true Believers. As long as we are on this planet, we have to work hard to meet our needs, but in Heaven, we will rest forever.


Those people who enter the new earth will serve the Lord by day and night.


According to God’s promise, only the one righteous men will inherit Heaven.


Those who desire to receive sufferings for Jesus Christ will always experience the glory in Heaven.

Inhabitants of Heaven

Heaven is always a place where the Gods dwell. Though God’s omnipresence still Heaven in his dwelling place. Also, due to his holiness in the garden of Eden by disobeying God. According to Matthew, angels also live with God in Heaven. These angles also have some duties in Heaven for the service of God.

For Example 

In this article, we have discussed how Heaven will look alike according to the Bible. We have also discussed everything in detail and will recommend you do some research to get the best knowledge.