Top 10 Signs She Secretly Wants You & Likes You Romantically More Than a Friend

Top 10 Signs She Secretly Wants You & Likes You Romantically More Than a Friend

Top 10 Signs She Secretly Wants You & Likes You Romantically More Than a Friend

A secret crush can be exciting, but it can also be confusing and hurtful if the object of your affection doesn’t feel the same way about you.

Some signs that she has feelings for you might be subtle, which means you may have to pay close attention to her nonverbal communication to figure out how she feels about you.

Pay attention to these ten signs. She secretly wants you and likes you romantically more than a friend if you want to know whether she likes you or sees you as a friend.

1) She tries to be around you

To get to know someone better, it makes sense that most people want to be around that person as much as possible.

If your friend is trying to figure out if she has romantic feelings for you, then showing up wherever you are (or offering a quick chat on Gchat) will give her insight into how it feels when she’s around you.

A woman who likes someone will try to find time for him, even if it means rearranging her schedule or finding excuses about why she can’t hang out with other friends.

Spending time together isn’t always about sex. Still, if a girl makes her attraction clear from day one and continues efforts over time, there’s likely more going on than friendship.

2) She spends time at your place

There’s no question that if your BFF frequently comes over to your place, it’s because she’s got nowhere else to go. But, it could also be because she prefers being at your home.

Your home is where you live and tend to feel most comfortable. It might not have anything to do with her feelings for you but everything to do with her feeling comfortable in your space. If you’re keen on pursuing something romantic with your pal, spend some time alone at home so there won’t be any confusion about where each of you stands (emotionally). 

3) She texts or calls first when hanging out

In many cases, women are taught to be proper and well-mannered, but that can go out of the window when they feel something.

Suppose your female friend is constantly texting or calling first. In that case, it could be that she’s interested in getting to know you better and potentially something more. (Having an idea of what romantic interest looks like in action will help you spot it when it happens. However, it’s important to note that those with close-knit families and close friendships will often reach out before their friends do; their intention may not be to ask your hand in marriage.

4) She initiates touch

Girls who are attracted to someone will often touch them; whether it’s on the arm, shoulder, or lower back, physical contact helps make her more comfortable. It sends off non-verbal cues that she’s interested.

If you find yourself being touched by her regularly, the chances are that it’s something other than platonic. But just because your friendly gestures have been met with a romantic response doesn’t mean everything is okay between you two.

She might not be sure how to proceed without making things awkward (or taking too big of a risk). There’s no harm in inviting her out for coffee and finding out where things stand once they’re one-on-one.

5) She shares secrets with you

You don’t have to be Oprah for your best friend to open up about her deepest, darkest secrets. It’s normal and healthy for friends to share personal information, especially regarding one of your BFF’s big-deal issues.

If your friend has told you any intimate details about herself or even just talked at length about something going on in her life that is more than surface level, then it’s fair game.

And that means there’s likely some level of trust between you two, which makes it easy for her to trust that she can share feelings about other guys.

6) She opens up about her feelings and insecurities

A sign that she’s finally comfortable with you and trusts you enough to share things about herself that are usually kept deep inside. Just don’t take it as an invitation to give her unsolicited advice.

The best way to help her is by listening and being sympathetic when appropriate. Give her your full attention, and let her know that even if there’s nothing you can do or say to fix whatever is bothering her, she has someone who understands how she feels.

7) She trusts you implicitly

She’s told you things she’s never told anyone else. She doesn’t hold back on her emotions around you, good or bad. She makes no effort to mask her feelings. She has repeatedly said that your opinion is one of her most valuable resources.

Suppose these intimate conversations with another person make them feel uncomfortable. In that case, it could be a sign that they’re harboring some romantic feelings for you and are trying to get used to saying such personal things out loud.

8) She gets jealous quickly when other girls are interested in you

A girl falling for you will get jealous quickly when other girls show interest in you. She’ll notice your new friends, and if they start spending more time with you, even if it has nothing to do with her, she’ll be bothered.

This is not normal behavior but evidence that she isn’t just interested in a friendship with you; her emotions go beyond what would be appropriate for friends. If any of your interactions seem to bother her, take note she may well have romantic feelings for you.

9) Her body language, nonverbal communication, and tone change when around you

A woman might smile and laugh around her friends, but if her body language and tone change when she’s with you, it can indicate something between you. Women want to seem modest in front of others, so if she acts unusually open or flirtatious around you, the chances are that she feels strongly about your relationship.

Be careful, though – just because your girlfriend is overly friendly with you in public doesn’t mean it will reflect her feelings toward your friendship behind closed doors. A woman may try to play it cool in front of other people because deep down inside, she knows that relationships develop slowly, so that any romantic commitment could scare her off.

10) She giggles around you all the time and plays with her hair while talking to your friends

Now,  she plays with her hair while talking to your friends, unless they were her girlfriend Unless all three have lice.

If that’s not what’s happening here, then it means something is going on between you and her. She is playing with her hair because she is thinking about how much of an idiot you are together.

Playing with one’s hair has a lot to do with flirting, so when your girl does it, it means that if only for a moment, at least in her mind, there was something between you. A sexy secret conversation or at least some kind of chemistry. She will giggle around you no matter what and can’t control herself around your presence.


People don’t often like to admit it, but most of us have been there. You start dating someone casually, and your feelings change into something more profound and substantial. Still, they don’t feel quite as strongly about you.

Then what do you do; Do you keep trying to be just friends, or do you throw your heart out there anyway; The answer is not as simple as it seems. If a friend doesn’t have feelings for you in return, forcing an issue can destroy your friendship and relationship with that person But if your feelings are strong, it’s difficult to forget them. Especially if your romantic partner never mentioned feeling that way in return.