Should I express my feelings to a Scorpio man?

Should I express my feelings to a Scorpio man?

Should I express my feelings to a Scorpio man?

Lady, Are you in love or have a crush on this man, who is Scorpio? But never submission about your feelings. Confused about how he will react? Will he accept you? Will he get angry? But you want to give it a chance. And don’t want to have that regret of hiding your feelings? Scroll down and find out whether you should express your feelings or if you have to move on.

Suppose you are the kind of woman who is looking for a long-term relationship and doesn’t want to waste your time. In that case, you should be aware of the following things before expressing your love. First, maybe he is just playing around, and it’s a sign to you that you shouldn’t waste your words for him.


A Scorpio man is the one who wants to be in power. When a man who wants you sincerely will not do that. If he is trying to control you all the time and getting extra possessive, be attentive. It’s a sign of a big no. He wants dominance, not you.

Least interested in your family

He doesn’t want to spend time with your friends and family. If you want to be with you, A Scorpio wants to know about your family and friends. But if he is just beating about the bush, he will not make an effort to meet your loved ones.

All about Sex

He is thinking about sex all the time. And will manipulate you emotionally so that you will feel it right. But ladies, remember it is not about sex. It is about love. So take it as a no and don’t waste your words and feelings.

Warm and Cold

Sometimes he is passionate and warm and the next day he is as cold as ice. He is quite unpredictable. Sometimes he will be off for a few days and will not contact you for a very long time.

I think it is better to find out that he has feelings for you before telling him. So let us take a look at if they have genuine feelings for you.

The first step

He will take the first step to talking to you. He will initiate the conversations. If there is a cold air between you two, he will try to wipe it out. He will text you out of nowhere. He will make plans with you. He will set up the social gatherings and try to get you in those gatherings so that he can get a chance to meet you up there.

Professional interest

He will genuinely take an interest in your professional life as well and appreciate your hard work. He Compliments you on being you. He will appreciate your work ethic.

And motivate you to do better in your professional life. He will not look down on you about your professional interest and will try to get you to be productive about your work.

Eyes on you

If a Scorpio man loves you he will not be able to take his eyes from you. Like in a group of 100 people, his eyes will surround you. Take notice and he will always try to find a way to look at you. He will try to make eye contact with you with a smile on his face. They say the smile is the key to the heart.

Physical affection

I am not saying such as sexual affection. But He will try to touch your waist. He will try to get close to you whenever he can. If you guys are in the front seat of the car he will find a way to touch your hand mistakenly. So little efforts to be physically around you is a sign of the guy interested in you.

Opening up

He will open up to you and remember to let you know the little details about his day at work or university etc. Also, he will mention little details about his colleagues to you.

Plus, he will share his dark secrets with you. He feels you are that trustworthy person and he wants you to know everything about him. He will share with you what happened in the past. What bothers him are His likes, dislikes, his fears, and his success. He will tell you all.

Jealousy factor

He has this possessive nature. And he can get jealous if a friend or colleague of yours flirts with you. It might upset him and he will be out of the place if he finds something like that. So ladies find out a way to get him jealous just to see if it is working or not.

So after seeing about all the factors above you can take a step toward expressing your love. If you feel like he is kind of interested in you. Go ahead and let him know how you feel.

Scorpios are very straight forward they have everything sorted out. They are bod in their decisions and bold in their talks. So they will probably go for a woman who is as strong as war and as bold as a rock. So make sure to let him know directly that you are in love with him and you want him.

Here are some tips on how can you express your feelings. Should you call him? Or just leave a text or randomly tell him on the street. No never do that.

Make a special effort to bring some fresh flowers and set up a date night on a beach or a nice hotel with a nice ambiance. Ask him out. And tell him how you feel. Make sure to prepare to choose your words well. As intellectual conversations are very important to them. Just don’t randomly express your love. Google some nice poetry or anything like you can I feel you are calm in my chaos, etc., kind of words that make him feel special. If you do so, he will notice how you made all the arrangements.


Keep in mind the things to avoid which are red flags. Scorpios are very straightforward and they want something like that. So if you want to express your love be straightforward.