Once a Guy Loses Interest Can You Get It Back

Once a Guy Loses Interest Can You Get It Back

Once a Guy Loses Interest Can You Get It Back

If you’re wondering if there’s anything you can do to get back the interest of someone who isn’t interested in you anymore, the answer is yes. There are ways to draw a guy back to you that won’t make him feel pressured or forced into anything he doesn’t want to do.

And while these tactics are by no means guaranteed to work 100% of the time, they have helped women throughout history deal with issues of attraction and loss of interest from men who previously found them very attractive.

Be as attractive as possible

Attractiveness is one of your best assets—even if you don’t think so. If your appearance isn’t up to par, learn how to attract attention with clothes and grooming.

If you’re in great shape, maintain it by working out regularly and watch that your weight doesn’t slip out of proportion with your height.

Wear clothes that fit well; while they don’t have to be expensive, they should look stylish and well-maintained. When all else fails: Don’t forget to bathe regularly! We often forget about how much impact a clean body has on our overall attractiveness.

Be as warm and caring as possible

If he’s lost interest, don’t try to win him over right away. Reassure him that you care about his feelings and that it’s okay if he doesn’t feel connected to you anymore.

People who lose interest in others often feel vulnerable, hurt or confused – acknowledging these feelings is an important part of getting his attention back. If your partner has been hurt, realize that he needs time to sort through his feelings.

If he’s interested in someone else – stop trying

The obvious solution here is to do nothing. If he’s moved on, what’s likely happened is that he’s realized he doesn’t want to be with you. He may still care about you as a person, but that doesn’t mean he wants to date you.

So there’s no sense in trying to win him back; if anything, doing so will just remind him of how much better his new situation is compared to yours.

Instead, your time and energy would be best spent looking for someone who does want to date you—someone who isn’t already involved with someone else. It might sound harsh, but that doesn’t make it any less true: A noncommittal man doesn’t deserve your love or loyalty.

Play hard to get

We’ve all heard that playing hard to get is a good way to make your crush like you. While there may be something to that, it doesn’t mean playing games or otherwise losing interest in someone will make them want you more; if anything, doing so only makes them more wary of pursuing anything with you.

Instead of trying to trick someone into liking you, just find ways to genuinely enjoy their company and let things fall into place naturally from there.

Try being funny

If you’re not funny, at least try to be a little bit funny. That’s right—try to be funny. It’s not as hard as it sounds, and being able to make your partner laugh is an excellent way to keep him interested in you and your relationship.

If he thinks of you as his source of amusement, he will want to spend more time with you—and that means more opportunities for romance.

Practice conversation starters with friends

Conversation is key to romantic attraction, and making meaningful connections with people. Getting comfortable chatting up strangers is hard, though; few of us feel entirely natural doing so. Some social scientists estimate that some people speak as few as ten words per day to strangers they encounter in public places.

If you feel shy around new acquaintances—which most of us do at one time or another—the key is practice. The more times you have to strike up a conversation, or ask someone out on a date, or ask for help (i.e., asking for directions), then hopefully your anxiety will gradually ease up, and your confidence level will rise too.

It’s not easy but with enough experience in uncomfortable situations we can learn how to overcome our fears and become more confident socially.

Compliment him

Complimenting your man is one of most powerful things that can be done to make him feel great. But if he’s lost interest, those compliments may not be making him feel much better.

A little confidence goes a long way in keeping him interested in being with you, and that doesn’t happen without knowing how to compliment a man who no longer thinks highly of himself.

Don’t make him feel embarrassed if he approaches you

Guys will approach women for all sorts of reasons, whether they are interested in a relationship or just looking to have fun. If a guy approaches you and has an interesting personality, stay friendly and let him know that he’s welcome to come back anytime.

If he does come up with excuses or runs away from you, don’t make him feel ashamed; don’t act like he’s made some huge mistake by approaching you. By letting him off easily if he changes his mind, it may encourage him to try again another time when he is really ready and serious about starting something new.

Stop thinking about us

We’re going to be honest here, as much as we’d like to say that what’s on your mind has no impact on our attraction to you, in reality, there is such a thing as being too interested in someone.

While it may sound counterintuitive, if a girl is always asking us questions about how we are and how our day was and all those other small questions that make up what’s known colloquially as foreplay, chances are good that she’s not exactly letting us go wild down below.

It doesn’t mean that she isn’t physically attracted to us or just doesn’t care; more often than not, women who seem overly friendly don’t want their actions to come off as clingy or desperate.

Sleep on it

It’s important to remember that men aren’t always on their A-game when they meet someone new. When we first like someone, she often seems more perfect than reality.

But as we spend more time with her, she becomes more real–and if she’s not living up to your (insanely high) expectations, you’ll lose interest and move on. The key is knowing how to reverse that process so your fantasy girl becomes your one-and-only. All it takes is doing a few things right after he loses interest in order to win him back. 


It is possible to re-attract an ex once he’s lost interest. However, don’t expect that you will be able to do so without taking some initiative. The first step in getting him to take notice of you again is by making sure that your ex knows that he doesn’t have total control over your emotions.

Make him aware of how hurtful his words were and then explain how sorry you are for acting on impulse and calling/texting too much in an attempt to apologize for said hurtful actions. Then, act as though everything is normal and leave him wanting more.