Nine Gifts Of The Holy Spirit?

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    Nine Gifts Of The Holy Spirit?

    The Holy Spirit has granted us many tools to help strengthen and strengthen Christ’s body. Christ. Certain of these are more well-known than others. However, they all have a common theme: the Holy Spirit will give you whatever gifts He believes you excel in.

    The most significant gift that should be prayed to receive is that of the tongue. It is a wonderful gift that could save lives if utilized correctly.

    Are The Gifts Of The Holy Spirit The Nine Gifts Of The Holy Spirit?

    The Gift Of Wisdom

    One of the first gifts Paul speaks of is his gift of the gift of wisdom (v 8.). The first mention is perhaps because it is a foundational part of the Church and is something that the Christian will long for (v 31). Wisdom is demonstrated by Scripture. A word from God in the Bible “The fear of the LORD is the beginning of wisdom; all who follow his precepts have good understanding” (Psalm 11:10).

    This is the gift Solomon requested and was granted by God to be a godly ruler of the nation (I Kings 3:12). Through this knowledge, Solomon could understand what to do in the face of difficult choices. Word wisdom is also linked to having faith in the Lord. The definition of fear is standing in awe of God with reverence and reverence. It is about loving God’s Word and observing the words it reveals. The wisdom isn’t in breaking the law. It means that when certain members follow God’s statutes and laws, which include loving God and your fellow man, many Church members could benefit from this blessing.

    Of course, some members will not possess it. This gift is of the utmost importance to those who are part of the Body of Christ because if we can be loving and caring persons to God and our fellow human beings as well, we can be of great benefit to the Church as well as those who are not part of the Church. This is a way to demonstrate faithlessness and attract those who are not believers to Christ through the love of Christ (John 13:35).

    The Gift Of Knowledge

    The next gift from the Spirit is the gift of wisdom (v 8.). Certain people possess the ability to remember the Scriptures. They are knowledgeable about God and His methods. They appear to discern quickly what is Biblical and which is not. Certain translations claim it’s”the “Word” of knowledge while others claim they are”the “utterance” of knowledge. The Word is certainly an expression of God.

    “The “utterance” of knowledge could suggest that those who have the gift of knowing know when to use specific words when to not or what words to use. Both words can express the definition of knowledge. They are excellent deacons, teachers, pastors, elders, or elders.

    The Gift Of Faith

    The next gift from the Spirit Paul mentions the gift of faith (v 9). The people with the gift of faith are remarkable in how they perceive things. They are confident in every situation. For instance, our Church’s deacon has stated about our Church’s expansion, “when” it grows, we will require more Sunday school books, and others have said, “if” we grow, we will need more books.

    I once met an evangelist who spoke of things as if they were real or had come to be. He talked about financial aid that God will provide but not having anything to demonstrate that in the Church’s account. He was always later proven that he was right. This person is more similar to God. He can see things that aren’t as though they already were!

    The Gift Of Healing

    Healing has been controversial (v 9.). A few “faith healers” claim to be blessed, yet undercover reporters found them fraudulent. Many people who claim to be “healed” have been interviewed before the supposed healing. Some use the power of optimistic thinking to convince themselves that they have been healed. Others have used “scam artists” or actors to depict someone healed of an illness they did not actually suffer from.

    This was a common practice during that New Testament church to confirm that Jesus Christ’s name held power and God was at work within the Church. I’m not saying that everyone is being healed, but the days of their shadow encircling them and instantly healed have ended. Healing may be related to prayer’s power.

    And we are aware that the effective prayer of a holy person or woman may result in miraculous results (James 5:16). In any case, it is imperative to attribute any healing performed to be done “…by the One Spirit” and not by humans beings (v 9).).

    The Gift Of Miracles

    “miraculous powers “miraculous powers” is another attribute of the Spirit that is exclusive to that of the New Testament church (10). It could also be connected to faith healers who say they have magical powers; however, they must know that any gift or outcome is always attributed to the Spirit, not us. It can be due to people who practice prayer.

    There is an old woman I am sure I would like her to pray for me. I’ve experienced some intriguing results since this lady prayed to me. I would classify certain things that have occurred miraculously in a few ways. The greatest miracles that take place these days are, for the majority of the time, the result of human conversion.

    I consider this the most significant miracle because God’s Spirit can reveal God’s Word, that is, the Word of God, and reveal to us who Jesus Christ is (John 6:44, Matt 16:17).

    The Gift Of Prophecy (Speaking)

    The second is the gift is prophecy (v 10). Prophecy can be understood in various ways, and it is apparent that in this instance, in the Church of Corinth, prophecy is the ability to teach or speak. The literal translation can be described as “publicly speaking” or “speaking forth” the Word of God.

    This ability is associated with people who are pastors or teachers, as God does not grant an individual in the Church the ability to preach or teach without the ability to perform the task. It’s not a claim that they can predict the future or what’s coming since only God, the sovereign God alone, can predict the future.

    The Gift Of Discernment

    Pexels Breno Cardoso 14148085

    “distinguishing between spirits “distinguishing between spirits” is being gifted with discernment. It allows you to see the meaning of scriptures and how they apply to church members. It is also able to determine if one is sincere and genuine or if one possesses an agenda.

    Peter showed the latter in Acts chapter 5 when Ananias, along with his wife Sapphira, was able to sell the property they owned and kept a part of the proceeds and then brought the rest before the apostles; however, they lied and claimed that they had given entirely to the Church (Acts 5:1-10).

    People who have this talent of discernment, also known as “distinguishing between spirits,” may be able to determine what the Church should or shouldn’t do certain actions.

    The Gift Of Tongues

    The next benefit comes from the capability to communicate in different languages (v 10.). This is one of the most controversial and misunderstood gifts. When the first release of the Holy Spirit took place at Pentecost, many spoke in tongues.

    Paul wrote extensively about tongues in 1 Corinthians, chapters twelve through fourteen, though his focus was on rebuking the Corinthians for squandering the gift. It is extremely difficult from this passage to obtain any sort of a mandate for speaking in tongues and to find any confirmation that this should be sought out since what you’re reading are mostly corrective directives given for the Corinthians.

    They had transformed this gift into something paganism which was not even a signification of the work of the Holy Spirit. You only have to look back to Acts 2 and read verse 4 “They were all filled with the Holy Spirit and began to speak with other languages.” The Greek verse’s literal meaning can be “glossa,” which means tongues. The phrase “glossa” (language) is mentioned in Acts 2:11.

    It is a well-known language, not a foreign one. Then, it is stated (in Acts 2:5-11) that there were non-believers in attendance at Pentecost and hearing God’s message through their individual “dialects” dialects or language: “Now there were at Jerusalem god-afraid Jews from all nations under heaven. The crowd was in amazement when they heard this sound because everyone could hear their dialect.

    Incredibly amazed, they inquired: “Aren’t all of them Galileans speaking? How come we all hear these people in our language? Parthians Medes, Elamites Residents in Mesopotamia, Judea and Cappadocia, Pontus and Asia, Phrygia and Pamphylia, Egypt, and the regions of Libya close to Cyrene, and visitors who come from Rome (both Jews and converts to Judaism); Cretans and Arabs.

    They are heard proclaiming the marvels that are the work of God through our “own languages” (dialects also known as dialects)! Thus, some people were not believers at Pentecost listening to the message of God in their native dialects and local dialects, not in ecstatic gibberish.

    The Gift Of Interpretation Of Tongues

    The second present Paul refers to is that of the gift languages (v 10). This gift is given to an individual who can interpret another language or tongue. I’m bilingual and converse in English and Spanish; however, I wouldn’t declare that I possess this talent inherently. Some people are born with a natural talent or the ability to master a new language. This was not innate or natural to me. If you are one of those who find this easy, then you might be blessed with this talent.

    If anyone spoke in tongues at churches, it would be an interpreter to interpret the message or remain silent. Only one person was allowed to speak in tongues as only one interpreter could translate at one time. If there were several speaking in languages simultaneously, it would confuse. God does not have the power to be the source to confuse. rather God of order. God keeps things in discipline (1 Cor 14:33).

    It’s not good for an institution to be able to witness many speaking in different tongues simultaneously and without anyone to interpret. Tongues are a sign to people who are not believers and not for the Church. Paul writes, “In the Law, it is written: ‘With other tongues and through the lips of foreigners I will speak to this people, but even then they will not listen to me, says the Lord.

    ‘ Tongues are a sign, not for believers but for unbelievers” (1 Corinthians. 14: 21-22). Isaiah 28:11-12 is the place Paul speaks of Isaiah the prophet “For with his stumbling lips and another language will he talk to the group. Whom he stated”This is the time which will bring tired people to relax and also be refreshing: but they could not listen.'” This clearly shows the significance of blessings in tongues (Greek for language), and their meaning is a spoken language that is evidence to those who are not believers.

    We all have experienced influences from the Holy Spirit throughout our lives. All the spiritual abilities and other gifts from God are present in every individual. It is important to determine which gifts we’ve received most significantly for ourselves and then work to utilize this gift to benefit the growth of the Church in general.


    What are the nine gifts of the Holy Spirit?

    The nine gifts of the Holy Spirit are listed in 1 Corinthians 12:8-10 as: wisdom, knowledge, faith, healing, miracles, prophecy, discernment of spirits, tongues, and interpretation of tongues.

    Who receives the gifts of the Holy Spirit?

    The gifts of the Holy Spirit are given to believers in Jesus Christ. In 1 Corinthians 12:7, it says that “to each one the manifestation of the Spirit is given for the common good.”

    Can anyone receive all nine gifts of the Holy Spirit?

    It is possible for a believer to receive any or all of the gifts of the Holy Spirit as the Spirit wills. However, it is important to note that not every believer will receive every gift.

    How do you know which gift of the Holy Spirit you have?

    Discovering your spiritual gifts requires prayer, study of scripture, and seeking guidance from spiritual mentors. It is also important to try using different gifts in service to others to see where you are most effective.

    What is the purpose of the gifts of the Holy Spirit?

    The purpose of the gifts of the Holy Spirit is to build up and strengthen the Church, to bring glory to God, and to further His kingdom on earth. They are given to empower believers to serve others and share the Gospel with power and effectiveness.

    Can the gifts of the Holy Spirit be misused or abused?

    Yes, the gifts of the Holy Spirit can be misused or abused. This is why it is important to use the gifts with humility, love, and wisdom. They are given to serve others and not to bring attention to oneself or to promote personal agendas.