Spiritual Signs Your Ex Misses You

Spiritual Signs Your Ex Misses You

Spiritual Signs Your Ex Misses You

A breakup leaves nothing but a painful trail. You can start to feel like the split was a tremendous mistake and question if your ex shares this sentiment.

Whether you believe it or not, following a major life transition like a breakup, there are spiritual clues all around you.

There may be spiritual indicators that your ex is missing you; let’s look at those signs below.

Many individuals place a lot of importance on physical appeal and compatibility while looking for a love relationship. How about compatibility on a spiritual level? How can you tell whether someone is spiritually right for you?

First of all, it’s crucial to realize that spiritual compatibility doesn’t always entail that you and your spouse adhere to the same ideals or practices. It indicates that both of you have a strong sense of spirituality and are willing to explore and develop your spiritual side of your relationship together.

Talking openly and honestly about spirituality with your future mate is one approach to assess spiritual compatibility. Discussing your faith and what it means to you might be a part of this.

It’s a strong indication that you and your spouse are spiritually compatible if they are open to having these discussions with you and are eager to listen to you and pick your brain.

By studying how your companion interacts with the outside world, you may also establish whether you two are spiritually compatible. Do they express thanks and appreciation for life? Do they behave kindly and compassionately toward others? Do they have an open mind and a desire to develop? These are all indications that your mate shares your spiritual perspective.

Furthermore, you could have a strong spiritual bond with your companion. When you are with someone, this may show itself as a sense of calm and harmony or a deeper sense of understanding and connection.

This can manifest as a sense of peace and harmony when you are together or a feeling of understanding and connection that goes beyond words. If you find yourself feeling a strong spiritual connection with your partner, it’s a good indication that they are meant for you spiritually.

Ultimately, spiritual compatibility is not something that can be determined by a checklist or a set of rules. It’s something that you will feel in your heart and intuition. Trust your instincts and pay attention to how you feel when you are with your potential partner. If you feel a sense of peace and alignment, then they may be meant for you spiritually.

How Do You Know If Your Former Partner Or Ex Secretly Misses You?

If you and your ex have a strong emotional bond, you may be able to tell how they feel. Such a special connection enables one to feel the energy of another. You may feel your ex’s emotions in the following ways:

  • You discover that you are thinking about your ex.
  • Your memories of the two of you are pleasant.
  • You give a random smile.
  • Of course, there are times when you can still feel your ex’s touch.
  • However, you generally feel at ease when considering or thinking about your ex.

Spiritual Signs Your Ex Misses You

Look for these spiritual signs to see if your ex misses you.

You’re Back Together In Your Dreams.

Although you don’t speak to one other in real life, you often find yourself conversing with your ex in dreams as though you are still together.

You should not take this for granted. Dreams frequently include significant messages from the universe, including details about your future life and the actions you must take to obtain it.

Our spirits communicate with one another in dreams, as well. Finally, you will find out if your ex continues to miss you or think about you in any way.

You Keep Hearing Their Name

You may still hear their name even when you last heard from them a while ago. A lot!

You might be sitting in a coffee shop alone when you overhear someone else’s name being mentioned in passing. Of course, you dismiss it, but later on the drive home, you hear it again.

In most cases, you wouldn’t even notice it. After all, many people have names similar to theirs.

The most obvious inference is that you are considering them, and you probably are. However, if this is the case, your ex may be manifesting you by thinking a lot about you.

The Phone RingsPexels Kaboompics Com 5599

The phone rings when you are suddenly thinking about your ex. They could be phoning about an unimportant matter. They might be finishing up some loose ends, or they might have left a favorite shirt at your place.

However, it would help if you did not disregard psychic or spiritual signals your ex is missing you, such as the fact that they called while you were thinking about them.

A clear psychic sign is receiving a text from your ex just when you think about them.

Seeing Numbers

Two is a love-themed number. You are more likely to feel spiritual indications that a romance revival is in your future the more frequently you encounter this number. The number two may show up unexpectedly.

Consider going out to dine and paying $22.22 for your meal. You might awaken at two in the morning. It’s also possible that you start noticing new pairs of objects nearby that weren’t there previously.

The number two is undoubtedly a love number. Your ex may be considering you. It also portends the arrival of new love. Seeing the number two is a promising romantic sign in either case.

You See Phantom Images Of Them.

They haven’t shown you their face in a while, at least not the true one.

You keep seeing phantom pictures of your ex all over the place, which indicates that they manifest themselves through you due to them missing you.

You swear you caught a glimpse of them in the mirror. Alternatively, you might enter the kitchen and see them preparing their customary beverage in the adjacent corner. But as you get a closer look, they vanish like smoke.

You must believe you’re insane since you’re experiencing hallucinations. Still, these sights only indicate that someone is so desperate to be near you that they may unintentionally be projecting images of themselves.

Scent-Sational Signs

The strongest memory receptor we have is the smell. Do you ever catch a whiff of your ex’s cologne, even if you know they are miles away? That could be a lingering remembrance of your ex. It can also be one of the heavenly indications that Christ will return.

You can reach out with your mind and feel what your ex feels if you are genuinely in touch with your unique energy. That could occasionally show up as the fragrance of them close to you.

You Feel Their Presence Right Next To You.

You’re so used to having them around that when they abruptly leave, you don’t just occasionally see a mirage of them; sometimes, you even feel as though they’re standing right next to you.

To sense a presence alongside you when no one is there should be plain unsettling. While they aren’t even there, to feel their breath on your neck. Even your hair may stand on end!

The strange thing is that, despite everything, you feel secure and reassured. This is due to the benign nature of the feeling’s source. Your ex is sending you positive vibes.


How do you know if someone or Ex misses you spiritually?

If you have a profound feeling of inner peace and love whenever you think of him, that is one of the top spiritual signals he is missing. Until you two can meet again, that is his spiritual energy embracing you. While he’s away, he misses you and tries to comfort you with his affection.

How do you know if your ex wants you back but is scared?

The fact that your ex still contacts you is one of the most obvious indications that she wants you back but is afraid to. Sometimes, she can be finished with you and not want to work with you again. But, on the other hand, if she is talking to you, she wants you in her life and doesn’t want you to go.

How does the universe make your soul partner known to you?

Pay note if you frequently run into the same individual or if your relatives and friends constantly bring them up in discussion.

How do you know your ex is thinking of you?

It may be an indication they still care about you if your ex is attempting to get in touch with you or even calling you at odd times. Social networking is another clear indicator. It may be a sign that they miss you if they avoided blocking or unfriending you in some way.

How do you know if someone misses you spiritually?

You experiencing a profound sensation of inner peace and love when you think of him is one of the top spiritual indicators that he misses you. Until you two can meet again, that is his spiritual energy embracing you. While he’s away, he misses you and tries to comfort you with his affection.