By Ky Kasselman

Nightly is a Nashville-based alt-pop duo that consists of cousins Jonathan Capeci and Joey Beretta. They released their debut EP, “Honest” in 2016 and are continuing to release new music. Ky Kasselman got to chat with Jonathan about their upcoming shows and music.

HEM: You have two new singles, “Holding On” and “Miss You Like Hell.” How are those different from your previous singles such as XO?

Jonathan: “Miss You Like Hell,” we kinda wrote around the same time as the early ones, but I think the main difference is growing together as a band and exploring our sound together. There’s a few more elements. For example, we recorded the earlier stuff just, like, in an apartment and with these we were able to take a little more time with the actual production, hopefully showing a little evolution in the sound.

HEM: So with all of this new music, are there plans for an upcoming album or anything?

Jonathan: We have quite a lot of new music and I’m not totally sure when we’re going to do an album. We kinda just want to put out a bunch of music before an album. I think we’re just gonna put out a bunch of other songs. I don’t want to say singles because they’re not like traditional singles, but just put out a bunch of music this year before we do an album because honestly we write a lot and I just think we want to give people some context before we do a full album. I’m not 100% when an album will be but there will be lots of new music coming this year.

HEM: And you guys are going on tour pretty soon, right?

Jonathan: Yeah, we are! We actually just finished a tour in the UK with NF, and we’re headed out to the west coast to do some shows with Colouring, a really cool band. So we’ll be doing some shows with them!

HEM: What are you most excited about for this run?

Jonathan: Well, to be honest, we haven’t really played a ton on the west coast. Most of the touring we’ve done has been on the east coast, with the exception of just a few shows. So I think just like getting out there and seeing how it’s grown. This will be the first time playing a lot of these new songs for those fans and it should be fun!

HEM: Which is your favorite song to play live?

Jonathan: That’s tough. I always love playing “Miss You Like Hell” because it’s really upbeat. It’s one of our most intense songs as far as the instrumentation and that goes. But it’s always really fun to play “XO” as well just because everybody knows that song. Whenever people are singing along, that’s just the most rewarding part of playing live for sure.

HEM: What are some of your inspirations as a band, as far as different people, albums, or places?

Jonathan: Growing up, Joey and I are cousins, and we grew up listening to a lot of the same music, some different as well, but we really love Coldplay, The Killers, U2, bands like that have always been big inspirations for us. Recently, we’ve been listening to a lot of Frank Ocean. But even like, being in the UK for the first time, meeting people over there, and just seeing how our music has spread. That blows my mind and that in and of itself is really inspiring to me because something that we wrote reached somebody over there. As corny as it sounds, sometimes we’re so isolated that we don’t see all the places our music has reached.

HEM: How would you describe Nightly to people who have never listened to you?

Jonathan: If you need a band to listen to when you’re going on a late night drive, then you should put on Nightly.

Listen below!

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