Blossoms ‘Cool Like You’


By Jada Moore 

In the year that has brought us some awesome new albums from our faves, we can now add Blossoms to that list!

Rating: ☆☆☆☆/5

Album Vibe: Indie pop meets 80s dance numbers

Blossoms released their sophomore album titled Cool Like You just a few weeks ago and, already, it’s a massive hit! Since the release of their self-titled debut album, Blossoms has become fan favorites among the British indie rock scene. With massive success and a loyal fan base behind their backs, they’ve been able to tour worldwide and even open for the legendary band The Stone Roses.

The album is essentially divided into two parts: 11 of the originals and 11 of the acoustics. The album lives up to the 80s vibe they wanted to project; and right away you can hear that in “There’s A Reason Why (I Never Returned Your Calls.)” The track  is the perfect introduction to an album packed with jams that definitely don’t disappoint. “I Can’t Stand It” is another that follows that vibe. This one is definitely reminiscent of those famous dance numbers seen so often in 80s pop culture. The title track, “Cool Like You,” seems to dive even deeper into that, definitely carrying that New Order-meets-Kylie-Minogue vibe they were going for. The same can also be said for “Unfaithful,” where that 80s dance number moment is back. This one is like going back in time and experiencing the 80s indie scene for myself. While most of the songs on Cool Like You are more upbeat, there are also moments of thought and tenderness. “Stranger Still” is an example of one of those moments. Tom Ogden’s voice is more vulnerable, mentioning the loneliness and emotions he feels regarding a love that‘s been lost. The lyrics, “since you left my heart, there’s a vacancy,” especially jump out.

“Between The Eyes” is one of my favorites off the album, because the song is like a collaboration where Blossoms meets Stranger Things. “I Just Imagined You” is another upbeat banger off the album; definitely one of the songs sure to be a concert crowd pleaser. “Love Talk” is the last song in part 1, which is pretty perfect to me. This song is a perfect ode to 80s rom-com soundtracks. I can definitely see this playing at a moment where the characters finally realize they’re destined for another. Part 2 of the album, the acoustic tracks, bring a softer feel, while managing to keep that upbeat feel. If you were a fan of “My Favorite Room” from their first album, I strongly suggest you check these out!

No sophomore slump here; Blossoms was successfully able to put out an album with something different and unexpected, which is why it works so well. Definitely give it a listen and decide for yourself your favorite tracks!

Listen below! 

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