Music-Themed Wall Art to Decorate Home in 2022


Music-Themed Wall Art to Decorate Home in 2022

Do you feel moved whenever you listen to music? Does it touch your feelings and reflect your true passion? If you love listening to music, you should use it to decorate your home. There are several ways to add music to your life and home. But the most creative and easiest way is to incorporate music-themed wall décor.

It offers a pleasant and melodic environment and keeps your passion alive in your heart. It is a perfect way to customize your emotions without any sound of music. Some of the stylish music-themed wall décor ideas are as follows:

Play with Walls Color

Music-Themed Wall Art to Decorate Home in 2022


Give your home a strong identity by picking a dramatic color for the walls. You can use different approaches to paint the walls. You can either paint the walls of your home with the equivalent color. Or apply two different shades to create a fantastic music wall design.

If you prefer natural colors, paint walls with taupe, beige, ivory, black, cream, or gray. They are very effective colors to balance musical accessories that you will introduce later. But if you like bright colors, use shades like blood red or burgundy repeatedly in the home. You will undoubtedly want to listen to your favorite music or play some musical instruments by creating a fantastic atmosphere. For instance, hang a vintage drum or guitar-shaped wall clock on the blank vertical surface in your apartments for rent in Boston, MA.

Instrument Shaped Wall Clocks

Do you want to decorate the wall so that it does not overwhelm the rest of the décor? If yes, then replace boring clocks with musical instrument-shaped wall clocks. For instance, hang a vintage drum or guitar-shaped wall clock on the blank vertical surface. The room aesthetics will instantly level up using this small but significant décor item.

Music-Inspired Artwork

Music-Themed Wall Art to Decorate Home in 2022


Hanging a music wall art is one of the simplest ways to incorporate artsy aesthetics. You can find various beautiful music-inspired art pieces in the market or online to decorate the walls of your home. But choose one that reflects your style and personality. For instance, you can hang a painting of your favorite artist or musical instrument. 

Looking for more ideas on How to decorate your special wall? You can also cover the blank walls with canvas prints of a particular band, music notes, or album cover. However, select the artwork that complements well your existing décor. The finishes and metallic color of your art print will enhance the entire scheme of the room. 

Cover Walls with a Melodic Wallpaper

If you want to add a unique décor element to your walls, cover them with a melodic phrase wallpaper. It is one of the best ways to incorporate musical notes on a blank vertical surface. In addition, musical phrase wallpaper makes your space look attractive and charming.

It will make your space stand out beautifully. You can also hang wallpapers with musical instruments or bands. If you can’t get one that suits your personality, you can customize them to make a grand statement.

Go for Graffiti Art

Music-Themed Wall Art to Decorate Home in 2022


The music-inspired room is incomplete without graffiti art. So, dedicate one wall of your home only for graffiti artwork. It is an effortless and quick way to cover the blank walls with music themes. Of course, you can also scribble music on walls as musicians write it on paper. It is a unique way to personalize your space and put your passion into it.

Design an Achievement Gallery

Show all your achievements in the form of memories. For example, you can hang photos and personalized canvas prints of all those moments when you won anything related to music. Or showcase some special memories related to your love for music, for example, your first jamming or fellow artists.

You can hang different pictures in photo frames with different sizes, styles, and colors. If not, design a collage of all the precious memories represented in one large wall piece. It will help you to give a focal point to the room. You should always think, how to style it better.

Use Old CDs or Vinyl Records

Cover blank walls of the room, especially around a window with old CDs. It will create a mood when natural light falls on those CDs. In addition, it will make the space look more beautiful and glittery. You can also use old vinyl records to glam up the walls.

Hanging vinyl records is a classic way to showcase your passion for music classics and legends. If you have first editions or some old collections of vinyl records, display them proudly. You can get them framed and shown on your walls. It will look great on bright-colored walls.

You can easily give a classic look to your space with this trick. Or use pastel shades to provide a perfect backdrop for old CDs and records. 

Incorporate Musical Lighting

Music-Themed Wall Art to Decorate Home in 2022


Lighting plays a vital role in music-themed décor. You can give the interiors of your home a look of an auditorium by adding striking lighting fixtures. Nowadays, various music-themed candle stands, wall lamps, or LED lights are available in the market. Install them on your walls to add a melodic feel.

You can also install soothing lighting that flickers with the songs you play in your room. This musical lighting is tempting compared to traditional lights and adds a unique charm to the interiors. Always remember to go for both bright and dim lights.

Turn on them according to your requirements. For example, too bright lights can stress your eyes, while too dim will make it difficult to see what is going on. So, use them by making a proper balance between them.

Let Musical Equipment Speak About your Love

Let your musical equipment speak if you want to show your love for music. Instead of storing them in cabinets, showcase them on the walls. For instance, mount it on the wall if you own a guitar. It is a brilliant addition to the music-themed décor. Moreover, it is a fantastic way to save storage space while drawing attention to the room’s wall.

Add Music-Tone Bookcase

You can make an impact on your interiors with a slight change. To do so, restyle your bookshelves. Store your favorite books on a music-tone bookcase. It will showcase your love for music and give a charming touch to the walls while giving you space to put books.

To Wrap Up

There are endless unique ideas to display your interest. So, with minor changes here and there, make your space look stylish and exciting. It feels good to get surrounded by your passion.