7 obvious signs he likes you and wants you to notice him

7 obvious signs he likes you and wants you to notice him

7 obvious signs he likes you and wants you to notice him

Many people believe that love confessions of the heart are never kept private for long. After all, it’s difficult to hide your feelings when the person you like walks into the room unexpectedly. But, on the other hand, love is a great feeling that should be cherished. 

If you have a crush on someone, you probably want to know if he likes you more than a friend, or you want to know if he likes you more than a friend. As a result, we’ve created a list of 7 apparent signs that he likes you and wants you to notice him.

Psychological signs he likes you

Here we have listed the best psychological signs that he likes you and wants you to notice him.

Eye Contact

He looks and will gaze at you when you’re not looking, but when you do notice he’s staring at you, he quickly turns away.

He likes you, but he doesn’t want you to know. When a boy likes a girl, he can’t take his eyes away from her. But, even if you believe it or not, most people are unaware that it is so apparent.

He’s most likely into you if he maintains eye contact and seems to be paying attention to just about everything you say. He might even raise his eyebrows and lean towards you. But, on the other hand, he is just trying to show his love to you.

He replies ASAP

Some people don’t check their phones very often. Some of them are slow texters or are just busy, so just because they don’t text you back right away doesn’t mean they’re not interested in you. 

However, suppose a guy responds to your Messages promptly every time. In that case, Battle believes they’re trying to show that they’re interested in you. As he knows everything about you, He will like almost every post you make on Facebook or Instagram and get a like or a comment from him. 

It is an obvious sign that he likes you more than a friend. He really wants to know what you’re up to, if you share interests, and if you’re still in touch.

He knows almost everything about you

You might not have paid attention to this, but you may have accidentally given some personal details during random conversations. He pays full attention to your texts and what you are saying in front of him.

He will ask you many questions even if you don’t say anything about yourself. He’s interested in the tiniest things. But, of course, the most critical question about his feelings for you is whether or not you are in a relationship, the most common: “Do you have a crush on someone?” “Is it true that you’re in a relationship?”

He shares his future plans with you

The only true sign that he loves and cares for you is when he begins to make and share plans for the future with you. This is a major sign and proof you’ll ever need that he likes you more than a friend. This is a clear sign that he sees you as part of his future plans and that things are going well.

It’s no longer a difficult question of whether he loves me or not. In this case, he’s interested in you! He thinks you’re special, and he even wants to share his future with you.

He is supporting you in every moment

When a guy decides to stand out, he will go to incredible lengths to do so. As a result, he may slowly but continuously become a source of support for you. He’s there if you need a plumber to fix a leak in the house. You need a partner to help you get through emotional support. He’ll come over with food and beer on Friday evening. In short, He’s just a phone call away.

One of the signs that a guy is secretly attracted to you is if he is consistently and unconditionally available to you. The best and most valuable gift you can give is your time, and he has plenty of it for you. He doesn’t make empty promises; instead, he acts on what he says. This is one of the most sweet and effective ways for men to attract your attention!

He casually flirts with you

He will always look for chances to flirt with you. A guy interested in you and wants you to notice it without saying anything will flirt with you online or in person. You might notice him saying or doing things that make your heart skip a beat. Or at the very least, he repeatedly makes you blush and want more. He’s making a subtly aggressive move on you to see how you react.

He could say something cheesy, goofy, saucy, or even lame. What matters is what they’re trying to achieve. “Is he trying to get my attention?” you ask.

He will be sorry for every inconvenience

He’ll apologize for the minor mistakes, even if you know it was a mistake and he didn’t mean it. For example, he’ll apologize for not answering on time or any other thing that you might even ignore. It can be as little as not hanging out at that specific time. But the next time you meet or text, he’ll be excited to tell you everything he couldn’t tell you before.

He gets jealous

If you want to know if he really likes you more than a friend and isn’t telling you, observe how he reacts when someone else pays attention or tries to get close to you. Do you notice him gasping with anger? Yes? This is a sign that he has some feelings for you and desires you to notice him. He feels uneasy when he sees someone else to get that space. This is one of the most obvious signs that he wants you in his life.

His jealous nature could be both liberating and ironic. He can’t exactly admit he’s jealous because that would be admitting his feelings. Unusually, you’re dating somebody else. As a result, he’ll either feel sad or act as if everything is fine. 


The signs mentioned above are worth trying if you think your friend likes you more than a friend. These tricks will reveal his feelings for you quickly. But you have to be patient and stay calm if you find out if he likes you or not as a life partner. 

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