Is getting a Tattoo or Nose Piercing a Sin Catholic

Is getting a Tattoo or Nose Piercing a Sin Catholic

Is getting a Tattoo or Nose Piercing a Sin Catholic

In this article, we will discuss getting a tattoo or nose piercing a sin catholic. We have discussed in detail about Tattoo and Nose Piercings and it’s opinions in Catholic religion.

Does the Bible say no Tattoos?

The only worse in the Bible that most Christians refer to is Leviticus 19:28, which may say, “you shall just not put any of the cuttings in your flesh just for the dead, nor the tattoo any marks on you: I am the Lord.” So, why is this verse is in the Bible?

Is Getting a Tattoo a Sin 

Most people still wonder if getting a tattoo is a sin, so the answer is a tattoo in and of itself is not that a sin. A tattoo is just a form of art that will happen just to be done on a person’s body.

I would never get a tattoo because I am a big chicken. I would never get a tattoo because I am a giant chicken, and I would not want to have the pain of just getting the one conflicted on my body. But many people choose to express themselves through tattoos.

Just because the tattoo is not that sinful does not mean that getting a tattoo is also not sinful. Unfortunately, there are many times when getting a tattoo can be very sinful. Let me give you some good examples.

Someone who is just a minor who wants to get a tattoo and their parents are just opposed to the child getting that tattoo. As we were minors, that person is still under the commandment of honoring their father and mother. In this case, the act of just getting that tattoo is very sinful because the child is disobeying their parents.

The second example is that a person may get a very vulgar tattoo or even be offensive to others. Again, this action is sinful because of the other offense it will bring to God and others. So, while the artwork of a tattoo is never a sin, getting a tattoo and the message it will deliver can be much sinful.

One other thing to seriously will consider when you are getting a tattoo is not what it will actually look like but also the message behind the image or the words being tattooed. The very first commandment of the Ten Commandments is that you shall also have no false gods.

Is there is something so important in your life that you want it tattooed on your body? Is there something that is becoming much more important than the God? Many of people will get a tattoo of something personally essential to them, but is it becoming a false god?

Tattoos are also a very permanent mark on the body and should be taken very seriously. My only hope is that Catholics realize that, in a sense, we had all received a tattoo– invisible as it may be–when we were sealed with just a gift of the Holy Spirit at the baptism and also at the confirmation. We did receive a very permanent mark on our souls. In my options, that is just the best tattoo out of all.

Will God forgive me for getting a tattoo?

So no, God will never forgive you for getting a religious tattoo because he would never consider it a sin to begin with. Getting a tattoo is very much forbidden in the Bible. You shall also not make any cuttings in your flesh for the dead or tattoo any of the marks on you: I am the LORD.

Nose piercing a sin?

Nose rings are actually mentioned in the Bible as just far back as the book of Genesis. When Abraham sent his servant searching for a white for Isaac, the servant also prayed that God would just reveal the right young woman to him.

Rebekah also did come in answer to his prayer. When she agreed to give him lodging in her father’s home, he also did give her some good gifts from his master, Abraham; among those gifts were “a gold nose ring.”

This also revealed that nose rings were also in fashion during the era. They represented the wealth and the status when they were given as gifts. They were also considered female attire. The only time men wore anything through their noses was actually when they were enslaved.

In Ezekiel 16, God did describe the affection that he had showered upon Israel in terms of the man who is showering his bride with all the gifts; “I put a ring on your nose, earrings on your ears and a very beautiful crown on your head” The Lord also often used a figurative speech and familiar objects and the customs to communicate the unfamiliar truths to his people.

The very lavish adornment, which includes the nose ring, also described in this passage was the way a wealthy, loving husband would have provided for his beloved. Nose rings are actually worn for several different reasons in different cultures. For example, in some Hindu communities, piercing a woman’s nose may mark her as either married or just ready for the marriage.

Some also believe that piercing the nose will relieve your pain during childbirth. In many primitive cultures, nostril or septum piercing is very common and has carried a variety of meanings that depend upon the region, historical era, or tribe.

In the recent past, nose rings were also not considered mainstream in western culture. The nose rings indicated the rebellion or the solidarity with counter culturalism. However, in most western cultures today, nose rings are simply a matter of personal style and preference. They are also usually worn as tiny diamond studs or small rings fastened on one nostril.

Final Words

In this article, we have discussed that getting a tattoo or nose piercing is a catholic sign. We have also discussed that does Bible says no to tattoo. We also put some spotlight on that is getting a tattoo is a sin. We recommend you do some of the research of your own to get the best results.