How does God Look Like in the Bible

How does God Look Like in the Bible

How does God Look Like in the Bible

In this article, we will discuss what God looks like in the Bible. The information that is collected in this article is collected from the Bible available nowadays. 

What does God look like?

Answer for all the scripture: What does God look like? No one has just seen God with their own eyes. (Exodus 33:20; John 1;18; 1 john 4:12) The Bible also declares that it is so true that God exists as a spirit which is just from that the human eye cannot see. (John 4;24; 1 Timothy 1:17)

Angles can see God because they, too, are spirit creatures. (Matthew 18:10) Furthermore, some humans also will be resurrected to the haven after death. They will also be given a spiritual body. Then they too will be able to see God (Philippians 3;20, 21: 1 John 3:2)

What does God look like in the Bible? 

What does God look like? I will try to answer the question from a biblical perspective in this context. First, God is a Spirit in John chapter 4 verse 24(John 4:24), so his appearance is not just like anything that we can describe.

Exodus Chapter 33, verse 20, says that you will not see my face as anyone can see myself and be alive. But, being sinful human beings, we can always see God as he is, just in his total splendor. His glory is impossible and too beautiful to be just seen even by a sinful human.

The Bible also describes God as being just present to humans in various ways. These stories also do not have to be interpreted as providing a detailed description of what God appears like, but rather as God showing himself for us to be revealed in a manner that can also be comprehended.

What God may appear like is just beyond our capabilities to comprehend and describe. So God also shows us a glimpse of what God looks like to reveal truths about himself, but not just always to give us an image of him in our minds.

Two passages that powerfully describe God’s fantastic appearance are Ezekiel chapter 1 verses 26 through 28 and the Revelation chapter 1 verse 14 through 16.

Ezekiel Chapter 1 verse 26 to 28 states that are above their expanse was what appeared like a throne made of the sapphire. And just high on the throne was a figure just like a human.

From just his waist upwards, I also noticed that he appeared to be a very glowing metal glowing with the fire. When he decided to come back, the look was that of the fire of heaven, and a bright light filled the air around him. As if the cloudy skies with the rainbows during a stormy afternoon, similarly, the light is just surrounding him.

Revelation chapter 1, verses 14 to 16, proclaim that his hair and head were as white as wool, white as the snow. His were also like a burning fire. His feet were the glowing bronze of the furnace, and his voice was as loud as water rushing. He carried the seven stars just with his left hand, and from his mouth was a very sharp sword with two edges.

Why does it matter what God looks like 

God is actually much bigger and more complex than we all are. We are still just trying to figure out what it does mean for God to be spirit, how that will connect to us being made in his image, and so on. Since we are finite to understand this kind of concept.

However, understanding God has no physical form and is still essential even if we do not entirely understand it. Here are some of the reasons why it is so essential for us just to grasp the very appearance and nature of God.

It helps us understand how God can be sovereign 

If God is just like a pagan deity living up on Mount Olympus and just coming down to help the people at one time, then he is just a limited being—recognizing that God is the spirit and everywhere at once shows us how God can be in control.

He can also be, in all places, the ultimate ruler of the universe that the Bible will describe because he is the spirit. So recognizing his spiritual nature will help you to see his sovereignty.

It shows us what makes Jesus unique

Knowing that God is a spirit means when Jesus came down to the earth and took a physical form, something shocking did occur. The all-powerful, all-knowing God had emptied himself to take on the form of a human being and the dwell that is among us.

This is a very different form than what we see in the myths about the gods coming to the earth for some time. So to say that Jesus was God who was in the human flesh was much more radical, and it sets back Christianity apart from the other religions in a big way.

It changes how we understand in God’s image. 

Theologians debate whether humans are being made in God’s image of a physical component. There may always be a god-given design to why humans look the way they do, and perhaps our physical design tells us something about that how we are God’s image-bearers. Regardless, when we are answering what actually God looks like, the fact that the God spirit means that we are not in the image of God in the strictest physical sense.

There must be a spiritual element to it because God is spirit. However, we do interpret this kind of idea; the fact God is spirit means we are not in the image of God is spirit. However, we will interpret this idea; the fact that God the Father is the spirit affects wheat it means to be God’s image-bearers.


In this article, we have explained what God looks like according to the Bible. We recommend you do some research of your own to get the best results.