How to stop being a targeted individual

    How to Stop Being a Targeted Individual

    How to Stop Being a Targeted Individual

    The only way to stop being a targeted individual is to fight back. The longer you become a gang stalking slave, the more they will steal from you. Gangstalking is a vast criminal organization that finds and sucks out its targets. Gangstalkers are not omnipotent; they take lives by thinking of themselves as such.

    Stalking, in general, is being reported more and more frequently today—people involved in stalking face many challenges. The main challenge is to prove it and make others believe you. 

    Victims may feel lonely, wondering if there is help for those being persecuted by gangsters and that they may lose control of their lives and minds. The key to dealing with this is gang stalking, organized community understanding what her stalking is, and determining if you are a target.

    What is gang stalking? 

    Gang Stalking, also known as Community Stalking, is the terminology used to describe the various techniques against individuals with various harmful intentions. 

    It is a systematic, patterned course of behavior designed to destroy or damage a person’s life, ruin relationships, reputation, and standing in the community, and impair health, especially mental health. 

    Gang stalking is often called “organized gang stalking” because it is organized deliberately and strategically. These are not random events but detectable, repetitive patterns of behavior aimed at you as a target. 

     We often hear the word “bullying.” Stalking is a type of harassment that occurs mainly in the workplace. 


    What is a targeted individual? 

     A data subject is a person who finds themselves to be the victim of a repeated and patterned behavior as described above or who has been included in a list or register and found to have been identified. 

    These lists are often compiled by law enforcement agencies and are known by names such as “police records without convictions,” “offenders registry,” or “violent offenders registry.” Now that social media itself is becoming a surveillance device. As we will soon see, the history of such practices goes back to some of the most repressive regimes in history. The same tactic was borrowed and is now used regularly.  

    Depending on your case, Many factors can influence what threats can be posed (actual or theoretical). 

    Government officials have endless resources, but jealous ex-employees, disgruntled employees, and vengeful neighbors do not. 

    These factors must be considered when trying to find who is behind these types of attacks and who may have the resources for them.

    Proving such things to law enforcement is very difficult. This is one of the reasons why so many people are fooled by dark psychological tactics and told they are imagining. 

    Many experts in dark psychology and gangstalking also offer alternative explanations: metaphysical speculations about dark mind control manipulation techniques explained through interpretations of metaphysical and occult forces.

    What Are The Motives for Gang Stalking? 

     There are many reasons that you, as a Targeted Individual, can be the victim of Organized Gang Stalking/Community Stalking. 

     Again, the motives will largely also depend on whether or not government agencies are involved. 

    •  Some of the potential motivations behind  someone for organized stalking are: 
    •  Social Conformity 
    •  Obedience To Authority 
    •  Politically Motivated 
    •  Gaslighting 
    •  Revenge 
    •  Jealousy/Rival Love Interest 
    •  Narcissism 
    •  To Destroy One’s Reputation 
    •  Ruin One’s Social Relationships And Friendships 
    •  Drive To Suicide 
    •  Ruin One’s Mental Health/Health 
    •  Attack Heirs In Estate Litigation 
    •  Domestic Violence 
    •  Child Custody Battles 
    •  To Delegitimize An Individual’s Status 
    •  Silencing Whistleblowers 
    •  False Accusations 
    •  Hatred, Such As Homophobia, Racism, etc 
    •  Cause Financial Harm to Targeted Individuals 
    •  Sleep Deprivation 
    •  To Cause The Victim To Lose Employment 
    • Cause Problems For Targeted Individuals in a Residential Complex 
    •  Disgruntled Employees 

      The most common tactics of Community Stalking that are being practiced are constant surveillance, mental manipulation, electronic harassment sabotage, investigation and disclosure of personal information, trauma-based manipulation, and other purposeful interferences with one’s daily life, such as noise and disruptions in one’s daily routine and vandalism and similar acts. 

     Electronic harassment, for example, is what it sounds like – using technology to harass others to cause harm. 

    How to Stop Gang Stalking:

    •  Most importantly, stay alert, keep calm and never question your sanity. Things like this are authentic and happen daily to innocent people, perhaps even people you know. And do what is necessary to remain resilient in the face of this abuse. 
    •  Valves are handy like hobbies and pets, so please pay close attention to your physical and mental health and ensure sufficient sleep, exercise, and free time. Also, keep a journal of your daily events, moods, and thoughts. 
    •  Visit your most trusted friends and record these patterns and events as much as possible to obtain concrete evidence regarding stalking, which can be used in criminal proceedings and civil trials against individuals. 
    •  Set up high-quality cameras to cover the inside and outside of your home, recording every angle and outputting the video to the cloud for backup. One thing you shouldn’t do is get a camera like the Ring Security Camera because these types of camera data are shared with law enforcement. Back up all videos to a private cloud, preferably a cloud outside of  Five Eyes’ jurisdiction. 
    •  If you’ve been the victim of mobile surveillance or traffic bullying, invest in a good dashcam or helmet when you ride your bike. 

     Fortunately, with the rise of various video platforms and alternative technologies, many good ways exist to turn the tables and reach a global audience. 

    •  Invest in devices in EMF protective blankets, WiFi jammers, and Faraday shields to block government trackers like the Stingray phone tracker used by nearly every police department and used in every region. We mentioned earlier that many stalkers use drones. An operator controls these remotely and can be blocked with a WiFi jammer. 
    •  If you are the victim of a purely psychological tactic known as “dark psychology,” here are some experts who have helped a close friend deal with this dark abuse. I think that’s one of my motivations for writing on this topic. 


    The most important thing is to maintain your mental health and protect it from emotional damage, you should be strong enough to fight your case on your own before the situation worsens and you stay a targeted individual amongst your society and in front of yourself.