How Long do Target Individuals Live?

    How long do targeted individuals live?

    How Long do Target Individuals Live?

    Gang stalking, also known as group stalking, is a term in which those affected feel that many others or gangsters are following, stalking, and harassing them. The term is connected to the Targeted Individual.

    Targets can live as long as they want, provided they know what to look out for. Gang stalkers want death based on acts of denial. They want you to try drugs and set yourself up as a loser who wants you to become addicted and overdose or do things you wouldn’t do without them.

    Gang stalkers don’t usually attack, so it’s a no-touch policy, but they’ll modify your car when you’re not around. Once you see your driving pattern, go straight to the highway, and in minutes, you’ll be at a spot where your tires will blow or fall off. The more you fight, the more difficult it becomes, and the more you obey, the more you will be enslaved, so if you change your ways, you lose.

     If you learn all their techniques and counter-techniques, sneak up on them, find a source of income, and keep fighting anyway when you realize that fighting is life, it’s a win-win. Some die and others are trapped in intercourse. And how the stalking and spark never really end; the gang has a new group of his stalkers. 


    A targeted Individual’s life is essential. They are constantly harassed by “Organized Gang Stalkers” 24 hours a day; gang stalkers consist of Perpetrators and their “Handler” or the official point of connection to whom orders the work for the Perp to act out against the Targeted Individual). 

    There are some benefits for these Perps, such as gift cards and more for teaming with this program. This program aims to make the Targeted Individual’s life a living hell. Anyone that may be deeply religious, antigovernmental, anti-social, conspiracy theorists, or anyone that doesn’t follow the norm may become (or already is) a targeted individual. T.I.’s (or targeted individuals) are covertly attacked (psychologically) by these gang stalkers, which is why it is almost impossible to prove that stalking even exists at this time. Gang stalkers attack covertly in public, at the T.I. ‘s residence, workplace, school, and anywhere that the T. I go, which usually causes the targeted Individual to become isolated from friends and family eventually. 

    T.I.’s (targeted individuals) are also harassed electronically, through credit/debit transactions (invalid declines/system malfunctions of the system), as well as online through the World Wide Web, so that certain inappropriate websites are blocked/disrupted, prohibiting the T.I. from accessing the site: Targeted Individuals, Perps/Handlers, Organized Gang Stalking. 


    Targeted individuals experience various forms of harassment through surveillance of gangsters and other high-profile people. Almost all Ti experience highly organized and chronic stalking behavior. Many victims also experience the sudden and inexplicable breakdown of personal and professional relationships.

     Businesses are destroyed and unsustainable. Items in locked homes and cars are regularly missing. Computers keep crashing, seemingly controlled remotely, phones are hacked, and cars need regular repairs. Then there are seemingly electronic attacks that affect both mind and body. Symptoms range from burning sensations in various parts of the body, to hearing inner voices, to uncontrolled movements of the arms and legs. 

    The result for those harmed is a life without hope, filled with unrelenting fear, resentment, pain, and despair. In the United States, the military is credited with developing the technology to carry out this great campaign to destroy the human spirit, but that’s not all. The reality is that targeting is by no means limited to being an “America” ​​issue. Instead, it is a global one, and while few targets understand the actual intentions behind the predatory attacks they suffer, the truth is that targets have never been randomly selected. 


     This is the simplest, most straightforward, and most commonly used method of torture, the so-called “no-touch” torture. The U.S. military during the Iraq War and the CIA, Afghanistan, and Iraq used this method to weaken the mental health of prisoners. These authorities used music to torture detainees. However, other normal noises can be used as a means of torture. Used properly, even the most beautiful music and other ordinary sounds can be the worst instruments of torture in the world.


    Targeted Individuals feel Humiliation, embarrassment, disturbing, upsetting, or threatening behaviors. This happens in real (workplace, neighborhood, families, and friends) and virtual environments (social media, email, personal web pages). Few examples:

    • Imagine the target watching something on T.V. The next day, a colleague makes an inappropriate remark about T.V. program that the target was watching the night before.
    • A neighbor does something that a T.I. hates. For example, putting a pot of plant outside the door that T.I. has an allergy to or hates, or there’s a sign, painting, or something else on the vase that T.I. gets disturbed.
    • False rumors and negative comments can be spread about the target.
    • Most personal stuff which nobody or very few people from the inner circle of T.I. now it is unveiled. This has a second significant impact on T.I. Because these are compassionate personal stuff, the target may feel that their friends are also G.S. cooperatives (can be true if they are G.S. or false if this information has been gathered via surveillance).
    • Constantly using G.S. ‘s hand signals or specific gestures on the street, at the workplace, sports centers, or anywhere else to pass on revile words or to disturb and threaten a T.I.
    • Making negative comments about a T.I. on social media.
    • They send emails with humiliating, disturbing content.


    Out of reach, live as if it weren’t there; at least you should be able to see it in the eyes of others. You should know that you have to win, not them. Don’t waste all your energy on this. To survive, you have to live your life. Randomly take everyone’s pictures, notes, and license plates; stay strong and live your life. Otherwise, you will lose your mind. It’s hard to keep calm and relaxed, but you must keep yourself composed.