How to protect yourself from the evil eye? Does bracelets and lemon work?

How to protect yourself from the evil eye? Does bracelets and lemon work?

How to protect yourself from the evil eye? Does bracelets and lemon work?

The evil eye is a prevalent concept that by staring at another person, one might consciously or involuntarily bring sickness and humiliation to them, mainly due to jealousy. In certain cultures, the idea is centered on children, and it is believed that admiring a youngster might unwittingly give them the evil eye since it attracts terrible energy. If you think you or your kid has a death stare, you can utilize the methods listed below to diagnose and treat it.

Stick to the coal approach

 In Eastern Europe, this strategy is used. Put a piece of carbon inside a pan of water to start the process. You may also use the tip of a smoldering match. Sinking is a positive indicator, whereas floating indicates that a person or kid has been harmed.

If the victim is a youngster, the rites are usually performed by a parent or healer. If not, the patient can accomplish them on their own.

Cure your Evil Eye

Physical symptoms unrelated to sicknesses, such as tiredness, eye diseases, upset stomach, fever, and nausea, can be caused by an person’s bad energy or evil eye. In addition, the affected person is prone to experience personal, familial, or professional difficulties for no apparent reason.

Make use of the wax process

Dripping heated beeswax into holy water is another option. Keep an eye on how the waxes react. If it splatters, it’s a sign that you or the youngster you’re testing has the evil eye. If it attaches to the side, the same thing applies. People in Ukraine use this approach.

Consider using oil 

The individual diagnosing the disease puts oil into the water in this manner. The kid is said to be the evil eye if it produces an eye. Another option is to pour oil into a drink of water with a strand of the afflicted person’s hair (preferably holy water). If the oil falls, the individual is suffering from the evil eye.

As a result, specific prayers are recited until oil does not form an eye, and the disease is cured. The one who drops the oil prayed for the individual to be free of the evil eye. Some people believe that specific prayers for this procedure might be learned from a local healer.

Consider using the touch approach

Some believe that having the person who produced the death stare touch the kid is the quickest approach to remove the evil eye. So because the evil eye is almost always unintended, the individual should have no qualms about touching the youngster.

It makes no difference how the youngster is handled. It should be enough to smear it on the palm of your hand or the top of your head. Hispanic civilizations are very influenced by this concept.

A person complementing a youngster while contacting them is said to inflict an evil eye (sometimes).

Make use of an egg

Some parents in Northern Mexico use an egg. Before placing the egg in a dish beneath the pillow, they pass the eggs over the child’s body and say a prayer, such as the Our Mother.

They leave it there overnight and check in the morning to see whether the white is misty. If this is the case, the evil has cursed the youngster. At the same time, this treatment cures the evil eye. 

Try hand gestures

Some people believe that performing particular hand motions will fend off or heal the evil eye. The mano cornuto, simply a fist with the pointer and pinkie extended, is one such gesture (horned hand). When making this motion, point your hand down. The other is the mano fico, in which you make a fist with your thumb between your index and middle fingers (fig hand).

Some Italians wear a small red horn (cornu) around their necks or keep it on a keychain. Instead of creating the horned hand sign, the funnel is worn.

Find a six-sided mirror

Using glass to reflect harmful energy is one way of supposedly curing the evil eye. In China, this approach is employed. The mirror is simply hung in a front glass and on the front door.

In India, some individuals utilize mirrors to treat or fight off the evil eye. Small mirrors are stitched into garments or carried on the body instead of being placed in the home.

Make use of a healer

 Traditional healers frequently offer cures for the death stare. If you do not even feel confident in your ability to heal the evil on your own, you can hire a healer to complete the rituals for you.

Wear a bracelet made of pink coral

Some people believe that wearing pink coral bracelets on your child can shield them from the evil eye. Others claim that putting a buckeye on the youngster has the same effect.

Try a red string

 Parents use a red string to fend off the evil eye in Jewish cultures. For instance, sometimes it’s tied around a crib bar or the stroller handle.

Final Verdict

The amulet against the evil eye in current Muslim societies has a blue look because it mimics water, which is the ultimate remedy against dying of diarrhea and dehydration. People with blue eyes are said to have some innate protection from the evil eye in Turkey. Several individuals in Turkey told me I was lucky because of my blue eyes.

Fatima’s Hamsa, or hand, is a protective amulet popular throughout the Middle East and North Africa. It is shaped like a right-hand palm with an eye in the center.

This emblem has the same meaning in Jewish tradition and is known as the Hand of God. Another Sephardic Jewish charm was the shape of a fish. According to the Talmud, fish are resistant to the drying effects of the evil eye since they live beneath the water.