How To Make Him Chase You After He Pulls Away


How To Make Him Chase You After He Pulls Away

Ever been in this position before? You’re really into this guy. He seems interested in you, too but then suddenly pulls away from you without explaining why he’s distancing himself from you. It can leave you confused and hurt, wondering if something you did made him pull away from the relationship. Don’t worry, though – there are ways to make him chase you after he pulls away. 

A lot of girls don’t know what they did wrong

If your man is pulling away, there’s probably a reason why. If he came back and told you that you did something wrong, it’s probably something worth fixing. However, suppose he’s in no mood to talk about what happened or just pulled his usual nothing happened tactic on you. In that case, it’s likely that his behavior has nothing to do with what you did or didn’t do.

He might feel stressed out and tired of figuring things out with someone who always seems so confused about everything (that would be you). Sometimes, men feel like they need a break from all of that confusion and pretend-not-to-understands.

Don’t fall in love too fast

He’s not going to marry you right off the bat. Please don’t fall into a rut of disappointment when things aren’t moving as fast as possible. Just because he hasn’t said I love you doesn’t mean that he doesn’t have feelings for you. Before love has a chance to grow, get yourself involved in an activity or passion that doesn’t include him. Things are always better with a buffer in between, and it can help prevent a broken heart if things don’t work out long-term between you two.

If you’re feeling lonely, consider joining a club or taking up new hobbies to fill your time. If you’re feeling bored, find ways to spice up your life by trying new activities together like hiking or dancing. The more invested you are in other aspects of your life, the less time and energy will be focused on waiting around for your next move. And while we’re talking about waiting.

It would help if you weren’t so afraid to express your emotions

After all, someone who cares about you won’t pull away because of a conversation about how his actions made you feel. If anything, it will help your relationship in the long run! If you want to start your chat by asking whether or not something bothers him so that he’s forced to confront what’s on his mind, then that’s fine. But be careful: while confrontation can sometimes be helpful, it can also push some people further into their shells and lead them to withdraw even more.

It’s best if your conversation is loving and encouraging instead of hurtful and aggressive. Make sure to listen carefully when he responds; don’t just wait for your turn to talk again. Listen carefully and try to understand where he’s coming from. Asking questions is one way to show interest without making things awkward—and you might learn something useful!

Don’t forget: Just because you’re trying hard doesn’t mean that things are going well between you two; if they were, there wouldn’t be any distance in the first place. Be prepared to give things time; don’t push yourself on him since he’s ready for you—and never let somebody end up forcing you to do this against your will. You deserve better than that!

Learn some new tricks

Once you’ve pushed your guy away, it’s time to win him back. A few ways can help turn your situation around and move things in a better direction. First, don’t be afraid of making yourself vulnerable. Men find vulnerability attractive because they don’t have to worry about hurting themselves; vulnerability also signals honesty and authenticity.

After all, if you play hard-to-get with one guy, it might work for a while; but sooner or later, everyone will know how games work, and no one will play along with them anymore. Some guys like playing games – others won’t take them seriously unless they know they’re legit – which is why vulnerability is necessary.

If all else fails, wait it out

As painful as it is, breaking up with someone can often be for their good. A breakup could be what they need to finally wake up and realize that they’re on a destructive path. Take comfort in knowing that your actions are in their best interest, even if it hurts you now. 

Focus on gaining through that day and reminding yourself that things will get better with time—even since nothing seems to be OK right today. Remember, there’s a light at the end of every tunnel, so persevere, and soon enough, your heartache will subside.

How to Claim back Him After He Has pulled away You

It’s not uncommon for relationships (of all kinds) to take a little time off here and there. Maybe it’s your partner’s birthday, or they need a day or two off. The purpose of time apart is not only to give each person some room for personal growth but also to rekindle that spark that made you fall in love in the first place.

But what happens when your significant other doesn’t want some space? And worse still, what happens when they want more space than you do? There comes the point where relationships require constant effort from both people involved. If one person is pulling back while another is leaning in, it can cause problems quickly.


There’s no easy way to say it. There are no magic words or tricks that will automatically fix things. Just remember, he will realize his mistake and come back. He might not call right away or stop by with flowers, but he will come around again if you sit tight and give him time.

In your heart of hearts, do you want him back? If so, then wait for him; don’t take matters into your own hands by calling or texting too much (you can text a few times in a day but don’t try to change his mind) and being clingy; instead, be independent for a while (get out there with friends!) and let nature take its course.