How To Make A Libra Man Regret Losing You

How To Make A Libra Man Regret Losing You

How To Make A Libra Man Regret Losing You

Out of all of the signs in the zodiac, Libra is one of the most likely to regret breaking up with a partner. Also, they never like being by themselves and hate the thought of being single. This article will discuss how to make a Libra man regret losing you. 

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How To Make A Libra Man To Regret Losing you 

Getting a good apology from your Libra boyfriend is usually just a snap. These guys can always feel sick with guilt, and when they know that they have hurt someone, apologize will almost always follow soon after. 

Some of the time, though, men of this kind of sign are so freaked by the idea of causing the pain that they will avoid addressing it with the person they hurt. This can be challenging and unsatisfying for their partners. To move past this kind of mistake, you may need him to feel too guilty! So check out these tips below to get your Libra partner to face his fear and accept that he hurt you. 

1. Tell Him He Hurt You 

Sometimes a Libra will need you to spell it out just for him. So, yes, avoiding confrontation will always be your top priority. But doing the right thing will help you, too. Usually, clearly explaining that his actions might hurt you should be enough to make a Libra man feel guilty. 

Remind him why this very tough conversation is so important to you. If he tries to dodge this kind of discussion, explain that you need to talk about what has happened for you actually to forgive him. 

Be honest, focused, and patient with how he made you feel. If one of you gets upset, try taking a very quick, five-minute breather, and focus on using that I feel the statement instead of hitting him with a long laundry list of his naughty behaviors. 

This means choosing the phrases that will focus on your experience rather than your take on his actions. Begin as many of the sentences as possible with what I feel. 

2. Write Him A Letter 

If you have trouble taking it out, letter writing can always help. Most of the Libras will want to apologize for the second that they know that they have hurt you. But, again, the challenge is to make sure that you do not unintentionally push too hard. A Libra’s fear of confrontation could always make him too desperate to ditch the kind of conversation, leaving you unsatisfied. 

A letter that lets you do exactly what you will want and what you will want, plus, for a very easily spooked Libra man, this may be much less intense than a more extended discussion. So, again, center your messages around how you will feel. Just do not take this as a chance to vent about everything he has done for you. 

3. Encourage Him To Talk

No confrontation should always be only one-sided. When someone has so super hurt you, it will be so hard to listen to what they have to say with such an empathetic ear. This will be an actual effort when you are trying to get the Libra man to feel the weight of his own mistake. On the other hand, he is also such an intelligent guy who prefers to be so reasonable, and by talking out his side of the issue, he may be able to see some things a bit more clearly. 

Libra men are so afraid of confrontation and too afraid of their feelings that he is going to be so nervous or unwilling. You can not even force him, so assure them that you will be as patient and understanding as possible. Just try to stick to that kind of promise. 

If he does choose to tell you how he feels, let him get it all out. The goal here is to let him realize that he hurt you on his own. This way, he would not feel threatened, and he would not have shut it down. This may help him come to terms with his role in your hurt and ultimately will help him feel a bit too guilty. 

4. Ask Him If He Knows Why You Feel Hurt 

If you help him think it through, your Libra man may start to feel so sorry on his own. Though he is not too keen on comforting his own negative emotions, he is also sharp and logical and ultimately wants to know that he has done his best to treat you right. 

So, if you are too afraid to confront him head-on, you may be able to help him to figure it out solo by asking him to reflect quickly. Ask him to think about why his behavior may have hurt you. He will feel too guilty for causing you so much pain if it gets that. 

Try to stay much calm and avoid getting too heated. Plan your questions ahead of time. For example, you could easily ask, ” Do you understand why I’m so upset. 

5. Use Someone Else As An Example

He may be more willing to notice the bad behavior in someone else than in just himself. Usually, it is best to express what is bothering you instead of dropping hints. But if you feel like addressing your hurt head-on is out of the question, then drawing compassion may help Libra understand why his behavior will hurt you. 

For some instance, say that you feel that he flirts with others in front of you. Next, find a couple with a much similar relationship dynamic to yours. This could be anyone, from the characters on the TV to someone in your circle of acquaintances. 

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Wrap up 

This article has discussed how you can make a Libra man regret losing you. We recommend you do some research to get the best results.