6 signs He Just wants to get in your Pants or wants you Badly Sexually

6 signs He Just wants to get in your Pants or wants you Badly Sexually

6 signs He Just wants to get in your Pants or wants you Badly Sexually | Signs He is a Player

We all know that action speaks much more louder than words. So in this article, we will discuss with you the six signs that he wants to get in your pants or wants you badly sexually.

Signs that he wants you 

Sometimes it is tough to tell how interested a guy is, so he wants to get in your pants. It would be much good if he just made the first move, but sometimes you get very tired of waiting. In this article, we will also help you understand the signs and also the 

Help you make the decisions in your relationship with him and make sure you stay safe and happy.

He drops sex hints

This is one of the apparent signs and most evident signs. He will drop obvious hints about sex, and it’s hard not to notice. For example, if he says that we can watch Netflix and do some chill, then this means he wants to get in your pants very quick and no stings-attached sex.

Naturally, it depends on what you want for yourself. If you are just not in love with the guy but trust him much enough that he will keep your reputation intact if you sleep with him, go right ahead. Also, remember to be safe if you are not interested in him or want a severe relationship with him. If you do, then there are many chances that you will regret it.

He steers the conservation towards sex

Another obvious and big sign that he wants you badly is that he will always steer the conservation towards sex all of the times. No matter what you try to talk about with him, the topic will always rotate back on sex. If he is persistent about sex, then it’s pretty much evident.

His kisses are sensual

It may seem a bit extra sensual when you guys go for a kiss. But when his kisses are extra good and outperforming, it is easy to think that he loves you so much, but you also have to be very careful. It can also be a trick.

Sensual kisses are especially common with narcissistic men. They also know the right heartstrings to pull to get what they want out of you. However, if you also want to be very safe or if you want to make sure he loves you that much, you have to hold back on sex no matter how good his kisses are.

He talks about you in your underwear

This is a giant sign that all he wants from you is just sex. If you both happen to pass by a lingerie store. He looks at you and says I wonder how beautiful you look in that lingerie as and an off-hand comment.

When he does this, he is priming you. He also wants to assume that you will eventually be stripping just for him. So you have to be very careful.

He talks about giving you a message.

You have to be very careful if he offers to give you a massage, especially if he says that he gives a very nice massage or if it is to make you feel much better or he talks about giving you a happy ending at the end. Suffice it to stay. You will always end up in a compromising spot.

It is also one of the essential strategies in the book. He will get you to your place, message you, and get you in the mood to have sex. And if you are not turned after the message, he will ask you for one, hoping that one thing will lead to another.

He tells you naughty jokes. 

This is also one of the most significant signs that will tell you sexual stories. He drops innuendos just left and right. These are all the positive signs that he wants rapid, easy, and no-strings-attached sex.

You have to watch out if these signs are coming very much earlier in the relationship. But, on the other hand, if you feel that things are just escalating way too much quickly for your tastes, we recommend you back off.

He is obsessed with your looks 

He is always obsessed with you looking very good. If you look worse in his opinion, he will point it out. He is also so critical of your appearance that it’s bothering you. One of the most significant signs that he wants to have sex with you is when he will compliment your swimsuit areas, especially when you have just met each other. He is escalating quickly, and this is never a good sign.

He invites you to his place

This is one of the biggest and most obvious signs that he wants to have sex with you. Inviting you to his place is one of the oldest tricks in the books. In the pickup Artists’ circles, it is called the pul. It is a near-universal and go-to strategy to end the date. But, once you are alone together in his home, it is a very slippery slope to sex.

If you want to avoid getting trapped in that situation, just tell him that you have plans for tonight or say sorry, I have to work early tomorrow. If he says next time, then just reply with that we will see, and that’s put the ball firmly in your court.

He lives alone 

This is only when you accept his invitation to go to his place. Even if you have been there before and nothing happened, you noticed that he usually lives alone or has a roommate. The place was always very empty when you arrived there.

It is an undeniable sign that sex will eventually happen. However, you have to be careful when he invites you to his bedroom, or he offers to give you a massage, or even when he even brings out the drinks and also turns on the music.

Final words 

This article has discussed the signs that he wants to get into your pants or wants you badly. We also explained what to do in any situation and how you can play your care when you feel like to. However, we do recommend you do some research of your own to get the best results.