27 Obvious Signs She Wants You Badly And Needs You To Make a Move

27 Obvious Signs She Wants You Badly And Needs You To Make a Move

27 Obvious Signs She Wants You Badly And Needs You To Make a Move

To find out if the woman you like reciprocates your feelings, don’t overlook these apparent signs she wants you to notice her.

You’ll be able to approach the woman of your dreams and win her heart by following the signs listed below. All you have to do now is stick with me through the rest of this post and pay attention to what follows.

1) She is always well-dressed.

Whenever you’re around a woman, she will do her best to look her best to get your attention. When the two of you are together, she won’t give a damn about how she appears.

2) Making eye contact is a way to connect

Looking in your direction more often indicates that the girl you’re interested in wants to make eye contact with you. After a few seconds of looking her straight in the eyes, you should smile at her and look away.

3) Using her body language as a form of flirtation

Body language is a standard mode of communication for females. So much can be deduced from someone’s body language, facial expressions, and gestures. Because of this, they are observing their body language and facial expressions when they’re near you or conversing with you is critical. Body language is more important than words when you’re flirting, according to renowned dating coach Stacie Ikka. “When you’re flirting, which is a form of communication,”

4) She fiddles with her hair

She will likely give you this nonverbal signal to show you that she likes you. She behaves this way because she is nervous and doesn’t know what to do around her. We may not even be aware that we’re doing it at times.

5) When you’re around, she transforms into a shy girl

Is she genuinely shy and quiet, or just shy and reserved around you? If you’ve known each other for some time, perhaps as coworkers or friends, you should be able to tell. It’s a sign that your shy girl likes you if she’s only shy when you’re near her. She’s apprehensive because she doesn’t know what to do around you.

6) Your jokes, even the crappy ones, make her laugh

If a girl you like laughs at all of your jokes, even the bad ones, it strongly indicates that she wants to be more than just friends with you.

Your joke must be terrible for her to laugh out loud at it; if it’s not, she won’t be the only one in the room. This may be awkward for others, but I’m sure you’ll find it sweet.

7) She lavishes you with praise and admiration

You won’t think anything of it when she compliments you for the first time. To get your attention, she has put up this sign. You won’t notice it at first. You may not even see the next few times she pays you a compliment; you may not even notice.

However, once she compliments you, you’ll begin to notice something going on. You won’t be wrong because it’s a good sign she’s interested in you.

8) She looks just like you

It’s a sure sign that a girl wants your attention when she begins to imitate or reflect on your movements. First and foremost, you must recognize that she is acting inadvertently. It would help if you never held this against her, no matter how irritating it may be. When someone begins to mimic your mannerisms, demeanor, or body language, it’s a sure sign that they’re attracted to you.

9) It is a pleasure to spend time with her

To me, it’s a pretty clear sign she cares about you if she makes an effort to be around and spend time with you.

You’ll get to know each other better as you spend time together. In addition, she’ll be able to express her feelings toward you better.

Because of this, you’ll be able to form a stronger emotional bond with each other. That way, starting a new relationship will be a lot less stressful. As a result of your prior acquaintanceship, you’ll be in a better position to establish a long-term partnership.

10) She makes an effort to learn more about you

To get you to open up about your own life, a girl who likes you will begin by talking about hers.

Surely you don’t want to give the impression to her that you’re bored stiff? Keep the conversation going and ask intimate follow-up questions to get to know each other better.

She’ll pay attention to what you have to say and notice that she remembers even the tiniest details about you after a while. This is because she’s interested in you and finds your private life exciting and vital.

11) She wants to spend time with you alone

You know she’s interested in you when she invites you to go out and hang out alone. She wants to get to know you better by spending time alone.

You’ll also be able to see if she exhibits any of these signs that she’s interested in you. The odds of this happening to you are much higher if you’re on your own.

That’s it if she invites you over for dinner. As far as I know, you don’t need to look for any more signs, because it’s the most obvious one that she wants to be more than just friends with you.

12) She does things that she knows you enjoy

It’s easy to see if a girl likes you when she kisses you on the cheek after a few dates. The more she tries to do or make the things you want, the more she cares about you. This is a pretty obvious sign that she likes you when she buys you tickets to an event you enjoy, like a game of football, or when she chooses a hobby you enjoy.

13) She enjoys making fun of you

Because best friends are constantly teasing one another, this one may be difficult to understand. She may be interested in you if she suddenly begins teasing you in ways she hasn’t before.

It’s a good sign that she’s at ease with you and isn’t frightened or nervous when she’s around you. As long as you’re careful not to cross the line, you can tease her.

Because of this, you already have a stronger relationship than a friendship. Fetching is one of the most obvious signs of attraction when two people feel free to tease one another more frequently.

14) Only you have access to her private area

Many people dislike it when their loved ones intrude on their personal space. It’s a private area reserved for us. So, if the girl you like allows you to enter her personal space, consider yourself lucky. It indicates that she already trusts and is comfortable with you. Her personal space belongs to her, and you’re the only person who has the right to intrude on it.

15) When you aren’t around, she gets lonely

A woman who likes you will show or express her feelings for you when you are away from her. When best friends are apart, they miss each other, but this is different. She’ll keep in touch whenever you’re away or on a trip. When you’re away, she’ll keep asking you when you’ll be back and will tell you she can’t wait.

16) Some of her actions will be accompanied by lengthy explanations

She’ll apologize right away if she hurts you or makes a mistake. You’ll be able to tell how much she regrets it by looking at her face. She’ll be ready with lengthy explanations to clear things up whenever you confront her about something you find confusing or unsuitable.

She’s interested in you if she does this. She’ll do anything to maintain your positive impression of her.

17) She pretends to require your assistance with something

This is a huge sign of how much she cares about you if you’ve noticed that she asks you for help with simple tasks she could do on her own.

The way she’s trying to get close to you is this way. She’s aware that this could be an ideal time for her to be by herself and get to know you better. When it comes to wooing a man, this is probably one of the women’s most common methods.

18) She engages in too much physical contact

There is a strong indication of physical attraction between you two if the girl you like is touching and cuddling you during your conversation.

In the same way, your response should be the same as well. You can show affection for her in several ways, such as hugging or accidentally touching her hand. Pay attention to her reaction, and you’ll be fine. A smile from her is a sign that she likes you.

19) When another girl approaches, her face turns red

It’s impossible for a woman who likes you to like all the other women around you who aren’t part of your family or close friends. That’s all there is to it. This is a sure sign that your girl has already fallen for you if you notice she is jealous or that her mood changes whenever another woman approaches you.

20) All of your social media accounts received friend requests from her

The fact that she’s trying to get in touch with you on your social media accounts suggests that she wants to be part of your private life. She didn’t add you as a friend to be nice; she did it to get to know you better. She’d like to learn more about your loved ones, social circle, hobbies, and personal preferences.

21) She likes all of your social media posts and photos

Your posts on social media will get a lot of attention from her. When you post something, she’ll like it right away. She might have added you to her “Close Friends” list.

She might even go back and like some of your older posts. The most obvious way she wants you to notice her is by doing this.

Pay attention to her posts if you receive notifications that she has liked some of your photos or posts randomly.

22) Whenever you text her, she responds right away

When she always responds immediately to your messages, it’s a clear sign that she wants you to make a move. You can find out if a girl is interested in you by texting her back and forth for a while.

This sign that she values your time and looks forward to speaking with you. She is doing this to show you that nothing is more important in those moments than your response.

23) You’re already well-known among her circle of acquaintances

It’s a good sign that she talks about you if her friends recognize you without your having to introduce yourself.

We immediately tell our best friends when we begin to have romantic feelings for someone else. In my opinion, it’s a trait shared by both genders. Because of this, you can be sure that her friends already know she’s attracted to you.

24) When someone assumes you’re a couple, she blushes

Your coworkers may begin to believe that you’re in a relationship if you work together, and they may ask you if it’s true. People may think you’re a couple if you’re holding hands and smiling while walking down the street.

If she’s interested in you, she’ll blush in these situations. That means she’ll have no idea how to respond.

25) Drinking confessions

It’s true even if she acts as if it never happened the next day if the girl you like has admitted to having feelings for you at least once while calling or texting you drunk.

She didn’t do it because she was intoxicated; she dared to tell you the truth. Her embarrassment will cause her to avoid you the following day. After a few days, she might even stop talking to you.

26) In some of her plans, she mentions you

If she mentions you in her plans when you’re discussing the future, it’s a sign that she wants and envisions you with her.

Please don’t bother asking her to elaborate. Smiling and acting as if you agree with her is all that’s required to show that you understand and agree with her.

She could have said it without realizing it, or she could have done it on purpose to see what you would do. It’s a good sign if your crush reciprocates your feelings.

27) When you need her, she’s always there for you

It’s a good sign if she always has time for you and is always there for you when you need it if she has genuine feelings for you and wants to be noticed.

Even if you have a disagreement or a fight, she won’t hold a grudge against you for long. It implies that she is genuinely aabout you. This is another sign that a girl is trying to get your attention.


Males often find it difficult to know if the girl they like reciprocates their feelings. Why did I put together this list of signs a girl wants you to notice her and make the first move?

If you use this list, you won’t make a mistake or end up in an awkward situation. Could you pay attention to how she acts when she’s around you? As long as she genuinely cares about you, she will find a way to tell you.