Will A Cancer Man Lead You On? 7 Signs He Is Using You Or Leave You One Day

Will A Cancer Man Lead You On? 7 Signs He Is Using You Or Leave You One Day

Will A Cancer Man Lead You On? 7 Signs He Is Using You Or Leave You One Day

Are you wondering if your Cancer man is leading you on? If so, you should read this article. Here are seven signs of using you and how to stop him. Cancer men are extremely sensitive and often blame you for a fight or disagreement. They also like to play mind games that make their partners feel guilty. These men will often display mood swings, much like a woman on her period. These mood swings are not the kind of behavior that a Cancer woman can cope with.

Your Cancer man wants your complete attention and may try to convince you to spend more time with him than you do. He may ask you to attend social gatherings without mentioning you. Or he might want you to be his only girlfriend and will make plans without you. But if he doesn’t want you to spend time with him, he’s using you.

You can tell if your Cancer man is using you by how he treats you. He may be running errands for you but expect you to reciprocate the gesture. If he feels that he’s being used or needs you more than you deserve, he’ll create distance and stop calling or texting you. He’ll also start to disappear from social media unless you’re willing to keep in touch with him constantly.

When your Cancer man talks about his feelings, it is because he feels that you’re not reciprocating those feelings. If you don’t reciprocate his feelings, he’ll stop expressing his affection. These men lack empathy and are known to be cold and distant. He may stop giving you little acts of affection.

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7 Signs Your Cancer Man is Using You

Are you worried that your Cancer man is using you or will leave you one day? Here are seven  signs that your Cancer man is using you or not into you anymore. Look at these characteristics in Cancer men to see if they’re the right match for you. These traits will make you wonder if he’s worth the effort.


A Cancer man will not play mind games. It is one of the most common signs of a cheating partner. He will be hesitant to talk about his secrets, but you will build trust and a strong relationship if you let him. Cancer men will not be loyal to you, so you can expect them to be patient with you. 

Not a romantic soul

Cancer men are not very romantic. They may have been a hopeless romantic soul before, but their actions will make you question their commitment. Suppose they suddenly stop buying flowers, throwing surprises and taking romantic dinners, or putting you down. In that case, they may be using you or leaving you one day. They may even be lying to save your feelings. If you spot any of these signs, it’s time to break up.

You will not be able to find any romantic moment with him. He will begin spending more time with his family and settling down-home at. You may notice that he has started to ignore his phone, social media, and emails. You may also notice that he stops calling you and stops spending time with you. It may signify that your Cancer man is not the type of man you want to be with.

Cancer man is not trustworthy.

When your cancer man starts telling lies to you on the small things, this is alarming. He will not spend time with you. He will start telling lies to avoid spending time with you, and he will always be available for others.

Not a keeper

Cancer men can have mood swings and may even start to avoid you altogether. While he might have been the nicest guy when you first met him, you might have seen a sudden change. It is a sign that he’s having trouble dealing with his emotions and is complaining about everything to everyone. He might even have started putting you down, letting your friends and family know how unhappy he is with you.

Not a loyal partner

Cancer men who are using you for one day will never be loyal to you. He will not take an interest in your matters. When a cancer man decides to leave you, he will never try to understand you or make you understand what is right or wrong for you. 


Cancer men are known for their mood swings, and if you make too many plans with them, you might find them unable to keep them. While most men don’t do this, a Cancer man can. He might even cancel plans at the last minute and make an excuse to avoid being with you.

If your Cancer man has no contact for days on end, there may be something wrong. He does not want to contact you. Because a person who misses you will make time to contact you, similarly, he might avoid you or stop answering his phone calls or texts.

If you notice that your Cancer man stops communicating or seems to be spending all his time alone, it is probably time to move on from him. Cancer men can be emotionally unstable and have a habit of withdrawing instead of showing their true feelings. While he may be sensitive at first, he’s likely to get tired of being called overly sensitive. He knows that people will assume he’s upset about nothing. He may also withdraw if you start to feel threatened or distrusted.

Cancer man can be a hoarder.

Cancer men are notorious for having major mood swings, ranging from extremely friendly and flirty to distant and reserved. You never know why they feel this way. And once you’ve hurt his feelings, it’s almost impossible to get them back. It can lead to a lifetime of holding on to resentment and bitterness.

Final Words

If you wonder if your Cancer man is using you or leaving you one day, you must first understand his nature. Cancer men are very possessive and would expect the same from their women. They expect women to be excellent wives, friends, and homemakers. If he does not spend quality time with you, he may use social media and other excuses to distance himself from you. These are all signs that he is using you.