Why Does God Isolate You Before He Elevates You?

Why Does God Isolate You Before He Elevates You?

Why Does God Isolate You Before He Elevates You?

You might be asking, “Why does God isolate you before he elevates you?” And you want to know why he does it. You might be in a place of pain and loneliness. But you also want hope. God wants to show you off to the world! You don’t want to feel isolated in your pain, do you? You want to have a fulfilling relationship with God.


There are times when God wants to isolate you to prepare you for a greater season. The next season might be the biggest one of your life. Perhaps you’re praying for a husband or the transition from employment to entrepreneurship, or you’re asking God for another chance to get a college degree. Whatever your reason, there’s a purpose behind God’s isolation. You may not even realize it, but you can take this time to write.


The first step in achieving this goal is to be humble. The isolation that God puts you through helps you grow in your relationship with God. He equips you to become the person God intended you to be. However, this process doesn’t always come easily. Sometimes, you will face times of isolation that will test your faith. That’s when you need hope the most. God will use your struggles to prepare you for greater assignments.

For example, he recently told me a story of a young man named Ivan Tovar who was recently infected with the Covid-19 virus. The virus has now spread throughout the United States, threatening the safety of our population. Thankfully, the Pandemic wasn’t as widespread as it might have been if God hadn’t stepped in and rerouted Gill’s flight one week early. However, the Pandemic had a different plan in mind.

In the first verse, hope implies a confident expectation of good things to come. The next verse implies that the two are nearly synonymous. But, we’ll see what that means. When we have full assurance of hope, we are in a good place. Our hope isn’t based on what we can accomplish, but on what God can do for us. This is when the Christian believes in God and expects great things from him.


The Bible is filled with examples of times when God isolated you before he elevated you. The apostle Paul suffered repeated imprisonment, Joseph was imprisoned for thirteen years, and Moses lived in relative obscurity for forty years.

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Sometimes, God uses this time to do specific things – like writing. Paul spent days alone praying for the early church and writing letters that became the New Testament. He also wrote a memoir during his time of isolation.

Painful relationships

Relationships can be great joys and deep wounds. Whether it’s losing a loved one, being betrayed, or ending a relationship, there is a pain that is not only physical but also emotional. It’s natural to question why God doesn’t intervene and help us through this pain. But we must remember that God is in control and has a purpose for everything that happens. If we don’t respond in kind, we’re missing our purpose and calling.