Where can I use the “rest at the end, not in the middle” phrase

Where can I use the

Where can I use the “rest at the end, not in the middle” phrase | What does it mean?

“Resting at the end, not in the middle,” as the late Kobe Bryant famously said. 

It tells us to work hard all the time, not just when we want to. 

It is all about setting high standards and working hard to meet and maintain them. We must be consistent, show up, and work hard every day. 

The easy option in life is to be lazy, relax, and take our foot off the gas pedal. Still, we can achieve great things by being relentless and constantly striving for more.

Don’t stop working hard when you see the first signs of success; that’s when you should keep going and hammer it home.

The simple meaning of this quote is hardworking.

Now I will let you know how to get success by hard work.

Self-belief is the key to success. 

Anything is possible with hard work. This advice has been repeated so many times that it has lost its significance. The issue is that we already feel like we’re putting in a lot of effort, but we’re not getting anywhere.

Many desirable goals in life necessitate hard work. However, working hard may not always be pleasurable or desirable. When you avoid hard work, problems can arise in various ways in the future. Avoiding hard work can lead to laziness, hurting our lives in multiple ways.

It is simple to find examples of successful people throughout the world. Every day, we turn on the TV and see images of athletes parade across the screen and living a successful and dream life. We read newspaper and magazine articles about renowned businessmen and businesswomen scouting for their next profitable investment opportunity. 

Even in movies, we have favorite actors and actresses who often make more money in a year than some will see in a lifetime. The media is eager to show us the outcomes of these individuals, but they do not lead us to how they came to be. These people had to put in a lot of effort and determination to get where they were.

We live in a world where people are constantly competing for top awards and grades in school and college, a better job title, and the opportunity to start their own business. To differentiate ourselves from others, we must learn to enjoy the pursuit of goals and the hard work that entails. We will blend in with the crowd and be overlooked when it comes to events such as team selection or job promotion if we take the simple and easy paths in life. People who are willing to take challenging courses and pursue difficult goals are successful. Hard work must be valued because people reward those eager to put in the effort.

It would help if you remember the following things to achieve your goals: 

There is No Quick Way to Success 

A person who works hard enough possesses the discipline, dedication, and determination necessary to achieve his goals in life. “There is no shortcut to success,” “Nothing worthwhile comes easily,” we’ve all heard these phrases before, but how many of us have experienced the truth behind them?

Sometimes in life, our goals and objectives appear unattainable. As a result, we lose patience, so we look for shortcuts because we are tired of working hard and seeing no results. But believe me when I say that hard work will pay off sooner or later; the path to hard work is not easy, but the destination will be worth all the difficulties. 

There is No Other Option But Commitment 

To achieve anything in life, everyone must demonstrate a commitment to consistent hard work that will lead them to the pinnacle of success. There is no shortcut to success; only constant effort can make life goals and objectives a reality.

We’ve all heard the stories about why people gave up. It usually goes something like this: “It wasn’t meant to be,” “It wasn’t fun anymore,” or “Life is all about having fun.” It’s worth noting that our minds can create any mental state we impose on them. Instead, we should set a form of commitment that will allow anyone to achieve anything they desire in life. 

There is an additional key known as experience. 

The first step toward intelligent work is hard work. We gain experience through hard work, which allows us to discover many new things. This experience has taught us to think strategically to solve critical problems and achieve success.

Experience improves a person’s problem-solving abilities. When a person gains experience in a particular field, he is more likely to achieve desired life goals and work smartly and efficiently than those who do not have experience. 

“Reach for the stars, for they are hidden within you.” Dream big because every goal begins with a dream.” Tagore, Rabindranath 

  1. There must be an insatiable appetite 

Without a doubt, this is the most challenging aspect of achieving successful goals. So what drives some people to pursue their dreams with unwavering determination while others give up when tough things get?

This has been my main focus in recent years. After studying human behavior, I realized that every successful person could achieve whatever he desires because he has an insatiable desire to succeed. When you have an unwavering desire to achieve a goal, obstacles and failures become mere speed bumps in your path. 

Bryant’s Hard work

Since he was a teenager, Bryant’s recipe for success has included a lot of hard work. According to Howes, the emphasis on perseverance began as a defensive mechanism: “Many of the kids I played against in middle and high school were from the inner cities. They’re staring at me as if to say, ‘OK, this kid is soft.’ He’s from the Philadelphia suburbs. His father was an NBA player.'” 

Bryant’s challenge became, “How can I think of ways to break you down mentally? How can I demonstrate to you that, no, I have the upper hand?”

His solution was hard work. Bryant recalled, “We used to have an all-American camp that I used to go to.” “One of the things I’d do is go back to the gym while everyone else was eating in the cafeteria. They’d notice me leaving. That was my way of saying, ‘Yeah, I’m from the suburbs, but you’re not going to outwork me.'” 

He maintained an intense work ethic throughout his Lakers career, frequently working out harder and earlier than his peers. And he saw results: he won five NBA championships, two Olympic gold medals, one NBA MVP award, and became the Lakers’ all-time leading scorer. He still holds that record. 

Bryant now co-manages a venture capital fund with business partner Jeff Stibel. Still, he gets up before the sun to exercise. He’s even won an Oscar for producing “Dear Basketball,” the Best Animated Short Film.


When you develop an unquenchable desire to achieve a goal through commitment and hard work, roadblocks and failures become speed bumps in your path. However, working hard will provide you with many experiences, transforming you into a more robust and better person. Just be patient and believe in yourself.