What You Can Text so That She Gets Butterflies

    What You Can Text so That She Gets Butterflies

    Writing Examples: What Can You Text to Your Love So That She Gets Butterflies in Her Stomach

    So, you’ve met that special someone and want to impress them with incredibly romantic texts. However, no words can describe how you feel when writing something. We have all been there. Choosing the right words and placing them correctly in sentences when you are in love is challenging. Especially when you want to make that person feel butterflies in their stomach. Luckily, there are various methods to do that via a single text. This article will give you many valuable tips on how to do that.

    The key to creating that “butterfly feeling” is making your speech about love as natural as possible. If you don’t know what words to choose, you can look through the works of others on the topic of love. Alternatively, you can hire a professional to help you tailor the most romantic messages or get you a list of romantic quotes. Many online services will help you with that. You can then send these messages to your partner daily during the week. This approach is a massive magnet for those butterflies you need. So, here are some effective ways you can choose.


    It is hard to explain why this approach works, but it does. Including nicknames in your texts makes them more attractive and personal. Whenever your partner sees a nickname you use for her, she smiles. It might be one of the easiest things to do to make the heart of your special someone beat faster. It may take a while to find that perfect word your girlfriend appreciates. Ask for her feedback, and do not get upset if the first couple of options does not work.

    Example: babygirl, cutie, my love, etc.


    Everybody likes compliments. Therefore, it is one more thing that can make your texts special. The longer you know each other, the more personalized your compliments should be. Even though just a simple “You look so beautiful” will have a tremendous effect, avoid using standard statements. Instead, try to make your compliment unique.

    Example: tell your partner how she makes you a better person or how much you appreciate spending time together using some particular details only two of you know.

    Unexpected messages of appreciation

    The text that can melt one’s heart is the one that comes unexpectedly. Your partner will probably be waiting to get your love text on her birthday or the anniversary of your relationship. Manifesting your feelings does not require any specific occasion. Text her in the morning or evening of an ordinary day and tell her what she means to you. The text will catch her off guard. It does not have to be something extraordinary. Ensure you let her know that you are grateful for being able to care about her. That is an apparent reason for those butterflies to come.

    Asking for a piece of advice

    This approach seems relatively easy. Simply ask your partner for advice. It does not mean that you must create a fake case where you need help. Just use a real-life situation and share the difficulties you experience. Turning to your partner for help shows her that you appreciate her input and value her presence. It is also an excellent chance for her to feel helpful to someone she cares about a lot. You benefit from it too. Not only will your love get butterflies in your stomach, but also you will get a solution to your problem.

    Keeping it real

    Playing mind games and being dishonest with your beloved ones are the last things you want to do. Avoid doing so not only in the context of giving them butterflies but out of respect you have for them as well. Be honest when you are texting. Don’t try to pretend to be someone else when you are not. The paradox is that only your sincerity can result in a mutual feeling of love.

    Making references to her favorite book/movie/song

    Knowing your love’s interests shows that you listen and care about what she tells you. Pay close attention to the books, movies, and songs she mentions during your conversations. You can use romantic quotes from them in your texts. Your partner’s heart will start beating faster once she recognizes those quotes.

    Matching tattoos

    Even though this method goes beyond texting, you can suggest making matching tattoos in one of your texts. Before offering it, think carefully about the significance of this step. Are you ready to do it? If your answer is positive, ask your partner if she wants to do it too. It is something that will highlight the sincerity of your feelings. You can then discuss the possible tattoo options and where to make them.


    What does having butterflies in one’s stomach mean?

    Britannica says it is anxious and having a nervous feeling in your stomach. This expression may refer to being touched by something or anticipating something exciting. Therefore, from the romantic point of view, it means being touched by someone or something that your beloved ones do. Put differently, it is a positive reaction to something romantic and intense. It is hard to believe that a simple text can cause such a reaction. However, this article has many tips to try and experiment with the messages you send.

    What else can I do to give my partner the “butterfly feeling”?

    Just be there for her to support and share joy or sadness. An ordinary date can cause that “butterfly feeling” if you listen to your partner and share your true feelings with her. However, if you want to do something special for your partner, why not be creative and send her actual butterflies? Some companies send butterflies to any address. They sleep during the delivery process and then wake up. If you think it will make your partner happy, do it. Just ensure she will not get upset because of this gift because she does not want butterflies to feel trapped by people.

    Who should send a text first when I meet someone I like?

    It really does not matter who sends a text first. The right thing to do is to listen to your heart. Do you want to text her? If so, do not let prejudice stand in your way. Our society has been under the influence of stereotypes for many years. A century ago, it was rude for a woman to send a letter to someone she liked before a man did so first. Luckily, our modern era has no limitations in terms of texting. Follow your emotions and do what you want.

    Is there any inappropriate time for texting?

    It is between you and your partner to decide. Some people stay up late, while others go to bed at 10 pm. You can’t guess what the other person thinks unless you are a mind reader. Talk to her. Discuss when it is not OK to text each other. There might be some inappropriate messages that your partner can receive at the wrong moment. So, you can discuss that as well.