The Sanctuary, the United Arab Emirates

    The Sanctuary, the United Arab Emirates

    The Sanctuary, the United Arab Emirates

    Premium real estate in Dubai is being built in District 11. THE SANCTUARY in UAE is a village with luxury villas from the developer Ellington Properties. It is part of the larger Jumeirah Village Circle community. The residential complex will feature homes with exclusive layouts and access to world-class amenities.

    About The Sanctuary

    The residential complex is located in a green area; each villa has its Japanese-style garden. Residents will have access to a well-maintained recreation area, a swimming pool, a barbecue area, a gym, a bike path, and a hiking area.

    This community is ideal for families. It has many parks, playgrounds for children, and areas for walking pets. Here it will be possible to lead both a measured and an active lifestyle due to the proximity to the central districts of Dubai. Restaurants near The Sanctuary will host family gatherings and meet with friends and neighbors.

    The community area is actively developing. Its main feature will be a man-made lagoon on the coast where walking areas will be located. The main area and neighboring communities have everything you need for a comfortable life: several kindergartens and schools, hospitals, pharmacies, entertainment facilities, and shops.

    Villas in The Sanctuary

    Buyers are offered 2- and 3-story villas with some bedrooms from 4 to 6. There is a garage for at least 2 cars on the ground floor.

    Internal layouts depend on the specific type of villa. Each bedroom has a private bathroom. The spacious houses also have a staff quarter and even a yoga room.

    The interior is designed in light colors using natural stone and wood in the floor and wall decoration. Panoramic windows and open terraces give the lightness of the design, and they also provide natural light.

    Houses are rented ready to move in, with all necessary appliances in the kitchen and plumbing fixtures in the bathrooms. The residences will install the “Smart Home” system.

    Attractions near The Sanctuary

    Not far from The Sanctuary is the Dubai Miracle Garden, which has a variety of flowers, and a butterfly garden is open nearby. This “garden of wonders” is the largest installation – an airplane completely decorated with flowers.

    The central districts of Dubai and the most famous attractions can be reached by private transport or renting a car from The Sanctuary. The Burj Khalifa in Downtown Dubai is about a 20-minute drive away.

    Malls and supermarkets in The Sanctuary

    There are many branches of large retail chains in the area. Among them are Eight, Nesto JVC hypermarket, and Ever Freshmart supermarket. The nearest large shopping centers to the complex are Circle Mall and Al Khail Avenue mall.

    Investment in The Sanctuary

    The complex under construction is potentially profitable as an investment object in Dubai. At the initial stage of sales, you can find offers at the most attractive prices and, in the future, make a profit according to two schemes:

    • from reselling a villa at The Sanctuary in District 11 when it is ready;
    • from renting out. The average profitability ratio of villas in the area reaches 7.49% annually.

    Investing in real estate in Dubai, District 11, is a great way to invest money and protect it from inflation. Housing can be paid according to a convenient scheme, in which most of the amount is paid after the delivery of the object.

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