Who is/are The Immaculate Crows

My recent Interview with “THE IMMACULATE CROWS AND THEN THERE WERE TWO” went like this.  My name is Bruce Neilsen. I am an Australian Brisbane based Songwriter /Arranger/Guitarist/Producer and release songs under my artist name The Immaculate Crows.

Early 80s Formation of The Immaculate Crows

I founded and named The Immaculate Crows in late 1981 and also founded two other bands
– Insurrection and The Popes in the 80s until I ceased playing in early 1985. I was the major songwriter in all these bands and I ceased performing due to disenchantment with band politics and other events. The original Immaculate Crows only recorded a handful of songs and two of these, ‘Dingo’ and ‘Psychedelic Girl’ were heavily played on Community Radio Station 4ZZZ. The station was talking about us supporting large acts like Midnight Oil but our drummer left at this crucial time. We lost momentum after this. I left the band in 1983 and formed The Popes.

Evolution back to The Immaculate Crows

The Popes performed at Brisbane’s Festival Hall, the city’s famous live music venue (later
demolished). We played my songs and a few covers, a resounding success with encores to
the filled venue. The Popes also disbanded. I reunited with The Immaculate Crows briefly
but parted ways in early 1985. My songs were (and still are) a mix of Psychedelic, New
Wave, Punk and Pop stylings.

In 2019, I released some early recordings for streaming and also reunited with former
band-mate Mark Hocknell. The Immaculate Crows became a partnership where Mark
produced and played on the initial tracks and I wrote/arranged and also played
on all songs. Carolyn Neilsen did all vocal recordings, mixdowns and produced
all extra tracks and Kagen Step (kagenstudios) did, and continues to do, all mastering. Mark left the partnership in February 2021. And Then There Were Two – 1 st Album by The Immaculate Crows.

The latest release for The Immaculate Crows is the first album ‘And Then There Were Two’
as 11 of the 12 songs were co-produced by Mark Hocknell and Mark and I were the only
original band members who participated on this project. All of the songs were recorded and
produced during 2020/2021 when the whole world was in lockdown.The collective of other
musicians who have contributed to this album bring with them a range of ages and
experiences, which really convey the unique mood of each song.

Immaculate Crows Song styles

Unique songs always – from The Immaculate Crows Song styles on this album encompass Alternative Country, Alternative Rock, Psychedelic and Indie Pop. Song themes vary from Women’s Emancipation, Youth Suicide, Bullying, Loneliness, Alienation and Unrequited Love. I have dual talents as both a Songwriter/Arranger/Producer and as a Guitarist. I have a sound that is a little Retro but with its own unique flavour. When I try to compare it to other songs, I can’t think of any. But others have said songs remind them of artists such as Pink Floyd, Santana, Black Sabbath, Jefferson Airplane, Stone Roses, Patti Smith, The Eagles, The Doors and Fleetwood Mac.

While I am a fan of all these artists, who all have their own sound, I think that the similarity is that we are all expressing strong emotions through our music and our lyrics. I believe peopleneed to hear about my songs and to listen to them.

Life-affirming songs by The Immaculate Crows

From the simple, sweet ‘Shy Girl’ about teenage angst and the way shyness expresses what many of us feel – you’re on a bus, see a girl or a boy, but too shy to speak, so no
conversation is started. The opportunity passes each day. Sad feelings of longing, but
sweetly delivered vocals and an upbeat melody, leave us happily memorising this tune.
Contrast this to ‘School Of Hard Knocks’ a seriously dark song about lost generations of
children given over to the state to raise, who were mistreated by the very people who had
been entrusted with their care.

Broken children who often grew into broken adults, yet this song of serious lyrics, is delivered through gentle vocals building to crescendo not of pain
but of hope, relying on a great solo guitar and lyrics that show not defeat, but of not
succumbing to the treatment of the world, because the school of hard knocks only ‘nearly
brought me to my knees’.

‘Modern Times’ and themes are given full musical and emotional treatment throughout the
album. We are mesmerised into the mood then twisted back out with a way up from the
troubles of the world – a lighter perspective. Several listeners have commented that these
songs saved them in some way. This album is already available on Bandcamp and will also be available on other streaming
sites 15 September 2022.

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