Row – Humble Beginnings to Success

Row – Humble Beginnings to Success

Row – Humble Beginnings to Success

Row is a HipHop/Rap artist from Texas who started his own label, DNA RECORDINGS, in 2020. He has performed at the South by Southwest (SXSW) festival four times and has opened for well-known artists such as D.M.X., T.I, Lil Boosie, and Young Dro. J. Row’s music career began in 2009 when he released his album ‘Faces of the Future,’ which gained him instant success. Since then, he has released three mixtapes and an EP, including ‘505 Mixtape’ in 2010, ‘For the Better’ in 2014, ‘The 9’s Vol. 1’ in 2017, and ‘The 9’s Vol. 2’ in 2018. J. Row’s journey as a musician started when he was a teenager freestyling for his teachers and classmates. He later met a producer named Cruz and worked with him for a year and a half before starting a label with some old classmates, which ultimately failed. J. Row continued to work on his music and eventually got invited to perform at SXSW. He has since performed at various shows and events, including the Super Bowl party with Talib Kwali and Paul Wall. In 2020, he started his own label during the pandemic and is currently preparing to release his album ‘ROWVEMBER’ and embark on a tour.

Row is an independent HipHop/Rap artist from Texas. He started his music label, DNA RECORDINGS, back in 2020 and has performed at the SXSW (South by Southwest) four times, including opening for D.M.X., T.I, Lil Boosie, Young Dro, Lil Webbie, Slim Thug, Z-Ro, and other artists that are well known in this genre-specific industry.

An Introduction to J. Row’s Career

Row is a HipHop/Rap artist born and brought up in Texas. After being influenced by influential artists like Nelly, Jay-Z, Tupac, D.M.X. and Juvenile, he decided he wanted to achieve what they had and hone his skills to become an artist.

Row believed rap was the best genre after the Blues and R&B, which he preferred during his teenage years. But eventually, once he got into the rap scene, his skills landed him the spotlight in the United States, and he achieved a chance to perform at the SXSW (South by Southwest) four times.

He released his album, ‘Faces of the Future, in 2008, which caught the public’s attention, and he gained instant success that led him to join the music industry in 2009. At the moment, Row has released three mixtapes and an Ep, including ‘505 mixtape’ in 2010, ‘For the better’ in 2014, The 9’s Vol. 1 in 2017 and The 9’s Vol. 2 in 2018.


Row’s journey began in west Texas. He was born in November ’86 to a wonderful mother and a great stepfather who took him in when he was 6 months old. Although his biological father was around, he was inconsistent, including a few brothers and sisters with one younger brother who was raised alongside him and is a year and 8 months younger than him. His childhood was pretty great, but time passed quickly since he and his brother went on their journey at 14-15.

His stepfather passed away when he turned 14, and considering he was their strength, he and his younger brother had to step up to take care of their mother when she got sick. Initially, J. Row began working on his basketball skills from 6-14 years old, but eventually, he dropped out of school for not doing well.

Before he left to achieve his dreams, he made a positive impression on everyone with his music. It started with freestyling at school for his teachers and classmates and drew people with his talent. He would also perform everywhere he got the chance to hone his skills.

At 17, J. Row understood that he had to take his work seriously. However, his town was too small to get any outlets, but he made do with clubs and open mic nights to make the most of it. Then, after turning 19, he met a renowned producer named Cruz, and they ended up working well together. With his instrumentals and Row’s lyrics, both meshed well together.

After a year and a half, he met some people he went to school with who wanted to start a label with him. These men were Cruz, David Wade, and Lil Twin, who came on board, but things didn’t work out, and his project called Calm Storm was unsuccessful.

Once this venture came to an end, J. Row started working on himself. During this time, he was 23, and after a while, one of his old crew members, Lil Bro Dsam, came and told him they would do something impactful and it would be huge. This made J. Row go back to waiting for a few years while he continued working with Twin consistently and ended up doing a few shows after that.

During this time, Row met an old friend, and she introduced him to screens that had recorded the 505 mixtapes for him and started shooting all his videos. Once his videos started picking up, D.N.A. and Crazy 8, Lil Twin, and Ceezy Things were on a roll.

Row eventually got invited to SXSW and, from then on, was constantly working with his manager, Dsam. They kept hitting road shows and eventually did the Super Bowl party with Talib Kwali and Paul Wall, which was great.

They also put a show together in San Angelo, Texas, with Slim Thug after their show for Kirko Bangz in their city. Things shifted differently after this, and J. Row had to regroup. So, in 2020 he started the label during the pandemic. Now, he is dropping ROWVEMBER and starting his tour, and new merch called everything D.N.A.

His Works and Plans for the Future

After dropping two mixtapes/albums, he is now working on The 9’s vol 3, which will be released in the summer of 2020. He has the album GaadSpeed in mind. To portray a broader spectrum of issues and feelings on his fifth album, which included some hard-hitting songs like “Get mine” and “Hard to forgive,” Row leaned into a broader range of sounds and textures.

Music Review 2

Row is confident and encourages his followers to stand up to the critics. His songs span a variety of topics, and the lyrics touch on everything from street life to romantic relationships, as well as life’s challenges and how to overcome them. J. Row leads the way with familiar sounds, powerful drumbeats, and passionate lyrics.

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