Music & Lifestyle: How Beonix Became a Part of Youth’s Cultural Life in Cyprus

Music & Lifestyle: How Beonix Became a Part of Youth’s Cultural Life in Cyprus

Music & Lifestyle: How Beonix Became a Part of Youth’s Cultural Life in Cyprus

What is it like to live on a sunny island? Fly to Cyprus, and locals will strike you with their leisurely life routine, slow chats with neighbors, ripe fruits, magnificent beaches, busy markets, and friendly welcome to guests who come to the island for a great time, adventures, and new friends.

Cyprus is famous for various local festivals and holidays. However, it never saw huge international music events before Beonix boomed last year. The festival shook Larnaca Beach and caused colossal interest among locals. The diversity of DJs, excellent music, and the atmosphere of joy is what lies on the surface of it. However, Beonix managed to leave a deep cultural trace in Cyprus.

Tourist Island: Local Treasures

Cyprus is a truly unique place. Its exclusivity refers to nature, climate, and indeed culture. It has many historical locations around the cities like Larnaca, Limassol, and others. They are integrated into modern culture and have become bright spots always full of tourists.

Cafes and coffee shops are the heart of Cyprus culture among people of all ages. How did it come to that? It is all simple. Usually, when you want to meet with a friend or a bunch of them, there is no better place than a coffee shop. Sip your drink and learn all the news and gossip. 

Beaches with a blue flag are another treasure of the island. In the Summer season, they are full of vacationers relaxing in the sun. Locals also frequent the beaches, which is a part of their lifestyle. And with the international festival coming their way, they must be ready for more people, opportunities, and new connections.

Beonix & Its Benefits


Such a massive event as the Beonix music festival influenced the island’s culture. First of all, along with prominent music selectors, it managed to attract many young people to the island, and second, its creators plan to open a creative space where Limassol citizens can hang out. If we look at Beonix from another perspective, we can notice that it offers other benefits.

Rise of revenue. The number of tourists usually decreases in the Fall. However, Beonix gathered all the music fans in Cyprus last year. In September 2023, there will be as crowded as hell in Limassol, bringing more money to the island. Therefore, its infrastructure can become more convenient in the future.

New city meeting point. Limassol is a beautiful place that combines old ruins, ancient buildings, and new modern locations where youth can hang out and have a great time together. ETKO will soon join this line of beautiful points where local teens and students can relax, enjoy the view and participate in multiple activities, and even organize their own celebrations and events.

More work positions. Any international event offers tons of opportunities. If you do not wish to be a simple visitor and live on the island, it is a chance to learn something new. For example, you can become a volunteer or get a real seasonal job if you are experienced in anything currently required. 

Music as the Primary Festival Cultural Value 

Electronic music is well-known and liked on a global scale. It gathers many people of various views, classes, and religions together. So, that is the main reason why its quality, sound, and complexity matter. A vast line of 50 DJs indeed has someone you desire to hear. The lineup Beonix list contains names like Black Coffee, Maceo Plex, Paul Kalkbrenner, Stephan Bodzin, and others on everyone’s lips.

Beonix’s modern conception made music one of the vital elements that can help us be closer and more tolerant of each other. At the same time, we spend time together and enjoy the tunes we love, explore various DJs, travel to another Planet, forget our routine, and feel new exclusive emotions. If you do not believe the words above, check the video from the 2022 festival in Larnaca.

Excellent New Location: History Reborn


The final flourish of Beonix is its new location. Limassol culture is hidden in city details where old can be found alongside contemporary. And in 2023, the list of locations will be supplemented with a renovated old ETKO place.  

Once old winery and creative space in the future will provide an excellent spot where locals and island guests can spend their festivals, holidays, and weekends surrounded by the magnificent atmosphere of this authentic place.

See you in Limassol, ETKO, 22-24 September at Beonix festival!