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Mono Theory Music Art

Mono Theory’s Music | The best Electronic music ever!

Mono Theory’s music is a love letter to ambient drone, field recording, Avant Garde, and electronic pop. This refreshing take on modern electronic music is inspired by sound art with voices, melodies and soundscapes looped forever to make a ghostly, haunted form of Art pop and lyrics that are inspired by emotions.

Mono Theory makes days feel like minutes. Moreover, sadness feel like euphoria in a dreamscape of sound, emotion and imagination.  

This is the only album which was made, written, and recorded over the course of the quarantine (Fall of 2020 into the Spring of 2021).

Every song is written from the artists personal feelings, thoughts, and experiences, from feeling invisible, to the slow degradation of thoughts, this album explores all sorts of uniquely personal topics.

Mono theory’s music pays homage to artists such as Bjork, Vangelis and Imogen Heap, blending all those elements into a creation of her own.

The delivery is an ambiance looped system utilizing a Roland VR9 Synthesizer into a simple double loop onto a Avalanche Ru[BC1] n (Earthquake devices) and a Ocean Machine (Mooer) pedal system.  

Alyssa Colon (Mono Theory) started performing live at local open shows as a 13-year-old in our hometown of York, Pennsylvania. Doing mostly covers of her favorite artists such as Jack Stauber (Pittsburg, Pa) among others. By age 15 she had begun to perform original work and was featured at several events throughout Central Pennsylvania and even in Virginia.

It was around late Summer 2020 that the Pandemic forced her to stay home for virtual schooling. With the extra time afforded to her, she began to lay the groundwork for Mono Theory’s debut album titled Panacea.

The first hit Glimmering Light was featured in a local talent competition named; Yorvoice (in our town of York, Pennsylvania). It was performed & recorded live for a live and virtual audience as part of the competition during March of 2020. Much to our surprise, she won for best vocals and arrangement that night at just the age of 16 against more seasoned adults! 

She then used this momentum to continue recording the rest of the album. Having joined forces with the multi-talented producer / musician James Klippel (AKA Winter Parks) they embarked in the creation of the album.

The album was largely recorded using keyboards, synthesizers, field recordings and mixed with Ableton software at our home studio in York, Pennsylvania then final mixed at Mr Klippel’s Studio in Lancaster Pennsylvania.  

Most of the album was created following the ethereal wave format whereby field recordings were placed into the Focusrite Scarlett 212 studio. These sounds were augmented with synthesizer voices, arrangements, compositions, and vocals until each track began to take form.

Ethereal wave format is a subgenre of dark wave music that overlaps with dream pop, synth pop, and gothic rock. Its signature sound includes ambient keyboards and soundscapes, and features largely a soprano female vocals, with lyrics that combine both every day and otherworldly topics.

After a few months of editing and final mixing the album was released in June of 2021 independently via DistroKid and distributed worldwide on all electronic streaming platforms (Spotify, Bandcamp, Soundcloud, Apple Music) and a few copies of the CD were pressed via Cd Markers.  

Since the release of the Album, Mono Theory has toured locally at venues such as Phantom Power (Millersville, Pennsylvania), The Fix (Harrisburg, Pennsylvania), Venture (York, Pennsylvania) among other locations.  

She has managed this while also, performing keyboard and vocal duties for the Rock teen band, Before the end.

Before the end, was nominated for Central Pennsylvania Music award at the Central Pennsylvania Hall of Fame (CPMHOF) competition in November of 2021 and won the most popular teen rock band voted category. As a result, they will be back at the CPMHOF at the Englewood (Hershey, Pennsylvania) this March for a final showdown of the chosen teen finalists for Best teen Rock band in 2022 category.  

Before the end will be opening for the Ben Ginger Group (Lebanon, Pennsylvania) and will be performing live for Pipeline Music TV (Montoursville, Pennsylvania Feb 12, 2022). 

They just entered the studio and began recording original songs for their debut album at the legendary Rock Mill Industry studio in Mechanicsburg, Pa. 

Alyssa Colon (Mono theory) attends the Arts focused charter school – C.A.S.A (Capital Area School for the Arts) in Harrisburg Pennsylvania where she’s focusing her studies in Music and Vocals arrangements & performance. She hopes to continue her post-secondary education at Messiah College or Berklee College of Music.

Alyssa has also trained vocally with world renown singer Margaret Moul Carli (The Juilliard School New York). 

She is currently training under the tutelage of Professor Jenice Riebe (Messiah College) on vocal arrangements and composition. She is also part of the Rock band program under the supervision of Rob Goelz (Berklee College of Music).  

Since the release of Mono theory’s Panacea, work has begun on a second album. The format will likely be similar, but it may contain more rock elements and possibly some Spanish music arrangements to pay homage to her latin roots. She will try to incorporate more operatic arrangements to expand her musical creativity and continue to push the creative envelope hoping to reach greater audiences in the electronic dream pop world.  

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