Lord Huron Show Review


By Ariana Cruz

Heartfelt. That seemed to be the only word I could utter as I left  the Lord Huron show at Beacon Theatre on May 3, 2018. Just know that I came in to the show  with no expectations and barely knew what the band members looked like.

This was quite a spontaneous show for me, as they offered me a complimentary ticket to the show! The reason this show was so special was because not only was it my first time attending a show at Beacon Theatre, but also because it was my first time seeing Lord Huron. I’ve known this band for quite some time now, but randomly found myself for the past six  months or so, solely listening to their music. There’s just something about their music that makes me feel inspired, and gets me lost.

As I walked into Beacon Theatre, I expected to see people  my age, around 20-25, youthful and chaotic. But instead, I was greeted with a sea of adults.

Lord Huron  opened with “Ancient Names (Part I)” from their new album Vide Noir, and as expected, my heart dropped, just like it does at any other concert as the band walks on stage. I must admit it was  refreshing to hear this song, which would not be categorized under their usual style but it still gave off a Lord Huron vibe.

The overall presence of the band was quite effortless which left a really great impression on me. Lead singer, Ben Schneider, possesses a perfect voice, and like I mentioned, an effortless one. It felt  as though he was singing in a small room with a group of his close friends,and it left me breathless.

I loved their stage productions, as it was just a simple projection of outer space and water rippling. This is  exactly how I imagined the setting when listening to these songs by myself. My favorite song from their new album is  “Wait by The River”, which they played perfectly, just like any other Lord Huron song.

It was a sold-out show, and there wasn’t much room to advance in this seated venue but towards the end of the show, I jumped a few rows, just in time for the final song of the encore, “The Night We Met.” Lord Huron is that band that  you come to simply enjoy the moment and the music. T What amazed me the most was  honestly the atmosphere and the relaxed crowd, that of which seemed to be swaying to the music and soaking up the memories. There was no excessive dancing, moving, and screaming, it was simplicity at its finest. Just pure vocals, passion, and a perfect rhythm. Which, again left me heartfelt.