How To Make Your Ex Miserable

How to Make Your Ex Miserable

How To Make Your Ex Miserable

Breakup pain is unlike any other ache. So it stands that we would desire our ex to experience the same suffering. Nobody on earth hasn’t daydreamed about how terrible their ex would be without them. We wish for them to regret it and experience pain.

How Can I Make My Ex Envy Me?

Even though ending a relationship may be a painful and emotional process, occasionally we can’t help but want to make our ex jealous of us. Making our ex jealous may be a strong incentive, whether it’s to demonstrate what they’re missing or to improve our own self-esteem. Here are some ideas for making your ex envious of you.

  • Focus on yourself

After a breakup, putting your attention on yourself is the most crucial thing you can do. Spend some time healing and developing yourself. This entails engaging in activities that bring you joy, such as going to the gym, picking up a new interest, or taking a trip. You’ll think less about your ex and become more alluring to them as you put more of your attention on yourself.

  • Show off your success

Don’t be hesitant to tell your ex about a project or goal you’ve been working hard to complete. They may have known you for a very long time, so it seems sense that they would be interested in what you are doing. Post about your successes on social media or mention them in conversation. This will demonstrate to them your success and your potential for greatness.

  • Look good

You feel better when you look well. By eating healthily, exercising, and wearing beautifully, you can take good care of yourself. Your ex will notice when you look your finest and be jealous of the certainty and confidence you project.

  • Have fun

Nothing gives an ex more jealousy than witnessing your enjoyment of life without them. Make arrangements with your loved ones, go out and enjoy yourself, and don’t be shy about sharing photos of your activities on social media. This will demonstrate to your ex that you aren’t wallowing at home, but rather are enjoying your best life.

Ways On How To Make Your Ex Miserable

Do you wish to know the best way to get your ex unhappy and unsure? Sincerely, I don’t judge. Sometimes people get exactly what they deserve. Let’s get going.

Avoid Them

The best thing you should do after a split is to stop communicating with your ex. Your ex is accustomed to contacting you at any time and seeing you. It might be frustrating to have no idea what a former partner is doing suddenly if you don’t contact your ex. They are left to guess what you are doing if you don’t use text, don’t phone, and discontinue all contact abruptly. Our imaginations are solid and capable of conjuring up any number of tales. By denying them access to your life, keep them guessing.

Do you know how you often want things you can’t have? So declare yourself off limits to them. There are also other reasons why this strategy is effective. First, it allows them to miss you if they intend to do so. Keep in mind that if someone is still present, you cannot miss them. It would be best if you felt helpless toward your ex for a sense of loss to be triggered. The most vigorous justification may be that avoiding your ex gives you the time and distance you require to begin to feel better gradually. And as we’ll see, this is the trick to finally demonstrating to your ex what they lost.

Post About Your Best Self Online

Posting your finest life online is among the best techniques for making your ex unhappy and uneasy. But go about it wisely. Visit entertaining bars or backyard barbecues with your buddies. Post an unplanned selfie. Your ex needs to know how far you’ve come in your life.

It cannot be faked or coerced. I’ll be upfront: There is no foolproof way to fake this. Even if it’s the last stuff you want to do, go out and enjoy yourself. Post pictures with new friends and attractive people to make your ex envious and meltdown like Chernobyl.

Enlarge Your Circle Of FriendsPexels Min An 853168

The following strategy for making your ex unhappy and unsure is to widen your social circle. What am I referring to here? Visit a new tennis facility. Make friends wherever you can. Consider yourself to be unconstrained.

You aim to interact with people, develop connections, form friendships, and get deeply involved in various activities.

In the distance, your ex is gurgling and whining. However, you’re enjoying the best time of your life while uploading selfies online with your childhood idols. While they sunk into a gloomy despair soup, you’re doing fantastic. I hate to tell it to anyone, but you won, and they lost.

Concentrate On You:

I realize this goes against common sense. But what does focusing on yourself have to do with giving you tips on how to make your ex miserable?

However, consider this:

As I’ve already hinted, the most excellent method to properly get back at your ex is to make them realize what they are missing.

The reality is that they’re most likely not losing out on much if you remain trapped, feeling resentful and depressed. And they’ll be aware of it.

We won’t sugarcoat it; it will probably take some time to recover from a split. But picture being joyful and smiling when you run across your ex. Consider how infuriating it would be for them to observe your success. Stay wrapped up in them because you need to get there. Instead, make an effort to focus on your sense of self-worth, self-love, and self-care. 

Since this is the secret to being the most challenging form of yourself right now, keep reading as we’ll see next. Your ex liked you. If it were the case, you never would have started dating. Which suggests they found a lot to like and admire about you. All of those things are still present.

Let Them Believe You’re Done With Them:

You haven’t moved on from your ex since it takes time. You can still put on a false front until you succeed. But there’s a problem. Avoid acting in ways solely intended to make someone jealous or elicit a response from them because it fails to succeed. Because of this, the main goal must be to improve your mood. Because ultimately, the happier you feel, the more likely your ex will become enraged.

Even when you’re not cheerful, smiling still affects your mood and confuses the brain, according to research. Playing things up can be beneficial for you. When you’re prepared to consider dating, do it. It’s sometimes a terrible idea to rebound. According to studies, they provide us with the confidence we need to move on. However, it doesn’t have to involve dating; meeting new people and growing your social circle will have the same impact. The green-eyed monster might come out a little bit if you hang out with some new people. And let’s face it: jealousy never hurts if you want your ex to be miserable!


How long before my ex starts missing me?

It comes down to the individual and how you get along with them. For example, one of your ex-partners might begin missing you the day following the breakup, while the other one might need days, seasons, or even years.

Does your former partner miss you when you aren’t in touch?

It might be beneficial. Depending on the breakup circumstances and how they feel, the no-contact policy may enhance the likelihood that your ex may miss you.

Is it preferable to ignore or block an ex?

Depending on your objective. For instance, ignoring an ex could be helpful if you later desire to get back together with them, but excluding them is the most effective way to move on.

Is ignoring your ex the best revenge?

Believe it or not, your ex finds your silence and lack of response to be quite upsetting and views it as the perfect opportunity for retaliation. Silence piques people’s curiosity more than anything. Don’t give in; your ex would expect you to have an outburst or go on an angry tirade. You will be fulfilling their expectations if you do.

How to drive your ex crazy?

Ignore them entirely if you truly want to make your ex angry. If they’re right in front of you, we’re not talking about ignoring them. However, if they do text, phone, or otherwise seek out, start by ignoring them. Before you respond once again, make sure they are good and jealous.