How To Know If Virgo Man Is Pushing You Away

How To Know If Virgo Man Is Pushing You Away

How To Know If Virgo Man Is Pushing You Away

It can be difficult to determine when things are going south in any relationship. However, if you’re worried that your Virgo man is pushing you away, there are a few things you can look for to help confirm your suspicions. One of the most telling signs is if he starts to distance himself from you emotionally and physically. 

For example, he may avoid spending time with you or talking to you on the phone. Another sign is if he becomes critical and argumentative. It can be difficult to tell if a Virgo man is pushing you away or not. Sometimes they can be difficult to read, and they may not always communicate their feelings directly.

There are signs that a Virgo man is pushing you away, and if you’re not sure what they are, you’re likely to keep trying to pursue him even when it’s obvious he doesn’t want you. If you’re seeing any of the following signs, it may be time to give up on this man and move on. If he’s been distant and unresponsive, it can be one of these signs.

Signs Virgo man pushing you away 

A woman dating a Virgo man might notice a sudden behavior change. Instead of spending more time with you, he wants to spend more time with someone else. It could mean that he wants to find a new partner and is looking for someone else. It could also mean that he doesn’t want to spend money on you. Here are a few signs that he’s trying to move on with his life. 


  • He will treat you like trash.
  • He will lie to you.
  • He will always seem busy. 
  • He will not notice your sadness

Virgo men tend to be considerate, which means they are very considerate of other people, including you. However, if he is not showing you enough respect, he may be trying to distance himself. If this is the case, you should be aware that he’s feeling a lot of pressure and is telling you to take a step back. A Virgo man wants a Virgo woman, but this doesn’t mean he won’t pursue a relationship with you. Knowing his personality and characteristics will help you make up your mind about him.

Virgo men tend to be dreamers and sometimes jump ahead too far and shuffle back when they realize they’ve jumped too far. He might start throwing stupid arguments out of thin air during these times and fight to fill his boredom. A Virgo man may also suddenly lose interest in you, and you’ll feel bored with him.

If your Virgo man puts more pressure on himself in a relationship, he might be pulling away. He’s avoiding you because he’s busy with his friends. A Virgo man may be telling you to take a step back because he’s feeling under pressure from his partner. It doesn’t mean he doesn’t want a relationship, but it is a good indicator of running away from you.

Virgo men are known to be direct and rude. However, they can often control their anger and consider your feelings. They will usually ask you how to pleasure you during sex. It’s important to learn how to recognize his mood swings when he’s trying to distance himself from you. If he doesn’t seem to be interested in your partner, it’s a sign that he’s feeling pressured. If he’s acting that way, he’s likely trying to get your attention from another person.

Signs a Virgo man is not serious about you 

If your Virgo man is acting cold and distant, he may be trying to get away from you. He may be trying to push you further away or stop being with you. If he’s acting cold and distant, he’s likely pushing you away, considering a breakup. It is not a sign of love, but it is a sign of disinterest.

Virgo men often have unpredictable moods. For example, they can give their girlfriend the silent treatment if they feel that she’s too demanding for him. It would help if you tried to watch for any signs of these behaviors. If you think your Virgo man isn’t a good match, this is another sign that he’s actively pushing you away. Your relationship will not work if he’s not interested in connecting with you.

If your Virgo man is constantly angry, he’s not into you. You must take him seriously. If he becomes annoyed with you for no reason, he’s trying to distance himself from you. If your Virgo is constantly angry, he may be trying to push you away. It can make it very hard to have a successful relationship. You must know your Virgo man’s character to understand why he’s ignoring you.

If your Virgo male avoids you, don’t let him get cocky and stubborn. You may feel like he’s pushing you away, but he’s just trying to avoid conflict. The best way to deal with a Virgo man who’s constantly arguing with you is to be realistic and tolerant of his moods. Whether he’s mad or just mad, he’s likely to tell you the truth.

Signs a Virgo man is playing you. 

If he’s always busy and never has time for you, it’s a sign that he’s not interested. Another sign is if he suddenly becomes less affectionate towards you. If he stops complimenting you or showing any interest in your life, he’s probably not that into you.

Final Words

If Virgo man starts making excuses to avoid spending time with you, that’s another clear sign that he doesn’t want anything to do with you. If all of these things are happening, it’s best to move on and find someone who does want to be with you. Above, we have given an in-depth guide on knowing if your Virgo man is pushing you away.