How to Charge Crystals With Your Own Energy?

How to Charge Crystals With Your Own Energy?

How to Charge Crystals With Your Own Energy?

Some people hold the opinion that crystals should only be cleansed, not charged. According to this group, crystals don’t require any charging at all after being cleansed because they are already “programmed.” Cleaning and charging could both be used to refer to the same action in this context. Others think that the functions of crystals for cleansing and charging are totally dissimilar. According to this group, you should clean and charge your crystals.

If you are wondering how to charge crystals with your energy, there are several methods you can use. These include using a candle flame, palm, and the Full Moon. But, again, follow your intuition as to your best method. Charging crystals is a spiritual practice that allows you to work with the crystals that resonate with your intention.

Charging crystals with the intention

Charging crystals with intention is an essential part of the spiritual healing process. Each particular stone has its unique properties, and the use of one can bring clarity to specific areas of life. For example, one may use a crystal to clear negative energy from their money or career situation. However, taking care of your crystals and taking the necessary precautions are essential. The following steps can help you charge your crystals with intention.

The first step is to cleanse the crystals before charging them. Depending on the crystal, cleansing may be more important than charging, but you should always do both before using them. Afterward, you can recharge your crystal whenever you feel the need. If you have cleaned your crystal before charging, you can skip the cleansing phase.

The next step in charging your crystals is to visualize your intention. You can imagine a light or breath moving into the crystal. It is essential to make sure that you wear fire-retardant gloves when charging. You may also meditate with the crystal. This way, you will be able to embed the intention in it. You can also try submerging your crystal in natural spring water or putting a teaspoon of salt on it.

Before you begin charging, clear your energetic slate. It would help if you also filled the crystal with grounding energy. Then, follow your intuition for the best method.

Charging crystals with a candle flame

Charging crystals with a candle flame is an effective way to cleanse and energize them. The candle’s flame and smoke will help burn off any old energy in the stone. In addition, the flame only needs to touch the stone for a fraction of a second. Stones that respond well to the fire include Agate, Pyrite, Bloodstone, Tiger’s Eye, Jasper, and Obsidian. Gif Maker 2022 08 29T220209.632

Many people use crystals for different purposes. Each crystal has a different energy signature and can benefit different areas of your life. For example, charged crystals strengthen the chakras and enhance your intentions. However, remember that stones are only physically stable for a limited time and are susceptible to negative energies.

Another method for charging crystals is through sunlight. But sunlight can cause adverse effects on some crystals. For example, it can change color or cause extreme temperature changes. For example, quartz can be damaged if exposed to sunlight for an extended period. For these reasons, sunlight charging is only recommended for a short period.

You can also charge crystals with other natural energy sources. Some of these include sunlight, moonlight, running water, and soil. But the best method is to charge crystals using mantras and affirmations. This method requires no physical effort other than vocal energy. You can also use a tuning fork to charge your crystals. The tuning fork should vibrate at a frequency of 4,096 Hz, which is the same as the Earth’s frequency. But make sure you do not use a tuning fork on soft crystals, as they can break easily.

Another simple method of charging crystals is to immerse them in a saltwater solution. However, this method is unsuitable for beginners as water can damage certain crystals. You can also try burying the crystals under soil or natural Earth. You can also surround the crystals with plants to charge them more.

Charging crystals with palm

Charging crystals is a natural process that is very effective for bringing positive energy to your crystals. It works by bringing a positive charge from the chakras of the body. This energy will help you awaken dormant crystals. Gif Maker 2022 08 29T220242.239

The first step in charging a crystal is to visualize the desired outcome. You can visualize the outcome by focusing on the crystal. This is easier than it may sound. You can sit comfortably with the crystal in your hand and perform a light meditation. As a result, the crystal will tune itself to the vibration of your desired outcome.

Another method of charging crystals is by using small bells or gongs. You can also use fire to charge crystals. However, you should always wear fire retardant gloves when using fire. Lastly, you can use visualization and meditation to charge your crystals.

Another effective method of charging crystals with your energy is using sacred signs. These gestures are known as mudras, which are directed onto the crystals. This technique is also helpful for cleansing and smudging. In addition to mudras, you can use salt to cleanse and imbue your crystals with positive energy. Finally, by burying your crystals in the soil, you are also allowing them to access Earth’s energies. You can do this for a day or even a month.

You can also use moon water to charge your crystals. If you can’t find a moonlight window, you can pour moon water over the crystals. Just make sure to use water-resistant crystals for this method.

Charging crystals during the Full Moon

The full moon is one of the most potent lunar cycles and is a great time to cleanse and charge your crystals. You can do this in various ways, such as by laying your crystals out in the moonlight. If you cannot do this outdoors, you can also place them near the seal of a window and let them soak in the moonlight.

You can also charge your crystals by burying them in the Earth. The ground is a powerful source of healing energy; burying a crystal in it will help it absorb the Earth’s energy. You can bury it for one night or the entire moon cycle. It doesn’t have to be a huge hole, but it does need to be shallow and protected. If you have crystals sensitive to water, bury them in an area where they will not get wet.

Another method of charging crystals is through smudging. In this process, you burn herbs or incense and let the smoke interact with the stone. The smoke will then help charge the crystal with a high vibration. To do this, you must have a clear mind and direct your energy to the crystal. Again, you can do this alone or in a group, depending on your preference.

You can also use water to charge your crystals. The water will have several properties, but you must be careful to ensure that the crystals are clean. Again, do this on the day before the Full Moon.

Charging crystals during eclipses

An eclipse is a powerful energetic force. It can feel like the start of a new chapter and be the perfect time to charge crystals. Both solar and lunar eclipses can bring dramatic changes to our lives. Both are potent times to program crystals with your intentions.

The Full Moon Supermoon Lunar Eclipse on May 26 is a great time to charge crystals. If you want to make the most of it, you should leave them overnight under the open sky. Alternatively, place them near a window. The moonlight and celestial energies will cleanse your crystals, filling them with high vibrations.

When using solar and lunar eclipses to cleanse crystals, remember to choose gems that are safe to be exposed to sunlight. Some gems may fade and not work well in direct sunlight. For example, don’t charge clear quartz in the full sun. In addition, you might want to smudge your crystals with incense before charging them. Fortunately, many people already have some incense lying around the house!

There are several ways to charge crystals with the energy of the eclipse. First, you can leave them on a mirror or tray and let them charge in the moonlight. You don’t have to leave them out all night or for a few hours in the moonlight. You can also place them on a window or tray under a window in the evening to benefit from solar energy.

A simple way to charge your crystals is by setting an intention. This will enable you to use them more effectively. You can make an intention before, during, or after you charge them.