How to Approach a Girl Online

sending a message to a girl you've met online.

How to Approach a Girl Online

While online conversations are casual and fast-paced, men should use proper grammar and use full sentences. Men should also match their energy with a woman’s and avoid common pitfalls. 

Start with a question. Mention something unique about her profile or how you met. Use humour if that’s your thing. Don’t just say “Hi Amy” and then leave it at that.

Avoiding common pitfalls

If you are thinking of approaching a girl online, there are a few common mistakes that you must avoid. One of these is artificially delaying your response. This makes you appear desperate and can cause your potential date to pull away, as women want men who aren’t afraid to tell them what they want. Women hate this and will often pull away in an effort to protect themselves from you. Here are some mistakes to avoid:

Writing a witty first message

You’ve been thinking of sending a message to a girl you’ve met online. You want her to respond to you, but how to come up with a clever first message? Don’t worry: there are a few things you can do to make your message more attractive. First, remember that you’re not trying to win her over, and her response will not be based solely on how well you spell. Instead, focus on finding commonalities between you and starting a conversation.

Be funny. When writing a text to a girl, be sure to be funny. Use witty, clever, and attractive lines to entice her. Don’t be afraid to get a little cheesy, but don’t be too cheesy. Using emojis can be a great way to spice up your text messages. Use smiley faces to flirt without coming off as obnoxious.

Don’t use phrases like “I love ice cream,” “I’m a huge dog lover,” or “I’m a geek,” as these phrases aren’t witty. Women aren’t as easy to approach. So if you’re unsure about what to say, try to make your first message funny or even funny. Guys like to read witty banter, but women don’t have the confidence to initiate it.

Besides using clever words and phrases, you can also try a funny pun. Puns are good online dating openers. Use puns to show that you share common interests. Make sure your message sounds like a conversation between two friends. By using a clever pun, you can get the girl’s attention. This can be very effective and spark a discussion. Ultimately, she’ll love you!

Being direct

You’ve probably wondered if going direct when approaching a girl online is the best way to approach her. It might seem like a no-brainer, but it is a bad idea in certain situations. First, make sure she really wants to meet you, and then move on to indirect flirting. Indirect flirting is more subtly subtle than direct flirting, but it is still a good approach when you’re trying to win a girl’s heart.

In general, it is best to avoid overly direct approaches when trying to meet a girl online. Women have lives outside of the online realm, so they may take longer to respond to your message. Waiting to see how she responds to your first approach is polite and honors your risk. Also, mentioning your name will ensure that you have a conversation with 90% of the women you approach. Finally, remember to be honest. Women like men who are genuine and upfront.

First, greet the girl with respect. When greeting a woman, maintain eye contact with her, but maintain a distance that makes her feel comfortable. If she seems uninterested, step away and go to another location. When you’ve made eye contact with her, talk about yourself and what you’re interested in. Then, you can begin to tell her why you’ve approached her. Make sure to keep the conversation light and interesting!

While complimenting a girl’s appearance is standard, you should go beyond that. Instead of complimenting her looks, try to find out what she enjoys. It’s more interesting to compliment a girl’s unique quirk. After you’ve built some rapport, you can try complimenting her style. Once you’ve made a connection, she will probably feel confident enough to open up to you.

Avoiding being creepy

In order to avoid being creepy, you should avoid lingering around her in any way. Unless she is already engaged in a conversation with another person, don’t look for her phone number. She may be distracted by the attention, which makes her more likely to move on to someone else. You should also avoid making long stares at her body. Women will know when you’re having sexual thoughts, and you’ll only make her feel uncomfortable.

Wear something safe. A simple outfit won’t look creepy to a girl, and if you’re unsure about your appearance, a bronzer or spray tan can help. You can even ask a friend or relative for advice on what to wear. Wearing a dark color to make yourself stand out might be creepy for some people. Also, avoid talking about topics that are morbid, like death or torture.

When approaching a girl online, avoid ignoring her signals. Women are usually much more sensitive than men, so don’t assume she’s interested in you just because she’s on a dating app. Instead, redirect your energy toward meeting someone who enjoys you, not someone who’s interested in you. When approaching a girl online, don’t be creepy by not communicating with her or staring. Try to engage in conversation instead.

Don’t ask for her personal information. Asking a girl’s salary or a number of children can come across as creepy. Most people don’t like uninvited sexual advances. Take the time to get to know her first. Unless she expresses a desire to meet, don’t try to force the issue. Instead, try to get to know her better and develop a deeper connection.


The most effective way to get noticed by a woman on the Internet is to offer her genuine compliments. While most women can recognize a fake compliment, they can be more open to a sincere one. Compliments on her physical appearance should be made with sincerity. If you have the talent to play the piano, mention that in your compliment. If she is a music fan, try to compliment her musical talent. A small thing like this can be the difference between getting a positive or a negative response.

Compliments are effective because they convey your intelligence. Unlike monetary rewards, compliments demonstrate intelligence. A woman’s ventral striatum, the part of the brain that controls social interaction, responds to compliments in a similar manner to monetary rewards. Therefore, when you offer a woman a compliment, you’ll be making her feel good. You’ll also increase your chances of securing more dates with her.

To start a conversation with a girl online, start a conversation. Whenever possible, make it a point to be genuine when it comes to compliments. You’ll be surprised how much girls like getting compliments, so be sure, to be honest and genuine. Compliments on a girl’s physical appearance should be genuine. They shouldn’t be expected in return. If you’re thinking about asking her out, compliments are an excellent way to do that.

When complimenting a woman’s physical appearance, focus on the personality traits she has. Women will respond positively to compliments that point out their best qualities. Whether you’re complimenting her skin color or her hair color, compliments can make a difference. By being specific, you can nudge her closer. And most importantly, don’t ever use generic compliments. It might come off as disingenuous or an obligation.