How Often Do 60-Year-Olds Make Love?

How Often Do 60-Year-Olds Make Love?

How Often Do 60-Year-Olds Make Love?

The average number of sexual encounters per year for people in the 50–59 age range is 47, while the average number for people over 60 is 32. Surprisingly, older adults appear to enjoy a terrific sexual life. Some people have even said that it was their finest time ever for finding love.

Some individuals have the opinion that having sex after the age of 60 is somehow less pleasurable or necessary than it once was. There are few reasons why having sex today cannot be any less pleasurable or intense than it ever was, even though adults over 60 may have less sex than they did in their 20s and 30s.


Studies have shown that men and women in their later years still enjoy sexual inter*ourse. More than half of the people surveyed aged 60 and over reported having sex at least once a month. However, the proportion of men having sex daily is significantly lower, ranging from 20 percent to 33 percent. On the other hand, women reported having sex at least twice a month, according to a study published in the Archives of Sexual Behavior.

Older men and women are more open to experimenting when it comes to making love. For example, some men in their 50s have the confidence to engage in sexual inter*ourse that they might not have in their younger years. This is because the aging process affects the hormones in the body, which makes intimate areas of the body dry. During this time, it’s essential to keep the intimate areas lubricated with the right products. Gif Maker 2022 09 04T032423.311

Older men may have difficulty getting their pe*is up to the right height to give their partner an orgasm. As a result, most elder couples have shifted away from pe*is-vag*na inter*ourse and orchestrated lovemaking around total-body touch. This can include kissing, cuddling, and mutual total-body massages. Sometimes, oral sex is also a common way to express affection.

Moreover, older men may not feel in the mood to make love. Their busy lives and family responsibilities can make them exhausted. These men may even be embarrassed to let their partners down. So they might either refuse sex altogether or get angry. Sometimes, he may even try to have sex but feel worried about not getting it up.

As we age, we don’t have the desire we had when we were younger. Sex with a partner dramatically affects men’s desire. One study found that men in a relationship had a higher libido than single men. However, relationships are not free of risk and problems, including ED.

Post-menopausal women

Many women experience changes to their sex life around menopause, and some even feel less eager to make love. This is due to low levels of estrogen. Vag*nal tissues become thinner and drier, and sex can become painful and uncomfortable. Fortunately, treatments are available to help women manage the symptoms of menopause. You can also check your hormone levels at home with a simple home test, available at any drugstore. Gif Maker 2022 09 04T032436.477

While there are many misconceptions about post-menopause, many women continue to have sex well after menopause. Those women with menopausal symptoms should seek therapy. Unfortunately, some women find it challenging to find the right therapist.

Some post-menopausal women report improved sex drive, perhaps due to decreased anxiety caused by pregnancy or child-rearing responsibilities. For others, returning to intimacy after menopause can help their sex life. Women can also try water-soluble lubricants to treat vag*nal dryness during menopause.

In addition to decreased sex drive, menopause affects a woman’s libido. During menopause, blood flow to the vag*na and clitoris decreases, which can drastically decrease her sexual pleasure. Some women are more susceptible to these changes and may experience depression. To overcome these physical changes and increase libido, getting the proper diagnosis and treatment is essential.

The reduction in estrogen can also cause a decrease in vag*nal lubrication, which can make sex painful. Furthermore, many women experience a desert-like dryness during sexual activity, which may make sex uncomfortable. For these reasons, women should use a silicone-based lubricants instead of water-based lubricants.

It is essential to get checked before you begin a relationship. This way, you and your partner can know each other’s STI status. This will help you build a relationship based on mutual trust. In addition, many at-home labs are available for men and women to test for sexually transmitted infections.

Women who undergo surgery to induce menopause are at higher risk of developing HSDD. This is because their vag*nal wall is thinner than before. However, despite the increased risk of pelvic inflammatory disease, hormone replacement may enhance a woman’s sexual arousal and sexual desire.