How Does A Aquarius Man Test Or Flirt With A Woman

How Does A Aquarius Man Test Or Flirt With A Woman

How Does A Aquarius Man Test Or Flirt With A Woman

Aquarius men are such exciting signs in the zodiac. When they start a relationship, an Aquarius man is likely to test you to find out if you are one of him. This article will discuss how an Aquarius man can test or flirt with a woman. 

Signs That An Aquarius Man Is Testing You 

Every man born under this Zodiac sign is a weirdo who does not align with society’s standards. Even if that will sound a little unfair because you do like him, you do not know what you should do. 

It’s always such a gamble when you want to impress an air sign. You would feel like you are dealing with a very dark face that you can not move past. But, I hope you will understand that they are not as bad as they may seem at first glance. 

Aquarius is an air sign, just like the Gemini and the Libra. For that reason, they will share a few pronounced traits, like their need for communication and an open mind. However, you may know that Aquarius is not the most relationship-oriented person. So he’s just going to test you before he even. 

Even though it may seem quite scary, you will have an opportunity to show him that you are the perfect woman for him. Do you want to prove to him that you are ready for whatever he will throw your way? Well, let me tell you what you can expect. 

1. He Will Try To Find Out Whether You Are Independent

One of the first things he will want to know is whether you are an independent soul. Everything can be seen as a test, but this one is so important to him. He does not want a codependent partner who would not give him some space. You can not be the type of girlfriend who will keep bugging her partner about everything. 

How does an Aquarius man test you to see whether you are independent? First, he will start to look into the little things that you do. For Example, if you have to text him the entire day to figure out where he is and whom he is with, he will also see that as a red flag. 

2. He Will Test Your Sense Of Humour 

Aquarians have a very morbid sense of Humor. So if you are a Scorpio, Aries, or Capricorn, you may understand what he is joking about without too much trouble. But if you are a Virgo, Cancer, or Pisces, you could easily misunderstand his intention. 

His sense of Humor is not everyone’s cup of tea, and he will probably make a mental note of every time you laugh out loud at a stupid joke that he makes. But, during the early stages of dating, he will do everything to figure out what makes you laugh. 

An Aquarius male would not try to poke the fun at other people unless he thinks they genuinely deserve it. If you are not that well-versed in the reference memes, it could become very annoying for you. In the very long run, it’s just not that much fun to be so confused by things that should be a joke. 

3. He Will Play Hard To Get 

How does an Aquarius man test you when he is interested in you? Well, he will play cold and hot. One day, he will be all over you, and the next, he will act as if he does not know who you are so it will seem like his moods are very unstable. 

This is his way of seeing whether you will be an apple to hold on to when he lets go. He does want to make sure that you are interested enough to keep pursuing him. This is very important because he can not always hold you, as there will be times when he is too exhausted or does not feel loved enough. He can not be with someone who would not show him the same amount of effort that he is ready to give you.

Also, his ego is in the play here. He can not imagine letting you go of everything he believes in for a woman, so he wants to.

4. He Will Try To Make You Jealous

How will an Aquarius man test you? One of the most significant signs that he is trying to play all the mind games with you to figure out your compatibility is when he will try to make you jealous, which he will do to test out some of his controlling tendencies. 

Usually, Aquarius does not have any best rep. They are known for being too free-spirited to be in a committed relationship. However, that is because most women cannot see past this stage, as their neediness gets in the way of understanding what is going on. 

He does want to know that you can also stick to your boundaries even at some times when he will test you, so do not be jealous and just explain to him that you are not going to stick around if he continues acting like him. 

Do not show that you are jealous because that will only tell him that you are so insecure; instead, show him that you will understand your worth and not stay and watch him play with your whole heart. Stay in control even in this kind of emotional situation because otherwise, he would not be impressed by you at all. 

You are such a wonderful woman who deserves a loyal man. However, he will need to become aware of that before you decide to pack your bags and walk away. 

Final Words

This article has discussed how to know when an Aquarius man is testing you. We have discussed the signs. Then, we recommend you do some research to get the best results possible.