Good Habits To Start In Your Teens


Good Habits to Start in Your Teens

by Carissa Mathena

Although it only takes 21 days to form a habit, making them a routine is something that could be extremely beneficial for our future, especially if they’re healthy habits. Here are a few habits I definitely wish I had started in my teens that could have made my life much easier now!

Journaling: This habit helps you reflect on your day. If you need to get out what you wish would have happened or how the day made you feel, this is the way to do it. Sometimes talking to people just isn’t enough, but your journal always understands.

“Me time”: Always make sure you’re doing one thing for yourself every single day. Whether that’s reading a chapter of a book, jamming out to music, working out (yoga is amazing), or watching a movie, that time for yourself can help you relax from your day and clear your mind.

Healthy eating: This one may seem obvious, but your body and mind need fuel to get you through the day. This doesn’t mean go on a diet; maybe just replace a few unhealthy options with the healthy ones, such as diet soda instead regular, or maybe instead of a side of fries with your cheeseburger try a salad. It can be done in the simplest ways and your body will thank you.

Form good study habits: Try finding the best way that you study from the beginning. Whether you need to go outside of your house, or you need to turn off your phone, make sure you figure those things out, so you can succeed. Also, try making a study guide, using flashcards, or listening to lectures – these things will help you determine which type of learner you are and will also help you form those good study habits.

Make good friends: This one is extremely important for your own sanity. Good friends keep you grounded and are always there to listen to your problems. If you decide that one person isn’t giving you what you want in a friendship, cut them out as soon and as simply as possible. You deserve to have the people who truly care for you in your life and those people who don’t will only end up making your life a little harder.

These habits are some that I still struggle with today. It may only take 21 days, but breaking the cycle is easy once you commit. The only thing that is important is that you stick with it, and work towards making your life exactly what you want it to be.