Changing Expectations: Nari on Their Latest Single 


By Reegan Saunders

PC: Amanda Casey

This year, Valentine’s Day looks a bit different. For some, it means the annual singles’ brunch is going digital, while others are swapping the traditional couple’s night out for dinner together at home. 

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However, the pandemic is not the only reason for the need to re-invent the dating scene. As the ever-growing list of dating horror stories goes to show, it’s quite difficult to find someone whose standards match your own. Bay Area-based musician Nari is no stranger to these love troubles, and their debut single of the year, “Lower My Expectations” (which was released today, February 14), tells a story we are all a bit too familiar with. 

“I had gone on a couple dates with a guy who I thought was a pretty great guy and one day, he asked me out and was 40 minutes late, and any sane person would’ve left after like 15 minutes but I sat there and waited on him,” Nari recalled. “I was telling my friend about it and she said to not expect anything out of people who have already shown me they can’t show up in the way I need them to.”

With that tale in mind, “Lower My Expectations” is about navigating mixed advice on love and deciding how much disappointment your heart can take — because, at the end of the day, no love story is exactly the same. “I feel like, in dating, we’re always told to have high standards and to not lower them for anyone, but we’re also told to not have expectations or you’ll just be let down,” Nari explained.  

Sound-wise, Nari pulled inspiration for this track from emotional singer-songwriters like Julia Jacklin, Phoebe Bridgers, and Faye Webster. The result is a dreamy ballad-like sound with lyrics that make you re-examine the way you walk into a relationship. “Lower my Expectations” is the song playing at a rom-com prom while the main character stands alone, watching all the couples slow dance; it’s the perfect choice for your somber Valentine’s Day playlist. 

You can find Nari’s music on most streaming platforms, but check out their Soundcloud if you want fresh singles and smooth covers. Through their own work, Nari hopes to show their audience how accessible it is to make your own music and share it with the world.

“Growing up, I didn’t really know anyone who was a professional musician and was discouraged to do any ‘artistic’ things because of money. I always thought there was a specific type of person who was allowed to make music but that’s not the case. If you’ve been wanting to try to get into music, I highly encourage you to because I have only just started and it’s been a great way to reflect and express myself in productive ways,” Nari said. 

Check out “Lower My Expectations,” out today! In addition, keep up to date with Nari via their socials!